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  1. Well, could be these guys don't think I need encouragement. Most of them who use chew/cigs do it only on outings like this, poker night, golf, etc. I did the same for a couple years before it became a daily struggle over the last 18 months.
  2. They are surprised. I was the ONE person they knew could never quit smoking. Some of them suspected I was still stealth smoking once in a while. The two smokers in the family really don't want to hear it. Hey, you have to want to quit, or even these won't help.I had an unusual experience around a group of friends this past weekend. Still had a great time as usual, but from a smoking perspective I felt like a pariah around smokers and nonsmokers alike. The first night I stayed inside when others went outside for a smoke during a poker break and one of the nonsmokers was giving me the "ok, but there's still nicotine in it, you're still addicted to nicotine, and that's bad for you, right?" routine. By the middle of the weekend I was going outside to vape with the smokers. Still the same stories, laughs, BSing, but no one showed much interest, curiosity, or asked to try it. No one asked if I missed smoking, was tempted being around smoking, etc. Seemed like from pretty much everyone's perspective I was still smoking - which I found strange. Oh well, I quit smoking cigs for me and I'm still 110% happy with my choice, more confident than ever. I've lowered my expectations for completely fitting in with this thing though.
  3. I'm surprised by this and wondering if you got a bad manual. Or, maybe I had the opposite experience and got 2 bad autos and a really good manual. Seems like a night/day difference to me. One of my autos (that I mentioned before) gave out after 2 weeks and the 2nd one doesn't seem to ever charge up to the new battery level. The moment I hit the button on Mr. XL Manual, snap crackle pop every time, fully charged or not.
  4. Yeah, not sweet at all, but people add sugar cubes or cream for their tastes. It's basically American coffee, without water (slight exaggeration). Bitter coffee bean taste.
  5. I can see where Expresso would not be appealing to some. Do you like expresso coffee vs. American coffee? I personally love it, although it is vastly stronger and does have a bit of a burnt coffee bean taste. I thought the carts were pretty true to form, but again can see how some wouldn;t like it. Europeans don;t much like our coffee either. On Capuccino, Since I bashed it a couple times I should say I have had a couple very good carts in a row from the pack I got. Not sure if my first cart was just bad/weak, if there is a difference for me with the USB, or what the deal was. I am getting better TH with the carts I've tried since using the USB and even with the manual XL yesterday.
  6. You're right. I should have left it alone and wish I had. What can I say... I'm edgy. I've recently quit smoking.:ptts:Reading Fullback's post I know this is not something to be completely trifled. Got me to a much safer place, but it's a health concern probably. I'd love to believe the 1-2 mg vs .15 info Pantherz linked, but I don't know enough about it and suspect it's worse than that since my nicotine cravings feel like they're getting met. I'm definitely going to keep thinking a lot about managing nicotine.
  7. I don't think you were very nice to him, when I think omally was just showing concern. What Fullback Fro stated is happening with himself, is exactly something that is concerning with the electronic cigarettes and nicotine. I've tried the things, and I could definitely get hooked on them. They are fun to smoke.2 things:1) I said 'not to be a ####' right off the bat. :shrug:2) Had he read the thread, he woulda known that the dangers (and even benefits) of nicotine have been discussed quite a bit. Going into a thread full of smokers and saying nicotine is bad would be like me going into a obesity thread and telling people that twinkies should be avoided.Anyway, back to topic...I agree with ya, but most vendors warn people not to start using nicotine with these if they aren't already smokers...zero nic juice is available, so people who want to vape but aren't already addicted to nicotine should definitely go the no-nic route. Many of us have been through years of being publically stigmatized, heard warnings from doctors, seen pictures of smoker lungs. We've had friends and family beg us to stop, and it's done little good. Yet for me, this thing worked. I thought the OP's depicting ecigs as "a lesser evil" to guys who are trying to better their lives and avoid an unimagineable death from cigarettes was pretty condescending. It's a lesser evil sort of like risk of parachuting is a lesser evil for people going down in a plane. But yeah, bottom line these things aren't candy, and are addictive. If you aren't trying to conquer a vastly worse addiction, don't start ecigging for kicks just because we look cool blasting away.
