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  1. Sadly, I don’t think she has come to that realization yet at all, based on her subsequent insistence to have our roll overs placed somewhere she could keep her mitts all over it.
  2. This may be fine for some people, but certainly not a general rule. I've been set it and forget it for 25 years. My sister OTOH fancied herself as more shrewd/"internet group informed" and has become broke twice. She actually had one situation where she had gains in the range of $250K which she lost nearly overnight re-investing the gain toward another hyped stock that tanked... resulting in a monumental tax consequence, and a bankruptcy. We each subsequently received a $110K roll over IRA that I put into a basic fund and she, of course, wanted it in a fund she could manage herself as an activ
  3. I was forwarded a tweet where someone successfully called Walmart to join a "no waste" list, and it resulted in Walmart calling him and a 1st dose - despite him not yet being eligible under state guidelines. Gotta say, this bugs me. I/wife signed up under our state registry and provided text info to be alerted when/if vax becomes available. The idea of ineligible folks creating back channels, and an ecosystem where a vax distributor is using a back channel list rather than working with the formal registry system to alert eligible people who have requested text alerts, just seems wrong. Them re
  4. This is why I don't step on a scale when I'm in a good routine. You've been doing such a good job GB, trust the process. The results will come. ETA: I think I misread your initial 'all good things come to an end' since your last statement was that you are sticking to it.
  5. It's not related to the targeted question is this survey, but the divide it reveals definitely has a cause/effect in my daily life choices. Forget what I think about my actual risk; if 45% of our population underestimates or perhaps even completely dismisses risk to me and my family, I'm not going anywhere I don't need to be.
  6. '63. We replaced carpet for the first time 10 years back and I wondered about dead end pipes coming up in various place. Now I know, obvious historic failures. I have one remaining encased run, 25' along a side basement wall that has a fire place and a doorway. No idea how I'll bypass that one when the time comes, but I better start my planning at this pace.
  7. We have a circulating water heat/boiler system with copper pipes running below concrete between rooms. For the 2nd time in 3 years I have a pipe failure encased in concrete which resulted in a continuous leak up from below for god knows how long (under a bed, spread through the carpet pad without being apparent in carpet until it seeped to a trafficked area). Can't get to the encased location of the leak, so I needed to bypass through the wall. WTH did they use such an unrepairable design/unreliable piping originally?
  8. Generational reversal in my case. Wife's folks invited us to not one, but two separate extended family gatherings for Easter. One Saturday, and one Sunday. Would never do that in a normal non-pandemic year. Just seems like nothing but over-the-top defiance, thumbing their nose in a senseless crusade to compel this thing to be over.
  9. Curious on this. My body always told me when to take a day off doing greater impact workouts running on a treadmill, but I'm not experiencing much soreness (none after noon) doing 45 min/day biking since Jan 1. Same 140-145 heart rate I shot for on the treadmill. Seeing a lot of comments like yours online, I self imposed an off day Friday after 18 straight, but have to say I hated taking a 'just because' day off when I'm in a good groove.
  10. My in-laws have a 50 year anniversary and it was previously decided we'd celebrate in the early summer. Well, my wife got a call yesterday and plans changed, they are now planning a 14-20 person (that we know of) celebration at a restaurant Sunday - against state restrictions. Not that restaurants in their county care about such things re: the overblown pandemic, GB rural counties. Major guilt trip laid how my wife is the only child not coming, that it's harmful to social development of our own children to keep them isolated from cousins, etc. Wife has been crying off and on for 2 days. It bot
  11. Having watched Bateman and Johnson through their Gopher careers, I don't agree Bateman is more talented. I just haven't seen a basis for a statement like that. I think the NFL will be proven to be wrong if he's drafted that high. He was a good, not great, Big 10 receiver. Not even in the same area code as Michael Thomas (prior post), who I enthusiastically ranked as a top 5 rookie pick. (ETA: To be clear, I meant dynast rookie pick, not overall draft)
  12. at Republicans "demanding" witnesses in an impeachment trial. I had hopes the party would turn the page on Trump after this - like the majority of America has - but they are definitely going down with the ship.
  13. Can someone explain the new CDC guidance that those who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine after exposure so long as they meet certain timing metrics? Even in the guidance, CDC acknowledges transmissibility by those vaccinated remains "uncertain." CDC goes on to say "The CDC said quarantine recommendations for vaccinated people will be updated when more data are available, or when more vaccines have been authorized." Intuitively, guidance like this would follow the science and 'no need to quarantine' would suggest they are not any more a risk to transmit than anyone else who has unk
  14. Pretty depressing to see this... one of my favorite dynasty threads. One of the few that could be found at that time. RIP F&L, your spirit lives on.
  15. Out of curiosity, any reason you skipped past the home equity suggestion? I've been considering the same dynamics you describe re: timing of buy/sell and just assumed I'd bridge with home equity (which would be quickly repaid once the house sells) and never even considered doing anything with 401K.
  16. This thread is encouraging. I probably began <> 220 Jan 2, and have been doing exercise bike 45 min a day since, and have incorporated arm curls and abs as I gain momentum. Hoping to get down closer to 200 by late Spring. I won't have much to contribute in terms of progress reports because I choose not to weigh myself during these routines (getting back to a baseline every 2-3 years). It's motivating for some, but the 'no progress' scale days undermine my ability to maintain a longer term view. I just trust the routine. I don't do much in terms of diet food, measuring quantities, watchin
  17. Right, perhaps thanks to a open letter from a 10 former defense secretaries.
  18. Myanmar following the Trump/Republican playbook I see. This is why it matters for democracy.
  19. Right, apparently this is going to be a "Did you order the code red!?!" "You're @%$& right I did... because rigged election!!" trial.
  20. I'm not sure that too much is being made of it. I think it is necessary for people to understand how vax does/does not work. Case in point, I have avoided some in my circle because I know them not to be safe in their conduct. I got a text saying they will be getting vaxed and we should get together soon. If their vax leaves me exposed to their conduct, obviously that's info I'll want to understand.
  21. What was the specified goal before Jan 20? How much outrage about no stated numeric goal? That's my point. Goals are meaningless. Action is meaningful. Communicating delivery schedules to states is crucial. Ensuring that states have funding and resources to effectuate administration is crucial.
  22. I don't struggle with math at all. But agreed, moving on. The whole "Biden needs to set a figure" that satisfies Trumpsters is a bunch of hooey. I'm not sure why he even plays that game. Just get the distribution done.
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