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  1. On the conference tournaments I think, and this is the one part I'm not sure of, is the conference offices and not the NCAA make that call. That is specific for conference tournament events and not regular season nor playoff events. I suspect I'll find out soon with the SEC baseball tournament. It too is scheduled for 50%, but I suspect there will be an uproar over that so if it is the conference they'll have to defend it. For regular season games it is up to the university and local government. Also, if a conference tournament or NCAA playoff event is held on a site that, the fact is the
  2. Different governing bodies. When you play in conference or NCAA tournament or playoffs they dictate attendance because technically they are the host, even though normally it is at a university site. For instance, Ole Miss and Miss St have had 100% baseball attendance or a couple months now. Both are in the top 8 in NCAA baseball so will host regionals, and super regionals should they win those. The NCAA has already informed them they'd be mandating a 50% cap on attendance even though the state is open and both have been operating at full capacity.
  3. Scott Gottlieb has been way ahead of them in outlining what is likely to occur next and what phase we are in pretty much the whole way.
  4. I need to look into some of these. The SEC baseball tourney in Hoover coming up is supposedly capped at 50%. I know many are already playing at 100%. May be the conference offices for now giving some leeway to the NCAA's wishes or it may be that the NCAA has some hand in it, not sure which.
  5. It always amazed me that the CPA firm I started at in the mid-90s straight out of college had figured out how to index per diem by city/state area and then adjusted it annually for inflation while our government can’t figure out how to do it for the minimum wage 25 years later.
  6. We had a fit high school football coach try running stadium steps with one here before they started practicing football this past year. Dude had to throw in the towel with the mask. Maybe it’s a mix of Alabama heat and humidity but he couldn’t cope with that strenuous of activity in the heat with a mask.
  7. Yep. I’ve got a new rental condo we are about 5 months in now on the sofas and they just finally gave up and gave us higher dollar ones that matched our other furnishings to get it settled. We are still down barstools, chaise loungers, and a dresser. We also are now over two months in waiting on shutters. Got renters showing up at first of June so have to get it fixed.
  8. Sports memorabilia especially older cards and ticket stubs, some furniture items, rental cars due to fleet sales
  9. On a macro level we’ve pumped tons of stimulus into the economy. Take the stimulus checks alone. Think about if just a fraction of that was spent by every American who received it. What percentage increase in consumer spending would it be? So we have money in the economy that we essentially printed to prop up the economy. Unless the economy is extraordinarily weak it will lead to inflation just from the demand side. There are also supply chain disruptions due to Covid that is causing some of it. Take furniture for example and couches in particular. They are months in arrears as some chemicals
  10. It's fine to care, I care. I want as many people to take it as we can get. I think the government pushing it has limits though and mostly the people who are reluctant will actually be pushed moreso in that direction the more they feel the government is pushing it.
  11. It is on them. I can't force those who don't want to take it to take the shot, neither can you. There's nothing you can do about that even if you want to. I won't feel guilty if and when they get sick either. I've had my shots, I'm assuming you have. What part is on us? I'm not arguing we haven't gone through a tragic event, of course we have. You are speaking of deaths that occurred because we had no vaccine. It's been horrible, I feel terrible for everyone who lost a loved one. Framing it that way though doesn't change the here and now though that we have vaccines, it's a new ti
  12. So what's the answer then short of the state mandating 100% vaccination from its citizenry? If your point is that the unvaccinated put those at risk who are vaccinated, on a small statistical scale we agree. So how do you fix that? The only way I can come up with is if you want it to be as close to zero as possible you would have to mandate it to everyone. I don't think we as a country are anywhere near able to go there.
  13. Odds would say if a kid in a class came down with Covid, nobody else in the class has Covid, yet their entire household has Covid, the Covid infection started in the household.
  14. Honestly, at some point if people choose to be unvaccinated that's on them. I chose to get the vaccine and likely would choose for my kids to as well. I realize the risk is non-zero, but I can think of a lot more unsafe activities our children freely engage in than if they were to contract Covid. So based on that it's pretty hard for me to say to a parent, you must vaccinate your child or face penalties such as your child being removed from school. Oh by the way, the reason you must do so is to protect someone who freely chose not to vaccinate themselves.
  15. It's not even approved for kids. I mean I guess down the road we are assuming it will be but there have been no outbreaks at my daughters' schools nor my wife's who teaches in a large district. The cases the kids at their schools have had have been caught from parents and when they've gotten it it's been drowsiness/headaches those type symptoms. So I guess if it's eventually approved and shown safe for those age groups we look at it then. But today it's not an issue and frankly kids that age just don't seem to be getting very sick at all if they happen to contract it from all the data that
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