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  1. I think the choir that was singing that has packed it in. Even Larry Summers has had some pointed comments lately about it.
  2. Just wait for inflation to accelerate if they pass even $1.5T of that $3.5T proposed bill. We really haven't seen inflation in over 40 years of any consequence. It was the poison pill politically because everyone feels it when it comes.
  3. Sorry, my bad there. I always got them confused for some reason, fixed it.
  4. If he can get Mexico to cooperate and truly do it, I'll give him credit. I think it was foolish to ever change it, and IMO it's way too late. But at least it appears there is some recognition now of they can't just abandon something that was the better policy because it was related to Trump. What's going on now is untenable and maybe that is finally spurring action, at least we can hope. Although it looks like they are being forced into this position by the Texas and Missouri lawsuits. So not sure how much of this is a kudos and how much of this is a dragging kicking and screaming.
  5. My response would be they are more reactive to people's words than their actions. Tyreek Hill is back playing. Anyone want to take the under on the time it takes John Gruden to get back in the league for an email compared to a guy who beat the *!*$@ out of a woman?
  6. Dave Roberts is one of the nicest guys in baseball, but sometimes his strategic thinking I just don't comprehend. He brought Treinen in to face 7-8-9 for the Giants and didn't make a double switch. It resulted in Treinen's spot coming up 2nd in the top of the next inning in a tie game. He was locked in to only the one inning as a result. Had the Dodgers not scored in the 9th, they were in real trouble.
  7. MLB claims they rate these guys. If that's the case, Morales should be spending the rest of postseason at home on the couch. The home plate umpire was pretty off all night but that is a call if you call it a swing, you have to be sure.
  8. I think you need to review the Ray Rice timeline from our trusted CNN and let me know if this timeframe shows an organization that truly cares about violence against women. https://www.cnn.com/2014/09/09/us/ray-rice-timeline/index.html And before you say it's changed today, keep in mind the Dolphins are actively pursuing a trade for a player with 22 separate allegations of sexual assault against him. Now, he could be innocent, but what a massive conspiracy that would take. But given that, I think it's fair to ask ourselves whether the entire Dolphins organization is full of fools, or they have reason to believe the league is going to eventually allow Deshaun Watson to skate? Why would they believe that? Perhaps it's the history in the league. The league is in a hurry to be woke and we can argue whether that's good or bad. There's little doubt the league has actively tried to suppress these abhorrent acts against women. They're doing it right now suppressing these WFT emails. I can go on and give more examples from the past if need be.
  9. As with most anything, you get people dependent and it can't go away.
  10. It's ok to the NFL to beat up women, sexually assault them, be a felon. We've seen many cases of it already.
  11. I have wondered the same. I suspect it may be hard to undo this little prepayment once it's started because people are relying on it. Let's say the payments stopped, suddenly instead of a refund you now owe a tax bill as well. It's not going to be easy for people just getting by on those payments to dig out from that. It's a problem of our own creation.
  12. Of course, especially the period starting with TARP. But the fact it took this long to surface tells about how bad of shape we were truly in. I always felt Obama did what he had to in that time and the fact that inflation never came from it in many ways proves that out. However, the indicators have flipped and it's apparent that we don't need more cash being pumped in right now. It's almost suicidal from an economic standpoint when all the signs are there to be wanting to inject and spend so much more. I mean look at interest rates and then compare them to inflation. There is no precedent for this path. Inflation has always been battled by higher rates, and we insist on keeping rates low and are planning to inject even more cash. It truly boggles the mind.
  13. There are people, at least locally, that are using the payments from the prepaid tax credit to get by rather than go back to work. I've had employers trying to find people tell me that is the reasoning they are being given on why people aren't coming back, or don't feel they need to. We need to be paying attention that there is a significant portion of folks willing to get by at the minimum level rather than work. It's not something that is good or I like admitting, but the evidence is there.
  14. It’s not just Trump supporters that feel that way but yes they are a big subset of that group.
  15. Saw that number come across. Scary stuff
  16. It’s way beyond Trump. It’s truly what kind of country the two sides want to live in. One with more government than we have today with more safety nets or one where it feels the government is already too involved. There’s no story thats going to soothe that divide for either side. Neither really wants to participate or live in the vision of the other, at increasingly any cost.
