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  1. 75-100. This sports book nonsense is no doubt someone/group trying to get beneficial over-under win total to bet on.
  2. My post is 100% NFL. The statement was tons of players and I was curious. I agree fully that most dissenters won’t say it, and haven’t
  3. ETA: I think I see that maybe I’m overly focused on the contribution amount and not focusing enough on growth amount.
  4. That’s what I don’t get. The tax free growth you describe is after I absorb taxes at the highest rate that could conceivably apply to it. The boogeyman in your explanation (future taxation) may be 20% and the solution is paying 30%+ on it now.
  5. I’m sure it has been beaten like a dead horse in this mega thread, but can someone high level explain why ROTH is advantageous? Common sense says I would absorb taxes at my highest tax stage, reduce the funds going into high return investments, obtaining the ability to avoid taxes when my income is at a substantially lower bracket, possibly even below the standard deduction. It makes no sense to me.
  6. No IR slot? Agreed if it actually result in a wasted roster slot.
  7. ‘Tons’? Hit me with 10 names. I only saw Beasley/Hopkins.
  8. So you are saying me and my neighbor can have front yards on opposing sides, depending on design? Not in my neighborhood.
  9. I’m going to start calling my 2nd floor my basement. That’s how I designed it.
  10. 😡 that I had to hunt google for the new Beasley response. My reaction is Beasley is king of false equivalence straw men. He’s not well in the mind.
  11. I get that… but how does Denver’s week 7 opponent exert peer pressure?
  12. Yeah, IF. I’m saying it doesn’t, unless there is no door on the other side where any logical stranger would knock on visiting. Would Dominos, Amazon, etc walk all the way around your house if you instructed to deliver to the front door?
  13. I'm not familiar with the reference, but it seems inherently unfair for a team of NFL players to be hit economically from something that a different team is responsible for. There's literally nothing they can do to avoid it, and nothing they did wrong.
  14. How is this crazy and some real BS? ETA: Agreed that both teams having economic penalty is crazy and some real BS.
  15. Hmmm, not sure I love this part of it. Why both teams?
  16. I actually experienced this with a tree service last year where they could not find the stump that needed to be ground in the back yard (lakeside on the backside of the house).... having scoured the front yard (road side) and not finding.
  17. By front door, you mean the one a visitor would knock on? Or are you part of the problem?
  18. LOL, no but totally get that guy. it's good to see people haven't experienced this. Could be a regional thing.
  19. I can't believe I've had multiple debates over the years on this topic (one yesterday). The side of your house that faces the public road, where your driveway/mailbox is, and yes, where your front door is, is your front yard. I don't care if you are on a lake, on the ocean, or have a team of amazing dancing bears in your backyard. Cool stuff doesn't elevate it to become a front yard. It's a directional designation. /rant
  20. We'll see. The dynamics suggest this report is to be interpreted "Yes, you other NFL teams will need to trade for him because he's not being released." Which may or may not be true.
  21. Right. Just an odd 'this was certainly black, and it is now certainly white', in a topic that is always gray and subject to many variables.
  22. My own instinct is in real NFL I'd rather lose a RB than a LB, or an OL, which are far more difficult to mask. Your over the top 'taking all wagers' position on this is what I find most curious. Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong. Personally I didn't view this as a team built around Akers. Then again, I'm higher on their other RBs and FA prospects when camp hasn't even begun yet.
  23. He looks elusive in closed quarters in highlights, but when he gets space, he just looks like he lacks the next gear you expect to see. I searched his 40 time… not sure if it is ‘official’ but listed as 4.66. That’s pretty much what my eyes see.
  24. Doesn't the headline say 60% are unvaccinated... so wouldn't vaccinated be 40%?
  25. Cole Beasley disagrees with Michael Irvin's position that teams who meet the vax threshold have a competitive advantage. Because, of course he does. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/19/cole-beasley-takes-issue-with-michael-irvins-link-between-vaccines-and-desire-to-win/
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