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  1. Sad that it has come to this with Sanders, also starting Collins over Sanders as my RB3
  2. Monty owner, after watching the Bears week 4 offense implosion I dropped D. Williams thinking it will be a RBBC with little offensive production if Monty goes down. Obvious regret now, but I still have A. Jones and Hunt to start but will still bid higher than I want to try and get D Will back.........
  3. Buy low sell high, ARob is going to rebound, with that said we need Nagy to give up the play calling.
  4. As a life long Lion fan and a heavy investor in Bears FF players I can see a total 180 reversal from last week. Historically the Lions have always given up huge games to QB's that nobody expected. Whether it is through the air, ground, or combo of both, I see Fields going off compared to expectations after last week. Bold prediction- ARob to rebound and Monty to go off vs the Lion D, Fields off life support after one of the worst offensive displays ever in the NFL. With that said, pending Lazor taking over play calling duties from clueless Nagy.
  5. I hope Nagy knows who is going to start and have a plan for that QB to work on all week. If he is flip flopping on who to start and no definitive plan, we are bound to see the same results this week. The NFL is an up and down league for many teams and players, I'm thinking/hoping this is one of those one week turnarounds that surprises.
  6. It was the play where he got rocked, not good that he was in on the goal line score
  7. Monty ripping through the best defender in football for the TD. He was only good vs weak d's.........
  8. Should be better once Fields enters the scene and going against other D's than the Rams
  9. Are they back to Nagy calling plays? Last year the offense picked up once he removed himself from that
  10. The play calling looks like two different worlds between these teams
  11. Monty can only produce vs weak defenses........
  12. So what is the verdict on how Tua looked?
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