  8. E-cigs aren't as bad as regular cigarettes since you aren't getting the chemicals and carbon monoxide that is derived from the smoke, but nicotine does a lot of bad things to your body. As long as you are putting nicotine in your body, that is not a good thing.Not to be a ####, but telling a bunch of smokers that nicotine is bad for you isnt exactly front page news...just sayin.The whole point to switching from smoking to these is to not get the tar, carcinogens, cancer causing agents, etc....nobody here is under the impression that e-cigs are healthyNot to be a ####, but I wasn't telling a bunch of smokers, I replied to one person which wasn't you. I also think that the whole point of at least one person in this thread to switch from regular cigs to e-cigs is to eventually quit puffing period. Until they decide to quit for good, they have a lesser evil. Nicotine leaves your body within three days, but the hardest part about quiting smoking is the mental and physical habit itself. I know, I used to smoke.Thanks so much for stopping by Mr. Obvious. See you in the caffeine thread.
  9. Now if I can just order late enough to ensure it doesn't arrive before I get back from my weekend...ETA- Wingnut, did you get an email on this... and if so is there any indication when the 36 hours ends? I didn't get an email like I usually do, and am wondering since the V4L thread said it went out almost 2 hours ago. Do I need to sign up for a "Family" group or something to get notices of great deals like this?
  10. BTW- Good news, I think its only 21 days to make or break a habit.ETA: If you do have one, I'd recommend having your strongest ecig TH flavor just a bit in advance. When I was bumbling around with my tobacco sampler the first couple days, the biggest disappointment to me was that I was still getting pretty good TH/nic reward when I had my last few cigs. After I started up the Hilton 18s, I had a cig and just felt no TH with the camel light at all. Zero. That experience was very reassuring to me and helped me see how utterly futile smoking cigs was. Only downsides at that point.
  11. I might have to try a 36 mg sometime just for kicks. Not sure I could handle it although the medicine taste sure does sound tempting. By far my go-to TH is Cool Carts Chocolate Banana 24. It never ever lets me down. Only problem is it ruins 18s for me for the next 6 hours. I'll definitely be loading up on 24s this coming weekend. Strip joint, casino, poker until 3 AM... I'm blasting away the entire weekend.
  12. Anybody order the V4L Chocolate/Caramel/Peanuts (i.e. Snickers) flavor yet? Looks great, but has only one user review (5 stars). Might have to try that one next.
  13. Oh boy, got my V4L manual XL and have to say as much as I was anticipating, it's better than I imagined. The very second I hit the start button I started hearing crackle that you hear only when pulling on an auto. So this sucker heats fast. I was able to take more usual inhales vs. the slow methodical auto inhale (which I assume is slower because you wait for the vapor to create). I'd taken the cart off my USB which I'd been using this morning, and this manual gave every bit the hit vs. the auto USB. Might have to look into a manual USB also... think I saw those on V4L site and wondered what the difference was. Very excited about this development! ETA: Also, WOW Expresso 18...
  14. Very cool. I can't wait to hear how this works out for you because that's about the strength of what I'd want. Did you say previously 80/20 give you basically the best TH a flavor will give at that nic mg?ETA: Big fan of the Cool Carts Peppermint Ice Cream 18 I got as a V4L freebie. Would have never tried mint because I don't like menthol at all. But this is a totally different taste. Good strength too.
  15. PV with Waffle in the right hand, PV with expresso in the left, that's a heck of tasty sounding breakfast. If only you had another hand for the Orange Juice flavor...
