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  1. If you are injured, especially in your ankle, why are you walking around? Or hiking. Or jogging. Or biking. Or power walking. Or treadmilling. Or whatever you are doing. As a geriatric, let me lay this out for you. Injuries that you accumulate when you are young bear compound interest when you get old. Your body is "talking" to you for a reason. It's saying stop. There's no shame in stopping. You cannot grow without taking risks, that's true, but you need calculated measured risks. Get a mat and a medicine ball and you could still have a good solid workout without taxing your ankle to this degree. Do you want to be another really old guy who can barely walk?
  2. Because this is a political "red ball", there's quite a bit of money being poured into this case. There's a fair argument to be made that no search should be done and should not have been done at all but calculated the projected cost to law enforcement and tax payers so far and simply offer a bounty at 50-75 percent of that total. The actual existing cash bounties total to somewhere around a quarter of a million dollars. Make it 5 million and you'll see a much different response. The 5 million would be contingent on a conviction or the return of his body where his identity could be verified. That's essentially a public kill order. Something that needs to be reiterated is there is a massive political / public perception incentive for the FBI to find Laundrie dead. Run the hypothetical. If this was NOT the United States and some other non Western country, particularly a hard line one, what would happen? If I worked for that kind of place and that kind of government, and ran the actual op, what is the pathway? Remember this is a hypothetical as a thought exercise as to how other countries might deal with this situation. You take the father and mother of the runner. Each day you put them in a public square. You cut off a finger from each of them. Each day you cut off another finger. Then toes. Then take their forearms. Upper arms. Lower leg. Upper leg. Ears. Mouth. Nose. Eyelids. Tongue. Then you pull teeth. At some point, Laundrie, if he's still alive, will surrender. If he's not alive, you now create a deterrent for embryo Laundries in the future. Most of you have not truly traveled outside the safety and bubble of the Western world. The way the rest of the world works is much different. Now nearly all of you would start shouting about human rights and laws and on and on and on. And you'd have a point. Except imagine if it was your daughter. For many of you, in a dark silent place you pretend doesn't exist, if it was your little girl, you'd hand me a pair of pliers and a Gatorade. Getting Laundrie, if he's still alive, to pop up his head is exceedingly easy. It's just most of you couldn't stomach it. I have a newsflash for most of you. As you sit in front your big screen TVs and eat your steak and complain non stop about your first world problems, how do you think you are able to live how you do actually live as a likely over-privileged American? You get to do so because there are people in rooms all around the world who are holding a pair of pliers and pulling teeth to push the back room deals and ugly brokering of human souls to keep American "exceptionalism" on top. The lives you all live is built on blood. The whining and the virtue signaling are the battle cries of those who were born into abundance and physical safety. There's a world underneath your overwrought tone deaf smug white collar bubble. It's where the sausage actually gets made. I could get Laundrie to surrender himself, if he was still alive and actually tracking the nationally daily media cycle, in 48 hours. But who are we kidding. He wouldn't be allowed to surrender. The FBI wouldn't take a chance he goes to trial and squeezes his way out of this. He would have 20 FBI HRT operators eviscerate him with about 800 rounds of ammunition. It doesn't have to be actual justice, it just needs to look like justice to satisfy the American people. And the masses are simply the mob with a different set of open restraints. Nearly all of you were born into abundance but that's not really the true problem. The issue is nearly all of you were born soft. Weak is weak, it's not gentle, it's just makes you another target. Guys like me aren't kept around because we know how to make sausage. We are kept around because we know how to keep people from asking how it actually gets made.
  3. The NBA Draft is now producing more pro ready prospects who are being trained much earlier how to survive the pro game and most are being groomed for a specific role in the modern "Space And Pace" style of play. If you have cheap cost controlled labor, why bother with most veterans? Sure an Igoudala or a Haslem type is very valuable for a locker room and mentoring, but there aren't too many guys who have that kind of impact to burn out a roster spot. Sean Marks , the GM of the Nets, had like a 10 year NBA career as a player. He legitimately sucked as a player. But the league was more forgiving of limited big men back then. He would have never survived in the modern game. A lot of these 2nd rounders from this draft look solid. And also some from last year. Even with the pandemic going on. Certainly a lot of them also don't make it, but look at the ones who do, how polished they are given their experience level. The training methodology to help someone like Jordan Poole didn't exist a decade ago. That ugly rookie year would sink most people. The kind of coaching methodology that helped Duncan Robinson didn't exist a decade ago. The league has morphed into basically three positions now - Wing, lead guard and rim protecting/floor spacing pivot If you can't adapt, you die.
