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  1. I'm still adding a little but very slowly in my IRA. They are like 2.5% of that account, but I also have SEP and 401k accounts so my retirement accounts are a weird mix. I don't own them directly in the other accounts. I kind of like boring solid companies for that kind of stuff.
  2. As owner of a pass through business entity, Ron Johnson forever has my gratitude. His holdout for his vote in the last tax bill ensured that pass through entities were treated the same as corporations. He can do a lot of wrongs, spit in my face, curse me out in front of my family, and I'll still thank him.
  3. I think their headline is a bit misleading. It says 46% of Republicans but in the article it says 46% of Trump voters. There's a lot of Trump voters who aren't Republicans. The premise is still somewhat the same, but not near as dire as the headline would have you believe.
  4. It's weird the trends it's accelerated. Your event tickets going forward will almost all be mobile, no more paper. This trend had started but was forced forward in 2020. Very few teams are even making the old paper tickets an option. Now people are wanting to buy the old ticket stock from prior years as collectors items. I have some left here but I can remember throwing boxes and cases full of old tickets away that we had converted to electronic versions. My wife and I rented a dumpster to clean out our basement a couple years back and probably half that thing was filled with old ticket
  5. Here is where I've failed this year. Took my salary all at once with PPP and didn't get it fully in during 2020. So now have some cash in my 401K. At this point I am just going to wait to see if a correction occurs to get it fully invested. I've been sprinkling some in along the way. I need to rebalance my taxable assets as well, too heavy in cash right now so that leads to an opportunity with any correction.
  6. Yeah my brother in law who won't return to work because he's making more off the expanded unemployment is also sure that Covid is a hoax and these people are really dying of something else. I wish I were making this up, I'm not.
  7. My point is even if it's true for 80% of people, are we truly going to just let the other 20% have to live with that result? Color me skeptical.
  8. Exactly this. We really expect the recipients to manage this UBI and meet their basic needs? I suggest we are way overshooting our citizens' management skill. If UBI came once a month, by the 5th or 7th of the month you'd have kids hungry. I get the premise, I actually like the premise of UBI versus what we do now. But after we do it, are we really going to walk away and absolve ourselves of caring for those who are unable/unwilling to manage it properly for the month or whatever time period it is for? That's the only way this makes sense is if it's a one program replaces all the other p
  9. I feel the same way. Added a little more at $41.44. We will see how it goes. Willing to add more if it goes lower.
  10. This is in the running for the best first day ownership of anything I've ever bought on a percentage basis. Sadly, also one of the smallest holdings as I just eased a toe into it
  11. Stelter at CNN loved him. Between Cuomo and Michael Avenatti he's really cooking over there.
  12. I think their hatred of each other goes way back
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