  16. Ha, I guess some win and some lose. One of my XL auto bats just stopped working last night. Hasn't been used much since I discovered USB but it just suddenly stopped 1 hour in last night. Charged again over night and tried putting 3 different carts on it but the blue light is not indicating, and no vapor production. Must be fate that I ordered the extra manual batty for comparison, and good to know V4L has good support so I can call them about the bad one next week.Try taking a puff off of it without a carto attached...if the LED doesnt come on, try blowing as hard as you can through the LED end and see if the light will come on...it could just be a little clogged...Also, the 3 little holes just underneath the outside threads of the battery can sometimes get gunked up...take a thin needle or a staple and push it through all 3 holes to clear them out...I do that once a week regardless of performance, just to keep em debris free.Its worth a try anyway Thanks for the tip! That seems to have helped somewhat. Honestly, not sure how it could get clogged since I only use prefilleds. I've never seen even a trace of gunk on my threads. However, I did what you said and it lit on the carto-free intake with a pretty massive pull, but still didn't with a carto on. I used a staple on the 3 holes and now it does work, but it's sort of hit/miss. I have to take a couple pretty big pulls to activate it... no longer seems to activate with the slow deliberate pull that I'm used to. I'll see if I can get it to work a bit better before doing anything. Thanks again,
  17. Ha, I guess some win and some lose. One of my XL auto bats just stopped working last night. Hasn't been used much since I discovered USB but it just suddenly stopped 1 hour in last night. Charged again over night and tried putting 3 different carts on it but the blue light is not indicating, and no vapor production. Must be fate that I ordered the extra manual batty for comparison, and good to know V4L has good support so I can call them about the bad one next week.
  18. I've found myself vaping a lot more while this board was unavailable. But in all seriously, yeah I have been vaping more frequently than I smoked. Partly because it's more convenient, partly to avoid cig withdrawal of any kind.
  19. People speak very highly of the Bloog for sure. I think everyone who made a choice Bloog/V4L has a natural leaning towards the one they chose. A little history... the guy that owns Bloog left V4L with the Bloog technology. Bad blood there. The Bloog product may be good, but... I dunno, sounds like he screwed V4L. Supposedly he developed it on their dime and took off. I just feel more confident with V4L, it's a real business amd not a one man show in some guy's basement. I had a bad battery and got a new one in 2 days from V4L. I don't think either one would be a bad choice, but I think Bloog is backlogged. Not much in stock, and out of batteries. Anyway, what I would suggest as a 2 1/2 to 3 pack a day M'boro lights smoker for your wife at 1 to 1 1/2 a day is the V4L XL manual starter kit. A tobacco sampler 5 pack, a coffee sampler 5 pack, and be sure to get some different N dosages. I thought 8 to 18mg would be good for me, it wasn't. I need 24mg, with some 36mg carts. At first even the 18 made me cough, but I quickly got used to it, as I did, I wanted more N. It will take a little experimenting with both flavors and N dosage to find out what will work, it's VERY different from one person to the next. The Bloog will cost more, a fair amount more, and I've never heard of him holding a sale. 25% off V4L is pretty hefty. You can get a very nice starter kit with plenty of supply for under $100 including shipping with this deal. I am decidedly pro V4L, so take that for what it's worth.If someone wants to quit... they can with these things. I'm over a week now from almost 3 packs a day. It's amazing. Never ever, ever thought I could quit.Thanks for the replies,, We are putting together an order over at V4L for her, and had one question that I can't seem to figure out...,. What is the difference between the Manual/Auto battery and manual/auto passthrough?Manual batteries have a small button on the side to activate it, autos you just puff on like you would a regular cigarette. As for which is better, it really is a matter of personal preference.Doh.. that should have been obvious.. ThanksNothing is obvious about something new. FWIW folks on here speak pretty highly of the manual, and also there seem to be a number of "I'll never switch from Manual" posters on ECF. Reportedly, manuals are a bit stronger, and autos require a primer puff for the assembly to heat up. I'm happy with my auto but I get my first manual Tuesday probably and will report back with my own comparison.
  20. I can't thank you and your products enough. Really feel like it's given me my life back, and actually enjoying every day of the transition. 9 days and counting, no looking back.
  21. LOL... Don't know about that, but I'm thinking of creating a special FBG coupon code
  22. Boy, that Cinnamon Roll 24 is sneaky strong. Had it over the day yesterday while out and about, and evening 18s felt like nothing in terms of TH.
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