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  1. Finally. I'd traded for Goedert relatively cheaply as an Ertz owner and was waiting for something to happen.
  2. Has to be an ego thing. Same happened when Childress stunk it up as Viking head coach… after years of Reid calling plays while he was OC in Philly.
  3. To be clear, I don't think you are wrong to be concerned. I only think it is wrong to draw too many conclusions from the team making use of vets like Murray/Freeman, who were brought on. I think this is very fluid. It would be crazy for them not to use Freeman/Murray to see what they have to offer. Is it more or less than what Ty'Son offers? They aren't going to figure that out without giving them significant touches. It's a long season.
  4. Why does "they don't trust Ty'Son" have to be the narrative? Can't the narrative simply be "Crazy circumstances forced the Ravens to bring in a bunch of new guys they need to acclimate, and figure out what works best"? When they bring in FAs, it seems logical they would want to see what they bring to the table. Factually, they were more productive when Ty'Son was getting more carries. Could there be a lack of trust in Ty'Son? Sure, but it doesn't explain why he was trusted enough for 19% of snaps. I'm just not assuming that as factual, as some here are.
  5. Agree to disagree. JMHO, you're framing the situation in a strange way. It wasn't a bad game script until after the Baltimore offense failed. It was 10-3 at half, with the 1st half Ravens offense resulting in: Punt Punt Punt FG I get there must be something that has T Williams being displaced, but he is in fact getting some share of snaps. I think it has little to do with protecting Lamar and more to do with Harbaugh hoping he can come up with a recipe by looking to shiny new things (that are actually crusty old things).
  6. All about protecting Lamar? I get the 'winning' comment on surface level, but highly doubt Harbaugh prefers to come back from 19 point deficits that existed because of inability to run, and forcing them to become one dimensional. That certainly is not protecting Lamar.
  7. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Baltimore nearly lost it's 43 game 100+ yard rushing streak last week, and did have it end this week. Obviously the streak meant a lot to Harbaugh given what he did in week 4. This slump coincides with this RB mash up they have been employing. If they were getting production with this new approach, that would be bad for owners of Murray/Williams/Freeman/Bell and reason to abandon ship. But they aren't, and I don't think what we're seeing is what they actually want to be. Something is going to change IMHO.
  8. Jackson had the same RPO confusion with Freeman late in the game tonight. I just don't see how a RB is supposed to know what is in Jackson's mind when he 95% hands it off.
  9. If Carr hadn't ridiculously overthrown him last week on 4th and 5, he'd have been off to the races with nothing but open field.
  10. Meh, show me the RB in the NFL who will stop an unimpeded/streaking 6'9" Nassib. Seems to be a lot of hats being hung on that same peg. While I believe that may be irrationally overplayed, there's no question something caused Williams to be deactivated. In his favor, it doesn't look like any other RB is taking the job and running with it.
  11. Can you elaborate on this... because of his receiving abilities? Higher level, it makes very little sense for game dynamics to drive use of a guy trying to heal from a rib injury. I.e., not the sort of guy you use for mop up, if that was what you meant.
  12. Would that have put the game away? I think it just forces NE to score a TD itself with 2 minutes to work with. I'd argue that holding the ball and using those snaps working for a much shorter FG - leaving no time left for NE to do anything at all - is what 'puts the game away.'
  13. I didn't understand anything about the end of that Tampa-NE game. First Tampa attempting 2 deep passes which stopped the clock when they were moving the ball well, and settling for the 48 yard FG in rain. Lucky to make it, but they left 2 minutes. Then the Pats, getting 3 yards seems a lot more likely than kicking a 56 yard FG in rain.
  14. You should be hoping for an overtime game.
  15. I enjoyed the season. I will say the race dynamics were challenging intellectually for me. Would I feel differently if race-play was on the other foot? Absolutely. It probably would have been a scandal. That it was to get a "first" in show history made it different somehow. It also made me wonder about the construction of cast, and the role that plays in this being a first. Other seasons, you have a single dramatic Da'Vonne type - entertaining no doubt, but too volatile to be a serious contender. This season, the CO members featured a lawyer, a Summa Cum Laude aspiring biometric student, an ad executive. Not only atypical numbers, but atypical representation of ethnicity - at least atypical for Big Brother. I do have some concerns of race play from this season seeping over to new seasons. I do hope BB does a better job incorporating strong ethnic players as they seem to do screening anglo players. It would be nice for something like the CO not to be needed for an ethnic player to win - rather they were simply that strong. X actually could have been that player; we'll never know. BTW- my hands down favorite player this year was Derek X.
  16. Boy do I hope you are right. What gnaws at me is this injury may cause a coach to be more cautious on workload. 60% of Henderson is better for the team than 0%.
  17. That you are so confident on being right with finality in a fluid situation is what seems off. I have no idea how this load share will look week 6. If you were a tad less fixated on back patting yourself, you'd acknowledge you don't either. You're hanging your hat on a one game trend where (a) Baltimore had only 15 non-QB carries, and (2) Williams still had the highest YPC. Maybe the trend continues and you are proven 100% right, maybe it doesn't. Let's just be honest it's fluid yet.
  18. This thread probably deserves a re-title: “HSG self validates his trade thread.” Not a bad trade by any means, but can we get commentary that doesn’t reference it or side door justify it?
  19. Ahh, ok maybe you misdirected your reply to my earlier post, because I did not speak to that.
  20. Not to quibble, but are you making the case that it is possibly good fortune for Tiffany, or good strategy by Evvie/Liana for their game?
  21. I get what you are saying, I just think there are a lot of dynamics with that playing out. First and foremost, this trio will need to overcome the math reality that they will become minority numbers in an us/them merge. I'd have to buy into the notion that Evvie/Liana/Tiffany overcome being low hanging fruit, and I don't.
  22. My instinct was to feel bad for Xander, but he's his own worse enemy. You'd think they know that revealing advantages puts a target on your back, as it did in his case. I don't understand why players do this. I don't understand the micro plan of the women in that tribe... voting out stronger competitors, and ensuring they get down to a trio pre-merge which includes the weakest link in the 2021 cast? That's the plan? I hope they don't like having fire or food.
  23. That's a lot of maybe's to explain away the fact a difference making receiver is making 90% of his contributions in overtimes.
  24. Or, maybe if they used him earlier in games they would not need to be in overtimes.
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