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  1. Any public speaker? I think the facts are what prevent that.
  2. I was talking about the Ukraine related impeachment. The Mueller report was a separate thing and it will speak for itself once released unredacted. My form of "healing" is to be true to my assessment of facts, politics leanings aside. Proof of soliciting election interference? Bad, regardless of who does it. Rejecting results of a democratic election and inciting an assault on the US Capitol? Bad, regardless of political affiliation. Of course, that's easy for me since I am a middler conservative independent. My hope based on your prior posts is you set the bar equally high for repri
  3. How ironic. Guy rejects undisputed evidence of solicitation of foreign interference in US election, them complains about people using filters.
  4. I’m not arguing with you. I was commenting on your observation/suspicion, which may well be true. I have no idea why a party would choose to tie itself to a platform of Qanon, lies, autocracy, degrading institution and democracy, and I suspect inability to ever reach popular vote... but it may happen.
  5. His war chest is only going to get bigger if he's able to (insincerely I believe) suggest running in 2024. That rug needs to be pulled via impeachment/disqualification and hoping former republicans remain true to the party. I just don't see how he can be viewed as a plus at this point.
  6. To what end? I really can't understand why any Republican would ensure Trump being influential going forward. He arguably cost them the House and Senate in his term, and seems to only be of worsening value now that Corporate America is cutting off PAC money to those who subscribe to his nonsense.
  7. I saw this dispelled in a prior thread when someone posted the specific Biden quote referencing FBI Director Wray testimony before Congress. Do you have a quote with Biden saying this independently, and if not, why is your complaint with Biden rather than Wray? What would motivate Wray/FBI to make false statements re: it's own assessment?
  8. After last Wednesday, I'm squarely in "I'll even accept fake heroes" mindset. It was terrifying to me that we still had 140ish R's in a full gallop to autocracy.
  9. Maybe, will be interesting but I wouldn't assume the chants to hang Pence make him that eager to erase accountability - particularly if the Republican party hopes to move on from Trump.
  10. If Trump is prohibited from running again, he won't be able to pretend he's running again for 3+ years merely to accumulate a gigantic influence piggy bank. That is a big win for the Republican party, assuming they want to become untethered. When it's so bad that even corporate America is loudly pausing PACs, the party is clearly on a worsening path.
  11. The emphasis was on the word "your" and not deserve. He was emphatic about what he was getting at. He even mentioned he was lucky to have a rich/doctor wife unlike most defendants. Repeated it in hand off conversation with Lemon. You should rewatch.
  12. Thanks, was unaware of how this was dealt with in the Constitution, but that was based on outdated facts (clearly an uninhabited area should not have representation). Looks like the current population of DC exceeds Wyoming and Vermont, and is in the ballpark of Alaska/Ndak.
  13. Why is that? Seems like a simple stance that if those who live there pay taxes, they should have representation.
  14. Not really, JMHO. Unless you want to ignore that it took centuries of hiding and a far more appealing doctrine.
  15. Well, yes it goes without saying drafting a WR with the pedigree of Lamb would impact everyone else.
  16. Could you make an argument about the elements in a law exam? Sure. Do I think any prosecutor would cast that wide a net charging murder? No.
  17. Could be a risk, but what he's shown as a rookie is he is a difference maker. Smart teams don't limit involvement of difference makers, they scheme for it. Those 2 sideline catches yesterday were clutch.
  18. Although, I sure hope he has availability of production forecasts and it's not just an assumption.
  19. Here's my concern. Let's say 70% of FBGs believe that Trump is a racist. That outcome will not 'connect to' friends of mine who may have voted for Trump. I haven't talked to many since 2020 elections due to covid, but I know what motivated them in 2016. Many are conservatives who vote 401K/taxes, and ignore everything else. Many are anti lefty-wingnut. Some probably intake news from different sources/biases, and simply believe Trump when he says he's not. I don't think the personal opinions of a cross section of FBGs on racism is helpful describing my friends.
  20. Sorry if I misunderstood. Your first mistake was paying attention to the words that come out of a politician's mouth. At this point in our politics, only actions matter.
  21. This is the sort of consideration that has fostered imbalanced justice in our system.
  22. I get it. I tell my wife I'm buying really cool tools so that I'll be able to do projects for her.
  23. I understand the concept and goal of stimulus; I just don't think future generations should pay for benefit to businesses from 40 years ago.
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