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  1. I had about 50 commons for the 1986 Fleer basketball ready to send in. Had the last done maybe 10-14 days ago. Lazy and didn't get it sent in and now I'm not sure they are worth sending at $20 a shot.
  2. CVS has been supplied vaccine in our state to target rural and minority areas for distribution. What's often happening is people from the larger cities are finding appointments at these rural pharmacies often 2+ hours away when appointments aren't used by the local population. I had a friend drive 2 hours and 45 minutes each way today to get round one. The guy is in his 30's and they rolled him right in and out of there no problem, because they had nobody else to fill the appointment. You can schedule them online at CVS' website. While we may as a whole have a decent vaccination rate as a
  3. Just to make sure we are apples to apples, your percentage on maintenance is a % of rents, correct? If so, I think your repairs/maintenance is high based on my experience. A lot depends on age and condition of your property, how soon until major issues hit like roof/HVAC. I own some condos and a couple of houses. For roof jobs, obviously the houses are more of the concern there versus a condo where your condo fee should be going toward a reserve fund to cover that. I haven't had to do a roof on any rental yet, we had a hail storm that my oldest rental got a new roof from the damage. So k
  4. Yes it can be, that is how we did have those negative futures contracts awhile back. There was simply nowhere to refine or store the product due to low demand. However the cost never got what I'd call extremely low at the pump due to refining and delivery/transportation costs. I have a friend who owns a Chevron station, he pays spot price on his deliveries. Obviously all those costs are mixed into what he ultimately pays when that tanker pulls into his place.
  5. Well, that actually has more to do with refineries. Obviously there is added cost to just taking delivery of crude to getting it into gasoline and then transported to the station.
  6. I never knew this either. My wife and I were talking about our 10 year old and how hard she is on herself already. She mentioned we just need to watch her as she gets older because cutting has become a major thing for girls. My wife is a teacher and even though she's at the intermediate school level, she hears the stories from the other teachers and how many of their daughters and daughters' friends have fallen into this.
  7. I think 1 went by the boards from me when the man was accused of being a rapist in front of his family in the carnival barker fashion that was that so called hearing. I'm no huge fan of Kavanaugh but that whole side show was the ultimate "But Trump" act if I ever saw one.
  8. Isn't oil traded on the spot market requiring immediate delivery, therefore future optimism/pessimism only impact futures trades, not present day price?
  9. If you're a season ticket holder don't get your hopes up. I'm being told from my MLB teams we are looking at 20-25% optimistically to start the season. Teams have no idea right now how they are going to choose winners and losers for the seats. I'm willing to volunteer my seats back to them at cost for the indefinite period but they won't even agree to that because they have the revenue in house now. They may want to force everyone into taking so many to the games they decide and force that square peg into the round hole. Hello Wednesday night versus the Marlins.
  10. I'm not as familiar with the costs of transportation of oil but isn't the main issue with this part of the pipeline the shale deposits in Alberta? I used to work for an aggregate company, transportation was always the most expensive piece. I'm assuming oil is very similar. There's an economic price in that we are going to pay for the transportation one way or the other if we are the end consumer. As far as the EO, I don't know domestically what was done. I had heard some of the leases for the Gulf were being taken off bid. I don't believe there is much activity there right now as th
  11. I don't think you can go wrong with that move. I bought a beach place in 2017, preconstruction. Going down to close it a week from today. Some stupid stuff going on now price wise. I got in mine so good I can afford to keep it but wishing I had bought two, and I considered that at the time. The move would definitely be to sell one to lower the cash outlay in the other. I bought where my kids like to go though and they are 10 and 6 so at the ages now is the time to do this and enjoy this part of our lives. When we aren't using it the rental projections on this thing are pretty stout give
  12. I'm seeing some really crazy pricing and contract offers in real estate markets where I own rentals. I don't have an extremely large portfolio so that I can really sell much, but just seeing people pay crazy money. Some of these new owners won't make 5% if they operate perfectly. I don't like those odds. I guess this is all a function of low rates because rents haven't grown to support the valuations. The action on the 10 year also leads me to believe this soon ends in some real estate price declines.
  13. I agree with this. I just hope by the end of Q2 once it appears that everyone who wants the vaccine has gotten it, that we open things up to allow those of us who are ready to go out again or open up our businesses again to be able to do so.
  14. Iraq can barely hold themselves together, which is why we now lean on the Saudis even more. Before that we used Saddam as a counter weight to Iran. We've been so foolish in that region thinking we know what's best. I'm no apologist for the Saudi regime, but it's a pretty rough neighborhood they live in and to control their block we shouldn't be surprised at some pretty rough tactics.
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