  4. It's too complicated to be honest. "Dieting" in a traditional sense and daily calorie counting/weighing is a type of self flogging. OMAD/IF One Meal A Day/Intermittent Fasting You start with a 12/12, then you progress with one more hour of fasting over time. So for example, you fast for 12 hours a day, nothing but water or green tea ( caffeinated or decaf, it's up to you, but nothing else in it, if it's hot weather, you can cold steep it and add ice) Your eating window is then 12 hours. Then in two weeks, add in another hour. 13/11 Every two weeks you keep adding in another hour of fasting. Until you get to 20/4. Then you oscillate between 20/4 and 22/2. It's always better to have evening dinner as your "One Meal" Why? Because it allows you to eat dinner with your family and not disrupt your family lifestyle. Not eating breakfast or lunch together in the modern family is not that unusual. Also for someone single like krista4, it allows her to socialize in the evenings with her friends or her fellow criminal conspirators like the human traffickers and not disrupt her cycle. Getting one big meal allows you to deal with your cravings. You can eat cleaner and should eat cleaner. But if you have cravings and want a double bacon cheeseburger with fries, you can. ( Though it will be the only thing you eat all day because of the calorie load) And if you have that craving for a week, then you can get that craving out of your system. You can have a week of double bacon cheeseburgers with fries as your only food. If krista4 wants the slave labor in her basement, chained to the wall and forced to watch Brie Larson's Oscar winning performance looped on big screen all day, who packs her cocaine shipments and makes her pizza in that 20 thousand dollar industrial pizza oven to make her keto pizza every night, then so be it. I say oscillate between a 2 and 4 hour eating window because a four hour window is long enough to socialize and eat. No one goes out at night and eats for four hours straight. That's enough time to sit down and have dinner and talk and have some dessert and get it all out of the system. The two hour window is for when you are by yourself, it won't take 4 hours to eat a double bacon cheese burger and fries. ( Will it? ) What are the psychological benefits/coping mechanisms? You get to deal with your cravings, not try to suppress them. At some point, you will get sick of double bacon cheeseburgers You stay to a calorie count, to some approximation You get to have a larger meal that you find satisfying. A larger meal in the evening will help you calm down and help you sleep You have something to look forward to at night. "Dieting" is brutal because you don't have anything but the constant cycle of wanting, denying, breaking the willpower and self flogging. If I wanted that kind of happy horse #### for myself all the time, I would have gotten married. What are the physiological health benefits? https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-health-benefits-of-intermittent-fasting Doing it in the evening gives you a head start, you sleep at night (probably getting 2-3 hours head start since no one really eats a big meal and then sleeps in the next 15 minutes) which is anywhere from 6-8 hours for most people. You skip breakfast but many people are used to that. And then you skip lunch. The 12/12 is really a two meal a day system to start. You keep a late lunch and a dinner. You transition to One Meal A Day. What about training? It's best to do your training right when you get up. For me it's 4am every day. Or in the evening right before your big One Meal where it can also serve as a post recovery meal. How do you structure the One Meal. Eat a stew to start. Get all your vegetables and macro nutrients inside of you. Stew allows you to hide things that taste horrible on their own. For example, if you want some apple cider vinegar and turmeric for health, you can pour a little in the stew. A vegetable and meat stew is pretty damn healthy for you and won't take a major calorie load to do it. As I mentioned before, I stick to a bean stew. Then eat something you actually will generally enjoy. Have an omelette with cheese and bacon if you want. Even have some ice cream. The stew to start will give you a simple one pot filling meal that will limit you eating too much junk. Some people have late night cravings. OK, have some more stew. More vegetables, water, spices, chicken or beef and beans isn't going to kill you. Mostly, it's simple. It's a lot easier because you aren't generally tracking calories down to the letter. I have 2000 calories. Or I have 1800 calories. Or whatever it is, as long as it fits in that big box, you are OK. Strength training is critical because it's good for long term health. But also if you build up your muscle mass, whatever that will be for that person, you can increase your caloric intake. See those body builders on those videos? Look at what they eat. They eat so much they are actually tired of eating most days. You don't need to train and eat like that, but over a course of the rest of your life, another 200 calories a day in food that you can take in and maintain a decent body weight because you have the muscle mass to support it is a big deal. Notice I trend with everything I'm saying in this thread? Simple, inexpensive, a practical logistical pathway to do it, confronting the practical nature of human behavior, dealing with how people functionally live, building a system where you can stack consistency. Bean stew in an Instant Pot that feeds you all week. Kettlebell training you can do in your living room each night as you watch your Sopranos. OMAD/IF so you can actually feel satisfied when you do eat. I have been OMAD/IF my entire life. Most of it was unintentional. You think they were talking about this in the 80s when I was cruising around in a Porsche 944 Turbo taking down big scores in business while pulling quality and dropping loads? I was too busy to eat normally. But then again there's nothing normal about raw unfiltered natural dominance. Simple is better because simple is sustainable. You want to change your lifestyle, not diet. You want to develop positive habits not batter yourself with cravings and self flogging. You can't be me. The world would break if there were unlimited 3000 percent beefeaters running around causing havoc in the world. But you can get moderately close. Getting close is a damn good life.
