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  1. RIP. No seriously...:lmao:

  2. Westboro Baptist Church called, they need a guy to insult a great American. You in?

  3. Wow...this looks pretty sweet. I am really digging what they have going so far. Winter Soldier and GotG were both pretty much home runs. Age of Ultron looks pretty amazing.....
  4. Trading Harvin was a panic move in my opinion. Management is not liking how this season is going so far, and they are looking a little jittery. At 3-2, if the Hawks roll like everyone thinks they are going to, this thread will disappear into the night, but if the Rams pound them, as I am predicting, this thread can serve as a centerpiece of discussion on what not to do when trying to follow up a title.
  5. JJ Watt is pretty much one of the best stories in the NFL. Started at a low D1 school, transferred to his home school, became the pride of Wisconsin, went to NFL, dominated NFL, rinse, repeat...he is the #####. On a side note...I know people who know him personally(not saying I know him)...not sh*tting anyone...he is a humble, down to earth type of guy. People always rag on the NFL for the shortcomings and the scandals, but we always overlook the great guys.. he is one of many who worked hard and made his dream come true. Kudos to him. It sucks that Watt left just before Russel Wilson got t
  6. Did you ever eat your nuts?

  7. I like your avatar.

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