  17. My dog pants almost constantly. Originally thought he had a condition called Laryngeal Paralysis but the vet now thinks it's not a lock that's the case, could be a heart murmur causing it etc. One thing for certain, it got worse with age and he's 12 now. But yes a new environment and anxiety would make this much worse. Dogs are often creatures of habit and uprooting an older dog is a tough thing for her. I'm sure she misses your MIL and is very uncertain. Awesome update though
  18. Sorry if this has been covered or expressed as not of interest. But would you consider stuff like being a PE coach? Not so much great money but good benefits and great schedule. My wife is an elementary teacher and their PE coaches generally are the only guy in the school and there are tons of 20s type single women hanging around who don’t meet any guys through work. Could well be worse for a guy. ETA: Just read the you hated being a sub part so may not fit.
  19. Say what? Simplistically, debt is a liability on a balance sheet. Cash on hand is an asset. It's irrelevant whether you plan to spend that on project A, project B, or still have it because project C never took place. If you are already cash flow negative, which we are because we already are operating in deficits, spending it forces your debt to grow. We are borrowing any increased spending today by definition because we don't have the revenue to operate day to day. Your post reads like we have this cash laying around with nowhere to go and that simply isn't the case when we are running deficits. If I have that wrong, please define for me "available funds" above. It seems to me you are talking about revenue not currently in the treasury that might have been there without the tax cuts under Trump. Is that correct? Because if so, that's not an asset we currently have, therefore it's false that it's in any way "available".
  20. Also, if we ever plan to get serious to reduce our debt it will take a revenue component. That's something the GOP should be more realistic about. But the Democrats need to be realistic that we also can't tax and spend our way out of it. Honestly neither side is truly concerned about it. As I've stated before, IMO the Democrats plan is worse because you are soaking your tax base to pay for spending. To ever address the debt issue if we agree that a revenue piece is necessary, you're going to have to go back to those same taxpayers. It's just the way it is, the producers are the ones who pay the majority of taxes so they are they ones we will have to turn to. If you've already raised their rates to pay for social programs, they would have to then have their rates adjusted even higher to address any debt. And then of course that hurts your economy because as economic incentives reduce through higher taxes, productivity will take a hit. It's not an "if" but just a matter of to what degree that occurs at various incremental levels.
  21. Gotcha. Yeah if you reverse the cuts, you basically are restoring the debt to what it originally would have been, adjusting for economic conditions/revenue growth that the favorable tax environment could have created. But if you are reversing the cuts to expand social programs, it's not a reduction to debt. It's actually kind of locking in the additional debt because you are keeping it at the same level, most likely increasing it, while also raising rates. The end result is you can no longer tax your way out of debt at those previous rates, you'd have to go to much higher rates to ever gain ground on the debt. That is the real danger of it.
  22. In general with government, these "pay fors" never really add up. The deficit will grow, and in turn so will the debt. It is true that Trump's tax plan did grow the deficit, but this will also widen the chasm. Any time you are adding more expenditures than revenues that will happen. I think a lot of folks realize this, but just to be transparent, that $3.5 trillion number can be played with based on the term of the funding. I think if it gets passed it's at a lesser number. Manchin wants it to be from program cuts and not term cuts. Progressives knowing social programs and entitlements never go away, want the programs to stay but may be ok with the term being reduced because we all know government will never cut people off. Therefore eventually they will get funded later because no politician wants to run on taking away benefits. We have to use some number to estimate, the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates this tax increase would generate $2T over 10 years. And we don't have an actual bill to measure that up to, my guess is to fund these programs for 10 years the cost will exceed $3.5T, but assuming the $3.5T is accurate, that leaves a $1.5T shortfall, or an amount that the debt will increase over the current trajectory. I'm not sure it's really relevant whether any funds previously appropriated have gone unspent. Only in government do people have cash on hand and view it as money already spent somewhere so they feel like spending it is a necessity or has somehow already occurred. It's not like the taxpayer is going to get a rebate if it goes unspent, which it won't anyway because we are running deficits so there is never truly surplus cash in the coffers.
  23. If it’s as bad as it sounds, they had to let him go. I think if we are being honest, a head coach has to have the respect of the locker room. Especially at the professional level. I do find it interesting that this is occurring in the same league where there is a team reported to have significant interest in Deshaun Watson. Now Watson hasn’t been proven guilty of anything, but if he isn’t there is a massive conspiracy against him to have as many accusations by women as he has. But then again the league has long turned a blind eye to violence against women, often only acquiescing when video surfaces as in the case of Ray Rice.
  24. I mean do these folks crossing have some kind of video game wallhack where they can just walk through solid objects now? I mean why is it assumed they are just going to scale some wall? Have you tried something like that recently?
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