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  1. I agree with all of that, yet… James Jones went out of his way to give a convoluted and rambling defense of Aaron not being complicated. 0% chance he said that without Aaron influence/request. I think that means this was - as crazy as it seems - something that bothered Rodgers enough to set a record straight.
  2. I agree with most of your hot takes as I've been following along, but no so much this one. Do you think Aaron had any input/influence on James Jones' commentary about him not being complicated?
  3. The latest quote from James Jones is hilarious. Who else is picturing Aaron calling Jones to explain how he's not a complicated guy? This is the best contradictory doubletalk he could come up with:
  4. I really like what the Vikes are doing at DL this offseason.... it's going to be vastly better with Pierce returning from covid, signing Tomlinson/Richardson. If they can get added relief from Lynch/Watts, this interior line play could be something special. Night and day from 2020.
  5. Appropriate motto for the Retrumplican party... you know, the "law and order" Orwellian doublespeak party.
  6. Very happy to report that my 15 year old got his 2nd pfizer Monday. Reading the last page of this thread, I'm selfishly relieved I no longer need to convince anyone the sky is blue for the protection of my immediate family.
  7. This is going to sound harsh, but why track and report when the citizens of these states clearly do not care about covid? What can be said to these people that 600,000 deaths has not already communicated? Government actions are only tolerated if a reflection of its citizens.
  8. Meh, I'm not saying he will for certain play again, but that's the bet I'd take today. I think you are exaggerating the alienation of women, and the PR cost. Whether political candidates or sports heroes, unless there is a Ray Rice tape out there, the page gets turned pretty quickly these days.
  9. Understood, just wasn’t sure what to make of your mask policy vs. you saying the company asked him to vax.
  10. Can he come with a mask but is choosing not to do that?
  11. It tells me that your thesis is off. There is no path to changing of minds.
  12. I agree with this, but if you are talking intent, you do understand this was not the understanding they were given by Trump in his speech about this proceeding. They were told Pence had the right to set aside electoral college, in fact had been begged by Trump to do this, and was a traitor for going through with what every sane person knew to be a rubber stamp role. They, OTOH, were told they needed to fight like hell to stop this from happening.
  13. That's just it... it's not strictly a 'personal health choice.' It has impact to others. It's no different from saying you should be free to smoke in a bar - as if there's no health risk to others. Or arguing a right to take the health risk of driving drunk... as if you're the only one on the road. Your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. That's not new.
  14. The precedent of the individual demanding that society abides by the trivial preferences of the individual? Yeah, I totally see that.
  15. You talk about freedom of choice and at the same time lash out at a band and a restaurant from freely making contrary choices. You have to see that you're talking out of both sides of your mouth. Do you if that is what you want. Don't go to the concert. Find a new restaurant. Respect the right for others to choose if you are championing freedom..
  16. Do yourself a favor and just spit out the hook.
  17. I got a $2500 quote on some electrical improvements for a rustic log cabin. Main cost was challenges getting wire where I needed it with minimal crawl space below floor. Really did not want to run more wire around exposed logs so I spent 6 hours today in 6”-1’ height digging a 2’ rut. Not fun work with minimal height to move dirt, but should be a $400 job at most now that I have wire run where I need it.
  18. Big difference between 2 and 7 times, while acknowledging we really don’t know if it’s even 2x. Yet, you would go back in time promoting natural herd immunity 6 months ago and risking 4 million deaths? Or even 2-3 million deaths? Or even 1 million more deaths? I don’t know, that seems a little strange. And in retrospect, given the subsequent distribution of vaccines, really reckless and short sighted.
  19. It should be a simple math exercise to extrapolate from the numbers who required ICU and/or died when just 10% of the population had been inflicted. I'd think you'd need to account for lack of oxygen/medical services having substantial negative impact and likely increase to death figures. . I think many were predicting the death totals that come as a surprise to you. Here's one projection I found from October. As I recall, they were frequently dire, given the manner in which the US was generally ignoring safety guidelines. To be surprised, you either did not see them, or thought the forec
  20. I did not see your prior posts on the topic. What are the hospital ICU/death totals reaching heard immunity 6 months ago with 330 million people?
  21. 17 year old got 2nd Pfizer Friday and no side effects from either. Planning to get my 15 year old his 1st this week wherever we can. Getting that done will be a weight off my shoulders. I feel bad for co workers I’ve spoken to with younger kids, who are in limbo for the foreseeable future.
  22. If you mean “Republican Party” then I agree completely. I don’t think the Republican Party has many conservative values any longer. They are not synonymous terms.
  23. Do you recognize the irony of describing conservatism as a fluctuating thing?
  24. I honestly am stupefied at use of the word ‘Conservatives’ in this thread. Who is this a reference to? I consider myself a conservative and have zero fear of any conservative political opinion I have being censored. The only censoring of true conservatives is being waged by the new retrumplican party.
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