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  1. It's why I'm asking. My sense (right or wrong) is Sony is more name $ than quality $ at this point.
  2. Accepting recommendations on a new 7 channel receiver to replace my old Sony STR 4DAes. Was awesome at one point, but I'm pretty much done working around obsolete inputs. I keep checking Costco - who always seems to have great selection of TVs - but they have just 1 or 2 mediocre rated receivers whenever I check. Not looking to break the bank, but would like to enter technology of this century at an affordable price.
  3. They should let that tribe get down to 1 player, and force that last player to vote him/herself out after yet another embarrassing loss.
  4. Playing time has been the biggest disappointment. More often than not, he's not even on the field. E Sanders has been spectacular, which I was not contemplating into my expectation Davis would take the next step.
  5. That's better than some of the urban dictionary meanings I saw. On Penny, this guy is just so frustrating. I targeted him heavily in a dynasty and one of the metrics I look at when targeting RB is injury history. In college, he played 10, 14, 14 and 13 games (they had only 13 games in 2017). So basically, iron man. Not only running as a tailback, but as a return specialist who has more violent collisions. Yet, the guy can't seem to make it through an NFL contest without coming away with some sort of injury. There's a part of me that wants to view him as an unfortunate Fred Taylor type, who got dinged early in his career but became more reliable. I just don't know what to make of it.
  6. LOL... I see the confusion googling the term. It's used by a local sports radio personality to describe a foolhardy supporter. Seemingly the Spanish origin: "crazy, stupid, silly, or weird. From the Spanish word "bobo," meaning "foolish" or "fool."
  7. Note the post I replied to. I meant before having the guts to utter "League Champion" - which I hope was in jest. Obviously you play him if needed until he breaks down, which hopefully does not happen, again.
  8. I am as big a Penny bobo as they come, but I'm going to need to see him play 2 games without winding up on IR before I look beyond.
  9. I actually don't remember 100% effective claims being hyped. My recall was early on Moderna/Pfizer were <> 85% pretty much out of the gates when I was trying to figure out J&J vs. MRNA varieties in March. I would not say I "don't like" the tweet, but it does cause an "ok, and, so what... ??" reaction. I just wish people who put this much energy into undermining vaccination put that energy to better use.
  10. Finally. I'd traded for Goedert relatively cheaply as an Ertz owner and was waiting for something to happen.
  11. Has to be an ego thing. Same happened when Childress stunk it up as Viking head coach… after years of Reid calling plays while he was OC in Philly.
  12. To be clear, I don't think you are wrong to be concerned. I only think it is wrong to draw too many conclusions from the team making use of vets like Murray/Freeman, who were brought on. I think this is very fluid. It would be crazy for them not to use Freeman/Murray to see what they have to offer. Is it more or less than what Ty'Son offers? They aren't going to figure that out without giving them significant touches. It's a long season.
  13. Why does "they don't trust Ty'Son" have to be the narrative? Can't the narrative simply be "Crazy circumstances forced the Ravens to bring in a bunch of new guys they need to acclimate, and figure out what works best"? When they bring in FAs, it seems logical they would want to see what they bring to the table. Factually, they were more productive when Ty'Son was getting more carries. Could there be a lack of trust in Ty'Son? Sure, but it doesn't explain why he was trusted enough for 19% of snaps. I'm just not assuming that as factual, as some here are.
  14. Agree to disagree. JMHO, you're framing the situation in a strange way. It wasn't a bad game script until after the Baltimore offense failed. It was 10-3 at half, with the 1st half Ravens offense resulting in: Punt Punt Punt FG I get there must be something that has T Williams being displaced, but he is in fact getting some share of snaps. I think it has little to do with protecting Lamar and more to do with Harbaugh hoping he can come up with a recipe by looking to shiny new things (that are actually crusty old things).
  15. All about protecting Lamar? I get the 'winning' comment on surface level, but highly doubt Harbaugh prefers to come back from 19 point deficits that existed because of inability to run, and forcing them to become one dimensional. That certainly is not protecting Lamar.
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