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  1. 12 tm PPR w/ devy players Team A receives: Davante Adams Michael Thomas Team B receives: Terrace Marshall Terry McLaurin Chris Olave (devy)
  2. 12 Team PPR Team A got: Cooper Kupp, Myles Gaskin, 4.06 Team B got: 1.09, Devontae Booker, Dan Arnold
  3. @Milkman So before Dak’s injury. Arob 27yo 18.32 ppg Lamb 21 18.12 ppg Not bad for the “WR3” in that offense.
  4. Picks easily. It's pretty clear that you have a plan with the rebuild and a 30yo TE does not fit that plan. With that aside, I'm not sure why anyone would pay that price for Ertz considering you can get a player like Evan Engram much cheaper.
  5. Haven't seen him later than 1.07 in 5 drafts. I'm finding that is pretty standard in non superflex.
  6. I had pick 8 in 3 different leagues and tried hard to get this exact kind of deal. Lost track of how many rejections I encountered. I asked for less then this and people got insulted on me. I ended up just offering the 1.8 straight up for a 2021#1, but limited myself to non-powerhouse teams, and still could not get a taker. So good deal and if I were you I'd feel fortunate to get this done For those that care, 2.05 turned into Viska who I was targeting when I made the trade.
  7. Gave: 1.08 Got: 2.05/2021 1st (team had 1.02 this year)
  8. I like the deal for you, but how do you know the 2021 pick will be late? Just a projection based on the roster of the team that pick is tied to.
  9. Gave: Gallup 2021 1st (late) - still have two more Got: AJG 1.07 (drafted Jeudy) Took over this orphan team this off-season without a 1st.
  10. I‘d sell 1.1 for that package. Also I’m not a huge Mixon fan Not what I asked, but let me answer for you. For the majority that own 1.01, it would not be enough to buy 1.01. And for most, Mixon > 1.01. Your "by a mile" doesn't make much sense. Not sure what's not to like about a stud 23 year old RB who catches passes in a PPR.
  11. PPR Team A got Mixon, Joe CIN RB Team B got Chark, D.J. JAC WR Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.05 Year 2020 Draft Pick 2.05 Team B is rebuilding and Mixon was best trade asset. Team A also has 1.08 and Chark was their WR 4/5.
  12. You wandered into the dynasty trade thread. The redraft one is somewhere else. Hth.
  13. I conceded as much in my original post. I'll put a pin in this post to look back on in a year.
  14. Dude is a clown who speaks like a clown. It's not unexpected. Agree with everything you said about ARob. Although at almost 27 he's a down or injured season away from zero value. Lamb is on the other end of that spectrum. He was the consensus WR1 heading into the draft and I was able to procure him at 1.07. That's insane and his value should only rise. To me, Lamb and ARob are ike two ships passing in opposite directions. One headed towards zero trade value, one rising. I think they passed each other even before Lamb was drafted. Time will tell.
  15. You have your answer. So go buy him. And hope he stays healthy and performs. Which has happened twice in 6 seasons 🤣 His value is where it is for a reason.
  16. Price check him. His value is not in the same universe as WR8. Which might make him a buy. And the difference between 1.12 and Lamb is huge IMO.
  17. Thought it might be interesting to post a trade that just went down during the draft. PPR Gave: Allen Robinson 1.12 3.03 Got: 1.07 (to draft CeeDee Lamb... almost took him at 1.03) 2.10 3.10 Huge believer in Lamb. Allen Robinson might be the most underappreciated WR in fantasy, as this looks like an overpay on my part but he just doesn't have a lot of trade value. He was my WR4/5 so I'm ok with an "overpay" as the payoff could be huge and I'm ok waiting for it.
  18. ONE SPOT FILLED. Once the 2nd team is filled, the dispersal draft will start. If you want in on a mini-draft to scratch that itch of drafting and want a fun, competitive league, this is the one for you.
  19. I have two openings in a 12th year $75 Dynasty with Devy Players. 12 Teams. 24 roster spots. VERY flexible starting lineups. There will be a dispersal draft between the two open team rosters/picks. Each year there are two drafts. Rookie draft, shortly after the NFL draft. And a devy draft sometime in July/August. Both are an inverse order of the previous year's final standings. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask here. Starting lineups: QB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/FLEX/FLEX/DST (No kickers) League Scoring League Bylaws Dispersal Players: Mayfield, Baker CLE QB Murray, Kyler ARI QB Prescott, Dak DAL QB Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QB Carr, Derek LVR QB Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB Cohen, Tarik CHI RB Hunt, Kareem CLE RB McCoy, LeSean KCC RB Scott, Boston PHI RB Howard, Jordan MIA RB Jacobs, Josh LVR RB Johnson, Ty DET RB Mack, Marlon IND RB Smith, Ito ATL RB Yeldon, T.J. BUF RB Allen, Keenan LAC WR Chark, D.J. JAC WR Cobb, Randall HOU WR Erickson, Alex CIN WR Fuller, Will HOU WR Hamilton, DaeSean DEN WR Johnson, Diontae PIT WR Kupp, Cooper LAR WR Shenault, Laviska FA WR (R) Williams, Tyrell LVR WR Anderson, Robby CAR WR Beckham, Odell CLE WR Boyd, Tyler CIN WR Cooks, Brandin HOU WR Crowder, Jamison NYJ WR Diggs, Stefon BUF WR Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR Gallup, Michael DAL WR Landry, Jarvis CLE WR Pettis, Dante SFO WR Dissly, Will SEA TE Fant, Noah DEN TE Goedert, Dallas PHI TE Howard, O.J. TBB TE Jarwin, Blake DAL TE Graham, Jimmy CHI TE McDonald, Vance PIT TE Njoku, David CLE TE 49ers, San Francisco SFO Def Rams, Los Angeles LAR Def Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def Dispersal Rookie Picks: 1.02, 1.07, 1.12, 2.02, 2.07, 2.12, 3.02, 3.07, 4.02, 4.07 Dispersal Devy Picks: 1.02, 1.07 Devy Players Explained:
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