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  1. 12 tm PPR w/ devy players Team A receives: Davante Adams Michael Thomas Team B receives: Terrace Marshall Terry McLaurin Chris Olave (devy)
  2. 12 Team PPR Team A got: Cooper Kupp, Myles Gaskin, 4.06 Team B got: 1.09, Devontae Booker, Dan Arnold
  3. @Milkman So before Dak’s injury. Arob 27yo 18.32 ppg Lamb 21 18.12 ppg Not bad for the “WR3” in that offense.
  4. Picks easily. It's pretty clear that you have a plan with the rebuild and a 30yo TE does not fit that plan. With that aside, I'm not sure why anyone would pay that price for Ertz considering you can get a player like Evan Engram much cheaper.
  5. Haven't seen him later than 1.07 in 5 drafts. I'm finding that is pretty standard in non superflex.
  6. I had pick 8 in 3 different leagues and tried hard to get this exact kind of deal. Lost track of how many rejections I encountered. I asked for less then this and people got insulted on me. I ended up just offering the 1.8 straight up for a 2021#1, but limited myself to non-powerhouse teams, and still could not get a taker. So good deal and if I were you I'd feel fortunate to get this done For those that care, 2.05 turned into Viska who I was targeting when I made the trade.
  7. Gave: 1.08 Got: 2.05/2021 1st (team had 1.02 this year)
  8. I like the deal for you, but how do you know the 2021 pick will be late? Just a projection based on the roster of the team that pick is tied to.
  9. Gave: Gallup 2021 1st (late) - still have two more Got: AJG 1.07 (drafted Jeudy) Took over this orphan team this off-season without a 1st.
  10. I‘d sell 1.1 for that package. Also I’m not a huge Mixon fan Not what I asked, but let me answer for you. For the majority that own 1.01, it would not be enough to buy 1.01. And for most, Mixon > 1.01. Your "by a mile" doesn't make much sense. Not sure what's not to like about a stud 23 year old RB who catches passes in a PPR.
  11. PPR Team A got Mixon, Joe CIN RB Team B got Chark, D.J. JAC WR Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.05 Year 2020 Draft Pick 2.05 Team B is rebuilding and Mixon was best trade asset. Team A also has 1.08 and Chark was their WR 4/5.
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