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  1. Yeah, I considered this but I am in a pretty frugal league due to its 20 year seasoning. Guys value their own prospects/picks and are not wowed by dead cat bounces. And FWIW, I really don't consider getting a 2nd burying Mostert prematurely. In recent years I've acquired legit commodities in the 2nd (JuJu, Deshaun Watson, Ertz - Past 2 seasons were B.Edwards and T.Marshall). Sure I've missed also, but I'll acquire all the 2nds I can. That's more what dynasty format is about for me than riding 29 year old RBs into the sunset.
  2. So good that this season has bored me to death, unfortunately.
  3. I think this is right. I'm actually higher on Elijah Mitchell than some, and Jeff Wilson has annoyance as well eventually. I'm sort of done with SF RBs.
  4. I get it. I was Team A and my devil's advocate is 7 games from a 29 year old doesn't carry much value for me in terms of dynasty picks. Also, keeping Mostert on my roster meant axing another player who had some dynasty value (to me). So that was added consideration. I will say my typical M.O. is holding guys until they are valueless.
  5. Small potatoes roster trimming move: Team A gives Raheem Mostert Team B gives 2022 2nd round rookie pick (was 1.1 this past draft, so should be early-ish 2nd)
  6. Hmm, so the immuno 3rd Moderna is being given, but the booster 3rd to others is on hold?
  7. I’m back and done with conspiracies, but don’t even get me started on the whole “earth is round” thing.
  8. 12 team redraft, non-PPR - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/DST/K QB: K Murray, J Fields RB: N Chubb, D Swift, R Mostert, T Sermon, TySon Williams WR: DK Metcalf, K Allen, L Shenault, M Thomas, B Edwards TE: D Goedert, J Cook DST: Vikes K: M Crosby
  9. No doubt a minor thing with the folks in this thread but did my first mod on my JK unlimited, making the rear seats more bucket with a spacer kit. Pretty exhausting getting necessary bolts out, but hopefully will get less feedback from back seat passengers. Sort of got me more willing to attempt other mods.
  10. Definitely going to go higher in that league. My guess is someone takes him late 3rd/early 4th round. That’s a value keep when he should only miss 6 weeks this year. Could bounce back to 2nd round redraft value in 2022.
  11. Nabbed him in the 15th round as a WR5 last night.
  12. Got him in round 5 in a local redraft last night. Was not a target of mine going in but had to grab the value.
  13. Full candor, Shenault was not my target going into my draft. I took him in the 10th only because he remained 'best available' on the ESPN draft tracker through 2 earlier picks and I did not see anyone else I loved. No one seemed to be targeting him in my 12-team league. Calloway went round 14. Given my pick of M Thomas, I was looking at him earlier but I was set at WR at that point. Might have done things differently knowing he'd last that long.
  14. Mine were Sermon (7), Michael Thomas (8), TE (9), Shenault (10). Felt ok taking a stab for Thomas with Metcalf/K.Allen already starting in a 2 WR league. Sermon was handcuff for 6th round pick of Mostert.
  15. We're not? I may have misread the past 1130 pages of this thread. Let me go re-read to confirm your statement.
  16. Darius Bradwell impressed me more than all but Rountree in the preseason. He was released and then signed to the practice squad. Might be someone to keep on the radar if injuries happen.
  17. My money is on your first paragraph above, although it doesn’t have to be off the books. I think that would actually violate the cap. It would just require re-signing after week 1 to avoid the guaranteed vet contract. On your second paragraph, it’s not like he is a stranger to this team. They already went through the awkwardness of getting past his Cousin’s comment just bringing him to camp. I really don’t think this move came as a surprise to Griffey or the front office, but we’ll see after week 1.
  18. Hopefully he doesn’t follow this up by <gasp> acknowledging that having 2 functioning legs is a factor.
  19. No wonder I don’t give it much a care. They’d fight for the right of players to juggle flaming chainsaws.
  20. I don’t see the problem here. Of course it’s a factor. It should be.
  21. Could be this was the agreement with Griffen all along - that they would bring him in the last week of camp to make sure all was good but wanted to sign him after week 1 to avoid a guaranteed vet contract. I actually thought it was odd to sign him initially when they did vs waiting a week to avoid the guarantee.
  22. Easy way out for them, or only realistic thing for an entire society to manage?
  23. Evidence? Seems pretty useless in terms of a societal utility unless you can find a way to show proof one had covid within the recent months (however many antibodies exist).
  24. I'd say this judge is waaaaay outside his own lane here, issuing an order to administer a drug FDA is advising against.
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