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  1. Not anywhere near the ballpark. I would give up the #1 overall rookie draft pick for Stewart without hesitating. And I'd consider it a steal. In terms of draft picks, I'd trade a pair of firsts with at least one of them being a very high first.Look at it this way: who is the best RB in the draft this year? Best? Spiller? Dwyer? Personally, I'm a big fan of Spiller, so we'll assume that when rookie drafts roll around, he's a consensus top-2 draft pick (I say top 2 because Dez Bryant should be the consensus #1). Is Jonathan Stewart worth more than C.J. Spiller? ABSOLUTELY- by a massive margin. Both RBs are 22 years old (yes, believe it or not, despite being in the league for two years Stewart is still as young as many of the incoming rookies next year). Spiller is really fast and I expect him to put up some decent combine numbers, but there's no way in hell he matches Stewart's measurables. Spiller's a bigger bust risk because Stewart has already demonstrated himself an NFL-caliber RB. So, in other words, Stewart is the same age, has dramatically more upside, and he has a significantly higher floor, to boot. He's across the board better than a guy who's a likely top-3 rookie draft pick. Best and Dwyer have similar flaws. Jon Stewart is a SUBSTANTIALLY better investment than any rookie RB coming in next year.What time frame do you have in mind for him putting up the numbers worth that kind of compensation?
  2. I wouldn't trade McCoy for Rice. Hear me out: there are only a handful of RBs that will start for an NFL team. Whereas a really good offense could have two or three WRs that can start for your fantasy team. So while I think Rice is more talented than McCoy, I think McCoy is more valuable just given his position and situation. And you have to factor in the QB situation with Rice, IMO.
  3. F&L; Any noteworthy changes in your WR rankings?
  4. What kind of long term expectations do the experts in here have of LeSean McCoy? And how does he stack up compared to fellow rookie Donald Brown, fantasy-wise? Thanks a lot.
  5. It's on here at 1AM (PT). Looks like it'll be a long one tonight..
  6. To all contributing to this great thread, timschochet especially, for setting it up.
  7. Having a couple while listening to AIC...Nice...
  8. I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but what is JaMarcus (still) doing on your roster? Wouldn't you be better off spending that money on other players, or is there a penalty if you drop him now? Thanks for sharing tho, was an interesting read. Yeah, there's a penalty for dropping players - you pay 50% the first year, 40% the second year, etc, for the life of the contract. So, cutting Jamarcus would still cost me 1.4m or so a year for the next few years, but since I have plenty of cap space it doesn't buy me anything but roster space. More importantly, with 16 teams, relatively deep rosters and where QBs score 6 pts per TD, there are a LOT of QBs rostered. Specifically, there are 46 QBs on active rosters right now, and 4 more on taxi squads.Gotcha. And thanks, F&L for the Soup Nazi quote....
  9. I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but what is JaMarcus (still) doing on your roster? Wouldn't you be better off spending that money on other players, or is there a penalty if you drop him now? Thanks for sharing tho, was an interesting read.
  10. The deal I mentioned on the previous page (Holmes straight up for Maclin) has changed in an offer for a 3 player deal...I give Matt Ryan, Brandon Marshall and I get Tony Romo, Santonio Holmes and Nate Washington. This league has a 3 player rookie keeper rule (RK), which basically means that players that are drafted as rookies can be kept in future years in lieu of a 23rd, 22nd or 21st round draft pick (depending on how many RK's you decide to keep). In this deal Ryan, Holmes and Maclin are rookie keepers. I'm sitting at 3-5 and I felt I had to drastically improve my team's firepower to still have a shot at making the playoffs. I'm also last in the league in points. My starting lineup before the trade; Ryan DeSean Marshall Driver Portis D. Brown Carlson Collie Scobee Eagles After the trade; Romo DeSean Driver Holmes Portis D. Brown Carlson Collie Scobee Eagles I think I've definitely upgraded my QB for this season as I wasn't planning on keeping Ryan anyway (QBs have far less value). Marshall is definitely a solid WR1, but without keeper value I felt I could afford to lose him since I still have Driver and now that I've dealt Maclin for Holmes I still get to play Holmes as a starter along with DeSean and Driver. I feel I upgraded my team and still have 3 solid rookie keepers for next year and beyond in DeSean, Santonio Holmes and Donald Brown. Thoughts?
