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  1. You and I discussed this a week or two back. I have no desire for less immigration, but I do believe our system should go to a more merit based system rather than as much family based and lottery based as we currently do. This was where the whole un-American discussion started regarding that view. I'm fine with our immigration levels, I'd be open to more, but absolutely not unlimited. You'll never get a conservative to agree to that, there would be no way to absorb unlimited amounts of people at one time. I do think it should be more merit based. I'll grant you I'm not the standar
  2. This is one symptom of today's politics. It's incredibly polarizing and damaging what we are willing to do for our side's short term gain. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. For example, I had no problem with Trump's nomination of Judge Barrett. But I did have an issue with Mitch McConnell blocking the vote on Merrick Garland and said so at the time. When we get away from our institutions and norms for a short term win, it always leads to escalation and retaliation the next time the other side can.
  3. We very much disagree on this and there is no reconciling our two views. But let me just say this, when a conservative hears what Carlson said they very much view it in terms of illegal immigration. You may not hear it that same way, but you aren't a conservative and so to you what he's saying doesn't speak to a concern, rather you take it terms of the way you see the world. Again, there are fringe people who would advocate for no immigration, but these people aren't mainstream even in the world of Tucker Carlson and people who watch him. I think your assumption is wrong, and frankly these
  4. I hear what you're saying in theory. For me personally, I don't really care if there is a Republican Party per se. I'm not a member and have actually voted for more D's than R's over the course of my life, although that gap has narrowed recently. I think what many are missing when they say things like this about the Hispanic vote is how racially based our politics have become. It's not just that the black and Hispanic vote are largely one sided, the white vote has become more so as well compared to the days Reagan, which I'd like to think isn't ancient history. It's not a good thing and I
  5. As someone who knows a lot of conservatives based on where I live, many to most feel that eventually amnesty will lead to converting illegal immigrants into voters beholden to the Democratic Party. I don't think I've ever heard anyone mention concern over legal immigrants and their voting futures no matter their skin color or country of origin. Maybe there are some out there, probably are a few, but I've just never met one. I have heard people discuss merit based immigration versus family based immigration or a lottery system. So when I read Carlson's comment, there really wasn't another p
  6. The assumption is some sort of amnesty is coming, so there's the conversion into voters.
  7. I for one am just glad things have improved so much on the southern border.
  8. Of course you don't see it as a threat because it benefits "your side". I don't think you are some kind of anti white racist because you favor demographic change. But I do think you favor it because you see it as a way to enact policy you want as many of these people come from leftist type run countries and should be Democratic votes. If a conservative opposes for the same reasons, they aren't by default racist or a white supremacist.
  9. Hopefully local people will hold MLB and Rob Manfred as well as the MLBPA and Tony Clark accountable for taking the next step to help the citizens of Atlanta and raise money for causes in the area. I hope they can, but not sure they'll get the news coverage they'll need to call them out and demand it. The media has gotten what they needed from this and will move on. Meanwhile, the Braves sent emails out today trying to raise money for the Henry Aaron Fund in honor of "715 Day" when he broke Babe Ruth's record on April 8, 1974. The team has, and continues to try and do good works in the com
  10. Of course it was, although it was never written in a contract you can better believe. In late 2015 I was sitting in the building that used to sit across from the new stadium construction site with the Braves ops folks. They had that building set up where you were looking directly into the construction site and literally could see where each tier of seating would be, etc. It was kind of looking in from the left field foul pole area kind of angled toward right field, but you could see all the dozers down on what would eventually be the playing field, etc. They went through the whole painstak
  11. I personally am not worried over someone who can't be bothered to do basic things to vote as to whether they exercise their right to vote, that is true. I never have advocated for restricting anyone's rights, that's a statement you made. Again, you need to understand that not being responsible for whether someone exercises their right is not the same as restricting their right or even wanting to restrict it. I'm not offended. Besides the fact that I'm impossible to offend as my standard day's business calls often involve verbiage used in a junior high bathroom brawl, why would I be s
  12. Taking away rights is a very heavy statement in my opinion. That's kind of like calling someone racist or a bigot, it's an awful accusation. Maybe you disagree but I feel pretty strongly about that. I merely asked you to back up your accusation about the state of Georgia removing rights from people. If you're making the accusation, to me you should be able to contrast what they did before when everything was ok, or at least not to the point of problematic enough for all this rancor, say 2016, to this law and how this is worse. If you complained about Georgia in 2016 prior to all this
  13. If you don't know then why would you say Georgia law is now suddenly draconian and taking away people's rights? I think to make that statement you'd have to know the answer. Otherwise this seems like you are selecting Georgia due to it being the state that happened to be the tipping point in the Senate and flip from red to blue in the Presidential election. There were never these concerns prior and the law they have passed appears to have added dropboxes to pre-Covid numbers and even required counties to have them whereas in the past they didn't. Again, if I'm factually wrong on the d
  14. I personally can't blame him for running with the ball here. Some of the benefits he's touting are the very ones we were debating how much the people in Atlanta truly lost just the other day.
  15. Can you tell me how many dropboxes were in Georgia prior to the election of November 2020 which was altered due to the pandemic? I don't think they've rolled back some previous standard but I'm open to hearing if I'm wrong there.
  16. No kidding. But how do you know the person showing up is that same person?
  17. The rights are guaranteed. My voting rights are here and I show my ID. I'm not sure why signing a card is now deemed "more difficult". Sorry I don't accept that. And when you have no controls in place like ID or signature match how are you to ever know if there is fraud? Of course you won't be able to show fraud when you don't match ID or signature. That's a self fulfilling prophecy.
  18. Again, you are inferring I'm taking away someone's right by merely asking them to show ID or match a signature. That's a heavy claim for asking someone to sign a card or merely provide an ID. I'm not infringing on anyone's right, nor is it my responsibility to ensure that any given party chooses to exercise their right. Someone having a right who chooses not to make any effort to use that right is not the same as someone removing it.
  19. That's all this is really about. And honestly, if this was any state other than GA who flipped in the last election and flipped control of the Senate, along with Stacey Abrams, this would be a non story and the game would be happening as always. From the national level and Biden, Schumer, etc. this is more about HR-1 and trying to justify it.
  20. I disagree that I'm impacting anyone's rights when they have to make such a minimal effort to participate. I could have chosen to vote absentee in November as well. It's on me that I didn't and I went and stood in line for two hours. Had i gotten there and decided not to wait that long, that's on me, no one else. To have to provide ID or match a signature is a pretty low bar.
  21. Kinda reminds me as my days as a financial auditor for a corporation. They sent me to Phoenix to look into why one of our repair facilities was having high costs. I got to the airport, went over to the site for a couple hours just to introduce myself, explain what I'd be doing that week etc. So I meet the manager over the warehouse, and he knows they are having cost issues. I tell him I need you to print me out your latest inventory counts so I can just take a sample and verify what you are supposed to have is here. I get the response "We don't take inventory". Well how do you know when
  22. What I needed that day was my ball cap and shades. I was out there close to two hours and the part of that line not in the shade was pretty bright. But it was November, not exactly July temps.
  23. Sounds to me like you guys have a state ID issue. My dad was 98 when he passed away last year, hadn't driven in over 10 years. He was able to renew his via mail as an ID. They mailed him a renewal, literally filled out and mailed in. Pretty simple, easier than a ballot would be.
  24. Honestly if someone is so apathetic toward voting they can't make a minimum effort I don't really trust them to have evaluated the issues/choices anyway, black or white.
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