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  1. Not to quibble, but are you making the case that it is possibly good fortune for Tiffany, or good strategy by Evvie/Liana for their game?
  2. I get what you are saying, I just think there are a lot of dynamics with that playing out. First and foremost, this trio will need to overcome the math reality that they will become minority numbers in an us/them merge. I'd have to buy into the notion that Evvie/Liana/Tiffany overcome being low hanging fruit, and I don't.
  3. My instinct was to feel bad for Xander, but he's his own worse enemy. You'd think they know that revealing advantages puts a target on your back, as it did in his case. I don't understand why players do this. I don't understand the micro plan of the women in that tribe... voting out stronger competitors, and ensuring they get down to a trio pre-merge which includes the weakest link in the 2021 cast? That's the plan? I hope they don't like having fire or food.
  4. That's a lot of maybe's to explain away the fact a difference making receiver is making 90% of his contributions in overtimes.
  5. Or, maybe if they used him earlier in games they would not need to be in overtimes.
  6. Nearly did the same as a reward after I drove my 1997 pathfinder into the ground. I was surprised at the used market but I’m sure it’s pricier in today’s market. Maybe you can find one closer to your cap than you think.
  7. Sara Beth? For starters, she has a severe personality. She was typically the contrarian in Kings planning. She targeted a member of the cookout early (Chaddha) and it of course was not a secret - given that cookout members were on all other teams, were aware of the threat, and could manipulate their side partners. Sort of hard to be liked when the scheming you believe to be behind a curtain is common knowledge. With her personality? Zero chance.
  8. I'm considering it in my dynasty league, but think his stock remains sandbagged by L.Murray/L.Bell/Freeman skepticism. Really don't think I could get more than a 3rd round rookie, perhaps not even that. My hope is the dust settles a bit over the next 2-3 weeks and he solidifies being the 60% carrier. If offered a 2nd at that point, maybe.
  9. I have both Mitchell and Sermon, and will likely be going with a different option (Swift or T.Williams). First week after concussion always worries me. I think I'd read that odds of a repeat concussion decrease as time passes, and RB is a pretty violent position with hard contact expected on every carry. I'll want to see a full game played before trusting it.
  10. Of course that was a hope, but it wasn't an assumption when I drafted Sermon. I just don't understand someone drafting (probably reaching for) Sermon when Mostert was an obstacle, then dropping him 3 days after a concussion with still TBD timetable... 2.5 weeks into the season. Just seems like someone with that mindset (e.g. short bench) would not have him on their roster to begin with.
  11. Some are dropping him in redrafts? That's crazy, JMHO. I drafted him under an assumption he'd do little to nothing the first 4-6 weeks with a healthy Mostert.
  12. I’m torn on WHO and their recommendation. My initial instinct was ‘why should we favor global interests over protecting US citizens?” Then I considered that even a highly vaxed US population will be perpetually at risk of variants developing elsewhere. So maybe there should be a big picture approach. However, if the trade off is a 10% global vax target, that does not seem like it’s solving variants at all, so I come back full circle to my instinct.
  13. Yeah, I agree it's going to happen to everyone. It's a unique skill being able to view options and pick the best. After seeing him repeatedly target Waller in double coverage though, my impression was Carr predetermines where he's going regardless of coverage.
  14. It was definitely mind. JMHO, I don't think Carr uses vision... he predetermines pre-snap where he is 100% going. Otherwise you can't explain the one time he missed Waller running uncovered down the field after targeting him exclusively in double coverage.
  15. Yeah, I'm just a sofa guru but Carr doesn't show me much in terms of understanding nuances of his position. Laser focus on a single receiver does him no favors. It's like the QB who doesn't use his eyes or use pumps to move a safety out of position. Waller may well be good enough to get 12 receptions on 20 targets in double/triple focused coverage, but he shouldn't have to be. Making a defense account for other possible targets makes everyone better and more dangerous.
  16. You replied to SQ talking about the Nassib sack with "Yet we didn’t see Williams again in the 2nd half of the game." That was the final offensive play of the game. He was in on the last offensive play. I agree with a lot of your posts HSG, but you are sort of being 'that guy' who trades away a player and then is exaggeratedly needling in the player thread. The performance was what it was... a mixed bag of good and bad.
  17. You say you are improved, but in all seriousness, you traded down. Big time. Give me a bible thumper over a pandemic/science conspiracy theorist all day long.
  18. After the Nassib strip sack? We’ll yes, that is a true statement but Baltimore never had the ball offensively after that play.
  19. Strange game for sure. I would understand the opposite... throwing him early and then away from the unproven player at crunch time. How does one explain no targets until the game is on the line, and then several targets? JMHO, if the Raiders want to create opportunities for Waller they should do the opposite of what they did last night. Go to other options early to force them to be accounted for by the defense, and then opportunistically target Waller.
  20. On some level I get the lawyer-up chatter... but where does finding this young lady for her family fit into the conversation?
  21. Decent game overall for a first start on MNF. We'll see if he gets that missed block held against him. JMHO, if you are relying on a RB to stop a streaming 6'7"/275 Nassib, you're doing it all wrong.
  22. Man, forcing to Waller repeatedly into triple coverage, then missing him undefended?
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