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  1. Didn't watch the game after mid-2nd quarter until final few of the game...sweating out an Under.
  2. So this game is only available via streaming apps, right?
  3. A grade doesn't mean #### when a player runs himself out of the league due to his behavior, or in the every least, drastically shortens his window of opportunity (e.g. while those physical tool ratings are still relevant) because of that behavior. See one Justin Blackmon. What good is his draft grade doing him these days?
  4. I'm a little confused by this... Soooo, when the Saints were "pigeonholing" him as a #1, they sure as hell weren't targeting him as a #1. He only had one double digit target game this season prior to week 15. So they will more heavily target a non-#1 option?
  5. I wouldnt be hoping they get crushed. That would lead to an early day, not a lot of Brees yards. Guy is a gamer, but he isn't stupid. You should hope for a shootout, which the Jax offense/defense could easily provide in the dome. Yep. If the Saints get "crushed" & are down by, say, 3 scores, I can see Brees getting pulled off the field.
  6. even if he does, who has the guts to start him? I'm rolling with FItzpatrick and hoping for the best. In one league, me... My only alternative, literally, is Hasselbeck, who has been going down in production every start & has abut 3 different injuries himself. If the Saints were on the road this week, I'd roll w/ Hass, but at the Super Dome, against the Jags, I pretty much have to roll the dice w/ Brees unless we get rumors before early kickoffs that he'll be inactive. (I'm an underdog + I started Gates on TNF)
  7. Agreed. this would be crucial for many owners. I like FBG, been a subscriber for a few years now, but one of my three leagues is a week 17 league and it always pisses me off how they literally don't even care about week 17. There is no news, no updates on who is starting and who isn't. Sucks that it is now in week 16 as well. Brees is big for me with Odell out since right now, I have Watson (Jax terrible against TEs) and Cooks in my lineup (3 WR/TEs plus Flex, which in PPR is usually a WR/TE, especially this year with all the RB injuries). Watson hasn't practiced, so might be an easier decisi
  8. He won't play. I'm not expecting him to play; I just don't understand why a Saints team that is going nowhere feels the need to play games regarding player status. I question the real impact of such machinations in general, actually.
  9. Please don't be screwing w/ us Drew.... #Saints QB Drew Brees tells reporters he has a grade 2 plantar fascia tear. "I'm going to play" he says via @nick_underhill & @TheSaintsBeat — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) December 24, 2015
  10. Been a big Miller supporter all season. I'd roll with Karlos in this one. I cant see putting Miller in over anyone who I think will get 15+ touches. Too much lunacy in South Florida right now. This is what I'm doing. I actually feel very good about having this option. Cowboys run D is a sieve, and they have nothing to play for on the road, in the cold. I'll be very surprised if Karlos isn't a top 5 RB this week.
  11. I'm surprised that so many would be surprised if the suspension is overturned. I've been thinking it's a 50/50 proposition; the presumed behind the scenes arm-twisting and cajoling from various circles fascinates the hell out of me.
  12. It's more about Ryan than the matchup Julio potentially has against Norman, but that horse was beaten death before the week 14 matchup.
  13. #Saints QB Drew Brees MRI that revealed torn plantar fascia in right foot. Awaiting opinion of Dr Robert Anderson, also treating P Manning. — Ed Werder (@Edwerderespn) December 22, 2015 Source tells me #Saints QB Drew Brees hopes to play final 2 games but injury is to foot he plants when throws. Expected to be day-to-day — Ed Werder (@Edwerderespn) December 22, 2015
  14. He was fined earlier this year when he punched that Bills player... Not at all sure what kind of weight will be given to that prior offense.
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