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  1. Dwayne Haskins: Photo of him maskless with some ladies however tests negative = Public Enemy Number One, Fined $40k and released Alvin Kamara: Photo of him maskless with some ladies and test positive, possible infecting a half dozen players... Nah its fine, he scores touchdowns
  2. Seeing if there's as much outrage now that Karama did the exact samething and infected a bunch of players
  3. probably because no pics... and people want to bury Haskins away the NFL punishment protocols are random AF
  4. your telling me everyone that is playing NFL football is locking themselves in their homes every night? shut it down... take the remaining playoff eligible teams and put them in a bubble.
  5. perhaps then, his coach shouldn't be traveling around the country
  6. this over-reaction is gross, this kid (only 23 yrs old) is at a strip club and not hurting anyone. He didn't hit anyone, he didn't call anyone a bad word and he didn't even over drink from what we know. A little picture of him with his mask off and everybody is done with him!!! Give me a break. if this is the level of scrutiny we're placing on these people then shut the thing down... put them in a bubble, this is ridiculous.
  7. What do you think of this offer?

    I give Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate, and Jason Witten


    I receive Devante Parker, L. Green, and Tyler Lockett

    All touchdowns 6 points, PPR standard scoring else where. start 1qb, 2rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex

    The rest of my roster

    Luck, Bradford

    David Johnson, Gordon/Woodhead, Charles/West

    A. Brown, DT, Tate, Dorsett, Brandon Coleman, J. Doctson

    J. Reed, Gates, Witten

    1. KellysHeroes


      nah dude, I'm not ready to give up on a stud like DT and tate is about to get feed like a monster.  I know its tempting to want to trade players coming out of their prime but its best to keep what you know for a bunch of ?s

    2. msudaisy26


      Thanks!! Kind of how I feel plus I believe I am one of the top 3 teams in the league.

    3. KellysHeroes


      yup, pretty solid

  8. the world, especially the sports world need to stop giving this guy attention. He punched somebody that pushed him... who cares! He's a train wreck and in the end people secretly can't get enough. As soon as his name his mentioned or read in the paper people just have to know what he did now instead of just moving along.
  9. Problem is there's going to be a lot of good FA QBs this year and thays rare. If Johnny hits the market there not going g to be much out there for him
  10. People still don't understand what this is about. But let me point out one thing here - that is Brett Favre in Milwaukee being celebrated by Packer fans. Look at him there, he is loved by the fans. Packer fans. Not only that, but if you listen to teh audio they are talking about Favre taking the Packers to the Super Bowl. In fact he took GB to the NFC Championship and lost to the Cowboys. Even if johnny lead a team to the SB, if a video came out the week following he would be destroyed
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