  11. I own both DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in a dynasty league and I've been offered Santonio Holmes straight up for Maclin. Going back and forth on whether to do the trade or not. I wonder how people view Maclin's potential and whether trading him now could be a bit premature. Holmes would be one of my starting WRs, where as Maclin is a match up player right now because I'm already starting DeSean every week. If I didn't own DeSean, I probably wouldn't consider trading Macin yet. Thoughts?
  12. I do a lot of my projecting with an "archetypes" type system. I try to find past players who shared similarities with current players, and project the current players based on the trends of the past players.With that in mind, I expect Calvin Johnson's career going forward to follow the Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens career arc. I also think that Fitz and Andre will follow similar career arcs (although, of the three, only Fitz has really demonstrated that he's going to be the lock for double-digit TDs that Harrison/Moss/Owens were).For DeSean Jackson, I could see the next few years going anywhere from Lee Evans (super-talented guy who's still not quite good enough to transcend his circumstances) to Steve Smith (a lock for 100 yards a game as long as he has an NFL-caliber QB under center, although slightly shy in the TD department). It's really too early to say for sure. I definitely think he's a talent, and, all things considered, I think he should have no problem averaging 70-75 yards and .5 TDs per game for the rest of his career. His only "problem" is that, like many of the punt returners-turned-receivers, his game is more about making plays in space and less about manhandling defenders, which means he's always going to be more dependent on his supporting cast than other guys who are producing similar numbers with a different skillset (VJax, BMarsh, Roddy, etc). It also means he's never going to be a reliable double-digit TD threat like a Vincent Jackson or a Brandon Marshall might be.Thanks.
  13. F&L and SSOG - I know they're two completely different players, but how do guys project Megatron and DeSean to do long term? Considering the differences in offensive philosophy, QB- and O-line play. TIA.
  14. Very good album. Just Breathe is awesome. Some songs could've been longer but oh well.
  15. Stock way up.Nice. Even with the inevitable return of McNabb, Westbrook and Curtis?Sure. I think he's proven to be an elite talent. If it's possible, I think he's even a step faster this season. He looks to me like the fastest player with the ball in hands outside of Chris Johnson.Okay thanks. Where would you rank him right now in your dynasty rankings?
  16. Stock way up.Nice. Even with the inevitable return of McNabb, Westbrook and Curtis?
  17. I guess it was inevitable the thread turned into this. Too bad.
  18. I think he's pretty overhyped. I'd love to see him without that defense and solid O-line. His numbers are nothing special either. He seems to be pretty poised though, I'll give him that (maybe having that defense and O-line has something to do with that?).
  19. Whiplash,How many keepers per owner? My initial reaction is that Portis will be a poor bet in '09 after receiving such a heavy workload while playing through injuries to multiple body parts.1 veteran keeper in lieu of a 1st rd pick and up to 3 rookie keepers, in lieu of a late round pick. Rookie keepers (RK) are players that have been either drafted by an owner when they came out of college or acquired in a trade from the owner that drafted them. Once released they lose their RK status.For example, one owner in my league drafted AD and Calvin when they came out and traded for SJax who was still kept by the original owner. He can keep those 3 players next year in lieu of his 15th, 16th and 17th round picks and still have his 1st round pick as well. I have Portis and Steve Smith (Car) as my potential veteran keepers (either one) and DeSean Jackson and Sidney Rice as my potential RKs. It's a bit complicated, but adds a lot more to our league IMHO.
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