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  1. Thanks for the suggestion - definitely considered this although I was unclear if the specs are based on room temp or concrete surface temp. The well itself is only a 4x8 space. It has non-insulated composite wall planks/roof above block - so can probably warm the air even without a tarp. I'm not sure I could significantly increase the temp of the cement bricks (which have frozen ground behind them) even if I could get the temp above 50 in the structure itself. Certainly could not keep them above 50 for 48 hours after application as the specs suggest. I was hoping possibly there is a surfa
  2. Regardless, whether they won or lost I’d expect a QB to say protection was fine. He looked pressured to me with 4 man rush, even when he wasn’t being knocked over. Your hit stats are interesting. How do those match up to league averages? I think pressure is really getting the best of Wentz based on what I saw on MNF. Just odd how he seems deer in headlights when I see open receivers, or rushed inaccurate screens before the pressure is actually there yet.
  3. Well yes, for whatever crazy reason Carolina chose on the last drive to pass rush with 3 men and drop others into coverage.
  4. Hmm, I can't find times pressured stats, but the Panther D was credited with 9 QB hits. That seems like more than a few.
  5. Yeah, he's made some bad decisions (as all QBs do). I guess where I struggle is saying what is and is not pass rush induced. JMHO, a QB is either going to expect he has time or he's going to assume someone is bearing down on him at all times since it happens so often. Whether the pressure is real or not I just think the internal clock for Viking QBs is out of whack.
  6. Please take this as a good natured rebut, but do you think being behind this particularly bad OL in obvious pass scenarios would make many QBs look great, or make good decisions? I mean, look at Tom Brady last night. That's my main problem scrutinizing Cousins... the scrutiny presupposes he's not running for his life. I just don't think there is a QB on planet earth (other than maybe Russell Wilson) who would succeed. Any QB will need time to evaluate pass options to show what they are capable of.
  7. Funny, the only play I remember noticing Jones was the one where he was throw aside on the sack/fumble of Cousins. I'm not sure anyone stood out as being an effective pass blocker yesterday, against largely 4 man fronts (even if 8 were in the box).
  8. I'm sure he has. I'll stand by my read that Teddy at his best is a fringe starting QB (top 20-25 in the NFL). Maybe a justified starter, but really not in the same area code as the top 12 QBs to be feared.
  9. Anyone patched cement blocks in colder temps? I've experience flooding in a <> 4 ft subterrain exterior stair well that is fully surrounded by cement block. I removed the stairs and noticed they hid a 1/2" crack/gap in blocks at the joint perpendicular to the basement wall. Pretty sure that's the source of water entry during heavy rains and fast snow melts. I was looking at DryLock and it advises 50-90 temps for application. Also considered mortar calking as a temp fix- I plan to waterproof from the exterior next year.
  10. Same here. Carolina should have won. They played very stout D, and were a bad DL matchup for this Vike's OL. I'm not sure if E Cleveland is a messiah or something, but this OL simply can't play when he's not in. They ran the ball down the Vike's throat until they chose to pass in the 4th - at times when they needed to use clock. Really an odd "no, YOU take it" game. As much as I admire Teddy B, I'm counting my stars that the Vikes moved on. Only coaching held him back from winning today, but he's just not a franchise QB. Period. Hopefully my Cousins fan club grows after this recent stretc
  11. Another 3rd/4th and 1scenario. Hope this one is better eta: phew
  12. Your point being we should not generalize an entire party merely because half its members, and nearly all of its leaders, are disputing validity of our democratic election? Based on literally nothing? I think it’s worthy of generalizing.
  13. One inaccurate pass by Cousins on a recent drive, but everything in the passing game just seems desperate with limited pass protection against a suffocating D.
  14. Ahh ok, thought I'd missed something when credit was being given.
  15. So true. I remember the simpler times when there was no far right to deal with... oh wait.
  16. How refreshing that an entire political party doesn't need to be fed cheat sheets of what they think today. Test or no test, this is a good thing.
  17. America relies on people to do their job in that circumstance, even if it is difficult. If the pressure you describe is real, it is not supposed to be, and is undermining to peaceful transitions.
  18. Huh, I was not aware of that. I understood "the transition process begins as leading presidential contenders forming a transition team to start making preliminary plans for building an administration and assuming the presidency should they be elected." That's a need for an incumbent? Any event, if the election can't be "ascertained" at 306-232, that's a problem.
  19. Protocol has been to begin transition when a president-elect is named, which occurred on Nov 7. Some here seem to be confused thinking Murphy's role as a determiner of winner. It isn't. This is plainly procedural, even if dispute exists, to ensure that whoever is in office Jan 20 is fully prepared to be there. Doing her job has no bearing on who actually becomes president, which is why her delay makes no sense. ETA: Placing such significance on her role as being one of substance is probably going to backfire. I just read the headline in my local paper exclaiming "US agency ascertains Bide
  20. Probably just a coincidence that Congress insisted Murphy appear tomorrow to give a briefing on status, even if by phone - rejecting her request to delay to next week.
  21. Agreed, but not my point. I just used it as an example of why Souhan is ridiculous to amplify a single play in that way. Guys are going to make mistakes.
  22. Amen to that, today was disappointing. Got to say, after reading Souhan's article, I feel bad for Chris Jones. He's what, a 7th string CB? Horrible play... one that he'll be replaying in his head for the next decade; may cost him his job. Was it more egregious than a 1st rounder dropping a routine pass on a game sealing drive? I'm not saying that is a negative way to Jefferson, who has obviously been great. The point is many bad plays contributed to a narrow loss vs an evenly matched foe, and Souhan was pretty merciless framing "If the Vikings miss the playoffs by one game..." and dedicat
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