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  1. So you are telling me the Vaccine is pointless?
  2. You want to discuss politics but don't know anything. The speaker don't have to be elected to congress. Your neighbor can be named speaker.
  3. But the speaker doesnt have to be a member and 538 even feels Repubs will gain control of the house in 2022.
  4. No. Speaker of the house can be appointed and doesnt need to be a representative.
  5. You are forgetting a few things. Republicans still hold power in many states like Texas and Florida. Also, the SCOTUS will over turn when fraud is proven. No way will they let a man who was never elected continue to sit as President. you left hoping for a civil war.
  6. I still cant believe America is so scared and changing things over a bug with a 99% survival rate.
  7. How do you know he wont be reinstated?? If its proven Biden win was illegal. No way he will stay President.
  8. What is false? Audit = Truth will come out Proven fraud = Trump reinstated Abortions and cheating = God hates
  9. Woke just got a Minnesota coach fired, but hey 80K will be attending games, many unvaccinated, but that is ok.
  10. Still can't believe people are putting this poison in their body..
  11. I am done arguing with people about this.. The truth will come out, Trump will be reinstated. God will lead us as he hates what the left is about.
  12. Never heard of this dude.. Anyways Dems, is Trump in jail yet or you finally going to realize your fantasy isn't going to happen.
  13. Sounds like a bunch of confusion she had planned.. Absolutely Ridiculous how she hasn't been in front of a court answering questions yet. But, she is probably the most despised person in Arizona right now and if Dems don't get someone to challenge her for Gov in the primaries, the state will be Red.
  14. 18-29 will never vote like they did this past election..
  15. Nobody stormed the capital.. I believed they went there to protest the fraud election, but the police opened up the gates and pretty much left them in.. It's an absolute travesty what happened to the police, but when you have an upset mob that happens and people of this country, you know real Americans were upset about the election being stolen. What really sucks is how the cops got away with killing an unarmed women who was exercising her right to protest.
  16. He should have waited.. If this stuff goes to court, Trump will be reinstated.
  17. Hopefully when we win back full control we can eliminate voting altogether and just let the President name a successor when his term is up. Sorry but the left has forced this to happen. Time to take America back for the people.
  18. Amen Rudy! https://twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1417163573713797120?s=20
  19. https://www.govexec.com/management/2021/07/doj-will-not-prosecute-trump-officials-after-ig-referred-findings-false-testimony-census/183843/
  20. Lindell wants California audited.. I have been asking for this for a while.. There is no way California is that Blue, I am not saying Trump won California, but it was at worst a battleground state. The turnout for rallies, signs say it was a lot closer then what Biden won by. I guess they have proof of some pretty deep fraud.
  21. Biden been so bad, if Trump does go into the WH, maybe the SS and WH staff will cheer. LOL
  22. More like 5/5, look at them pushing this vaccine off on people, and going into people's homes. They are deplorable humans. 3 of them aren't even American.
  23. Who is escorting Trump out of the building? Doug and Hunter? LOL
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