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  1. You have a ratio of police presence by chance?
  2. Tangent: Really appreciate your post. I honestly don't know his degree of anxiety, as he's more open with the Mrs. He has a general checkup next week, and the admin called today and asked if there was anything we were concerned about, and I raised this (good timing). I'm going to tell him I mentioned to the Dr. office, and I want him to be honest and tackle this head on. Whether this is a generational phenomenon or something that has existed behind a curtain forever, it's not something to leave unspoken when there are possible remedies/alleviators. /tangent
  3. I was sort of on the fence with my own 17 Y.O., not really a skeptic but more so rationally balancing puts/gives of emergency use approval and age group risks. Based on more recent reports of increased infections to the youth population, we're now planning to get him his 1st pfizer next Friday. His own peace of mind is a huge factor; he's been asking when he is able to get a shot ever since me/wife got our 1st. He's anxious by nature and our 'batten the hatches' approach throughout has no doubt had an effect.
  4. I get your frustration in the "I know my actual risk to people in a way no one else could" sense, but don't see much logic in having expectations based on what no one else knows. They are doing their job, and the smugness probably comes from defending store policy hundreds of times a day to both the honestly safe and the dishonestly risky.
  5. Well, when you start from the fact there is no evidence of voter fraud after countless attempts to find it, and no non-political justification at all to support that 250 new state bills are seeking to restrict voting, it is what it is.
  6. He's a freshman, who has shown already he's an impact player in college. There's no way to know what he can become.
  7. I agree with you of course, but I don't know that an article giving greater emphasis to that does anything. Unless there is a real solution to curbing the conduct of those people who may go to a venue, the venue is the issue.
  8. So that people focus on that red herring and ignore other components of the bill, such as the ability to replace election officials who won’t play along with the 2024 big lie.
  9. GOP uses terms like ‘election integrity’ and ‘law and order’ in orwellian doublespeak.
  10. Ahh, that makes sense. I was confused because one GA legislator (outlandishly IMHO) made the same ‘Delta shouldn’t bite the hand...” when justifying the bill to eliminate a tax cut as retribution. Delta CEO took the high road and said this is about the rights of Americans, not money.
  11. I’m having pronoun confusion in your final paragraph, but if you are referring to corporations, it’s past time for them to speak up if they learned anything from the big lie, and it’s potential ramifications to our democracy. The idea of states passing laws enabling replacement of election officials who are strong is a legitimate threat.
  12. I’m not sure if it is actually final but my understanding is GA house passed a bill to eliminate a fuel tax cut that hurt Delta after its CEO made negative statements about the new voter laws. Champions of the first amendment.
  13. Good for MLB. The Delta tax thing was vindictive and deplorable. My hope is the GA legislators wind up in an unwinnable game of whacamole. Also it is a strong message to other states... this crap is not going to fly under radars anymore.
  14. Nope, advised to register for the event on April 29th as a 2nd.
  15. No. We signed up for it but had not heard anything. Also had not received anything from my primary physician after signing up for my mychart. We just decided not to continue sitting on our hands patiently waiting for those managing lists to get around to us, while other eligibles were being more proactive (and increasing our wait). What we did was go to the vax connection site, went to find vax locations, entered 56484, and cass county popped as the 1st choice. Clicking it’s web link, it brought up the event they had today, and a link to register for it. After the experience today, se
  16. FWIW, not a reply to your question but you might look outside the metro if you have a few hours to do it. Wife/I just returned from a vax event in Cass County (Walker) that still had openings as of 1:30 when we got there. 8 or so nurses ready to dispense and 5 registrants in the room when we were there (only one of the nurses gave a shot while we were in the 15 minute post-shot wait area). Rural areas baffle me, but I’m not complaining going from F5 fatigue in the metro to registered/1st shot complete over a 24 hour period. Think they have another next week, displayed on the MN vax finder site
  17. Ditto x2. Tired of the rat race in the Minneapolis metro so I was ecstatic when the wife found a distribution event up in the rural north, about 30 minutes from our cabin. Scheduled for 2 PM. It’s moderna - fine by me as I was hoping for either that or Pfizer. Can’t really imagine what it will be like actually rounding a bend on this thing.
  18. Yes, and maybe open to lawsuits from the other direction if they do not. It's definitely not an easy situation for an employer.
  19. Anyone doing any projects related to lumber? I put off a deck redo last year when I saw reports of $ increase on lumber. Have costs returned to norms or still high?
  20. Maybe, but what is the venn diagram of anti vax and people already doing whatever they want?
  21. Earlier this week it was rumored that my group would be opened next (yeah!) and then official news broke yesterday that eligibility is opened to anyone 16+. I guess in the grand scheme it's best to go full boar since my lifestyle choices make me least likely to transmit, but boy, that goal post feels like it got significantly farther away now that I need to get into the "everyone else" line..
  22. My only IRA is at TIAA. I have 401K's at each of Vanguard/Fidelity. I'd previously looked into whether I could convert the 401K's to IRAs for a different reason (estate planning, as my experience inheriting a roll over IRA under a parent's estate was so much better than immediate taxation). However, stopped looking into that when I was told roll over rules had changed in recent years.
  23. Yeah, I get it. I actually love this thread to expand my understanding/awareness, even if ever so slightly. My game plan up to now has been target fund for a 20 year younger person.
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