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  1. And now a hip injury...oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Won me a hundred bucks tonight and advanced me in the playoffs.
  2. Well...it is fair to say he is now paying off as a top ten pick.
  3. Oh...you are going to start ODB, Gordon, and Dez ahead of Julio? What a tough call that is!!! What other rookies and all pros are you starting over him? Most people do not have the option to have Julio, Dez, Gordon, and ODB on one squad. What you are highlighting has nothing to do with Julio's value relative to the rest of the league, rather it has more to do with your own specific situation regarding your team. Going forward, Julio is a must start for almost everybody.,.I highly doubt most folks are wringing their hands over 16 points in ppr.
  4. I think Rodgers needs more superbowl to be sniffing GOAT. One trip does not cut it.
  5. I am pretty happy with Julio this year. As noted, he is a player who always scores some points. That is nice to have. I can easily think of many, many highly rated players this year who have flat out bombed. I also believe at least a few tds are coming, the best time for those will be in weeks 14 - 16. I have a feeling this thread will get bumped sometime in that time frame because he will be helping dudes win leagues.
  6. I have both and although I am playing both, I would have Hill in front of Blue. They are both pretty good options this week, but I think the Bengals bounce back and play a decent game, so Hill will be a shoo in for at least 100 yards. You are welcome.
  7. I have both and although I am playing both, I would have Hill in front of Blue. They are both pretty good options this week, but I think the Bengals bounce back and play a decent game, so Hill will be a shoo in for at least 100 yards.
  8. So glad I had the foresight to trade for Hill. Going forward, anytime you have 1a and another talented back close behind, you almost have to own both.
  9. The only reason you don't start this guy is if you are just set at rb. He is going to get the full load against a crap defense. There is no way Dalton has a game like that again. I would not be surprised if he had the flu or something and he tried to tough it out. Dalton could not hit the broad side of a barn that evening!!!
  10. I have not looked at any draft stuff, but Melvin Gordon would probably look pretty good in Ingram's place.
  11. It doesn't matter which QB they put back there. This entire organization is a trainwreck right now and that's not hyperbole. Jerry Richardson professes that Cam is the last QB he's going to hire, then hires a GM who obviously didn't agree initially. Then said GM proceeds to put this franchise in a position where they have to figure out if Cam's lack of productivity/progression is because of him (the GM) or Cam. Signing Cam long term would be the biggest decision in this franchise's history and instead of evaluating the progression of a potential franchise QB they are evaluating who's more of the problem. At this point, I just feel sorry for Cam and the other players on the team. The ownership and management have let him down in a significant way and that's been a recurring problem in this organization for a long time now. Last night, this team lost it's will to fight. To me, that's on the coaches who still can't seem to figure out how to use the personnel GM has given them. Why was there a DE covering a sub 4.5 WR down the field exactly? I don't see this getting any better unless these guys band together and do it on their own despite the coaches and management. right or wrong they really have no choice but to sign Cam long term. I think they can wait one more year. Pretty much a win/win for everyone. Cam bounces back he get's more money and the Cats know what they are getting. Cam continues down this path and we cut our ties. Actually I think its a good thing in the big picture, Cams not having a great year and this may mean we get him at a "discount". I cannot see under any scenario where they just let him walk and then have to spend a high pick on another qb. It just doesnt work like that. Cam has shown in the past when healthy he is a well above average qb. They just need linemen, corners, wideouts and a new running back. Thats it (lol). Then on the flip side we are going to have to pay Luke big boy money to keep him. He is the anchor. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think you are getting Cam at a discount? That is not going to happen. Let me explain it to you like this. We live in a world where over the last two years, Cutler, Romo, Flacco, Dalton, and Alex Smith are getting anywhere from 17 - 20 mil a year!!! That means Cam is getting 25 million. It is not his fault that you have an o-line that gives up 9 frikking sacks, or that you have a group of rbs that are old and always injured, or that you let all of your wrs go. He is getting paid, you can bank on that. Put Cam on any decent team and he is better than all of those chumps.
  12. Why is not o.k for Bill Cosby to be a serial rapist, but it is fine if Bill Clinton does it? Is it because Cosby is black?
  13. Wow...I didn't know it was that good. He has to be the ww pick up of the year in redraft.
  14. I think that this guy is one of the prime reasons the Giants stink.
  15. Hang on folks....this is going to be the story of the century!!!
  16. Is it with Sanchez averaging 25 points a game and leading those of us with the prescience to snatch him up to the golden land of football championopia?
  17. I am picking him up. I smell fantasy gold. Chip Kelly is looking like the real deal at this point and some of us are forgetting that Sanchez is actually a pretty battle tested guy, having been both with the Jets in the playoffs and the man at USC. I actually hate the Eagles and I hate Sanchez, but to me this looks like the perfect storm. Sanchez is probably 100% dialed in because he will stand to make a butt-load of money if he succeeds, he is in an offense that is going to sling it around no matter what. It helps that they have a pretty sweet schedule going forward too....it is looking like there are a lot of shoot outs on the horizon.
  18. here you go What is going on in Menomenee County where Burke got 76%? Must be some special interest issue there? All Indians. They vote dem.
  19. Do you think a more qualified D candidate could have won against Walker yesterday? I do think so.. There are many independents that are looking for someone to vote for.. The majority have supported Walker the past 3 elections because of the candidate the Democrats put up made you think "What the Hell are they thinking??" first it was a failed candidate in Barrett( twice) and now Burke.. hmmmmm. maybe the voters in Wisconsin just don't like those with a "B" last name Not sure if you are from Wisconsin, but the reason nobody else would run was because the few Democrats with any credibility (Feingold, Kind) knew they had no chance of beating him. All other Dem pols in Wisconsin are certified buffoons. They have as weak a bench as I have ever seen. Even when Johnson is up, unless Kind takes him on, I fail to see who they will put up that will not look like a fool. Plus Walker at the head of the presidential ticket will not help matters for the dems.
  20. Next step for Walker are Republican primaries. I am pretty sure I have already said this, but I will say it again to rub in lib faces when he is president in 2016. He is the republican version of slick willie. The other side hates him with a vengeance but nothing ever seems to stick. I think it is pretty telling that millions were wasted on investigating him, yet he won by his largest margin yet. This will be 1992 all over again.
  21. I am talking about this week's ranking against Seattle and I watched the game and RR played like a little baby who was getting a spanking. He stinks.
  22. With a creative offensive plan a 50/50 split is not a bad deal for owners in ppr who own both. You are probably guaranteed 2 tds and 150 total yards with 3 - 7 receptions a week, with even more on a few select weeks. If you have high ceiling players to surround them with, I feel it is a golden situation. At this point, looking at most rosters, there are very few people who are starting two stud rbs every week. In my 10 teamer league there are two guys (one with Foster/Lynch and one with Ellington/Charles) that are rocking double goodness right now and even those combinations have sometimes been tenuous at best.
  23. Well, early projections have in the top 25 for wr/rb/te, so maybe you are right. I watched the whole game last night and saw a player who is not special in any way and only gets points by virtue of his team sucking and having to throw the ball. I will stand by my projection that Giants cut him after next year. He sucks.
  24. I really hope all of the FBGs experts are off of this guys jock. He was top 15 this week and it is obvious now there there is just no talent to work with. I am not blaming them entirely because who can be right all the time, but last night was a glaring example of total inability. From this point on, he should really be nothing more than wr 30 or below. He sucks donkey balls.
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