  5. Imagine how much further ahead they would be if they drafted Haliburton instead of Toppin. Julius Randle presents a complex problem for the team. Will he be the regular season monster he as last year or regress to what he's usually been all the seasons before that? He's not offensively talented enough like Harden to get away with how much he dominates the ball. But now he's been paid a like a guy who should be producing in a Harden like way. The wild success they had last year triggered a lot of overpays. The real interesting question is Zion Williamson. He wants to play with his BFF RJ Barrett and the issue becomes if NY has enough stockpiled to make a trade for Zion in the near future.
  6. This is a lose/lose situation for the NFL. If all teams had 100 percent vaccination from all players, coaches, support staff, broadcasters, stadium personnel, etc, etc, then being across the board would not solve the COVID19 problem, but it would remove/simplify a lot of complex issues in running an NFL franchise. The logistics would be dramatically simplified. However to create a mandate league wide would alienate a large portion of the fanbase that the league can't afford to lose. And they've suffered a lot of losses already from the pandemic and the fallout of the social justice blowback. Goodell painted himself and the league administration into a corner here. Years and years of the entire "Fall In Line Or Fall Period/Screw You But Pay Me/Take A Beating From The Commissioner/Let's Burn All The Evidence" has left no real choice. You play the role of a heavy, that's all people will expect moving forward. Goodell likes to run people over and in this case it's not going to work. The league should have done bonus payouts for vaccination based on league tenure. Cash in a plain white envelope always works.
  7. It has the consistency of something like tapioca pudding. You can adjust how sweet it is by simply not adding in honey or agave or any type of sweetener. I eat it about every other day and I like how it tastes. The benefit of chia seeds are Omega 3, fiber, protein and magnesium among other things. Try it and find out. In general it comes down to this - For your long term health, you need to do strength training and compound movements. It's good for your heart, your metabolism, your joints, your mental and emotional state and you have to consider that women as they age tend to be prone to osteoporosis. I'm a good deal older than nearly all of you. This kind of stuff I'm talking about impacts long term quality of life, not just cutting fat or looking good naked. A while back, I had some serious health concerns. I was always in good shape, ate well, hydrated well and did regular strength training/mobility work. Combined with my resource base ( basically old man FU money), I was able to overcome. Many of you here talk about not being in shape and not eating better and not being as healthy as you like. OK, if you run into a medical issue, how strong will you be then to fight it? Take Otis. IIRC, he has two young daughters. If he's not strong enough to fight some medical situation and then maybe he dies. Who takes care of his kids? My godson's situation was extremely rare. I had a full lifetime of earning before I had to raise him on my own. And I was fully committed to doing so. Everyone here owes it to the people they love and have an obligation towards to be in the best health possible. To support regular strength training and core work and mobility work and compound movements, your nutrition needs to support that. So that means cutting out alcohol almost completely. But as I said before, baby steps. The 30 day challenge I gave you before still stands. Sets of 10 air squats at controlled intervals all day long. Every time you check your phone or your email, do 10 air squats. I guarantee you if you do that consistently for 30 days, you'll see positive results and you'll want more. ***** But this message at this point is now for everyone. I want everyone here to get a couple of kettlebells. I can give you some basic goals and simple pathways to dramatically improve your health and fitness. The people here can form their own little kettlebell club. You won't have to leave your house. You won't need to commute. You won't need thousands of dollars in complex space eating type equipment. I don't want your money nor your fealty nor your external validation, I want you all to be there long term for your kids.
  8. LOGICAL FALLACY: False Dilemma When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes. False dilemmas are usually characterized by “either this or that” language, but can also be characterized by omissions of choices. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/logicalfallacies/False-Dilemma LOGICAL FALLACY: Appeal to Pity The attempt to distract from the truth of the conclusion by the use of pity. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/logicalfallacies/Appeal-to-Pity LOGICAL FALLACY: Appeal to Consequences Concluding that an idea or proposition is true or false because the consequences of it being true or false are desirable or undesirable. The fallacy lies in the fact that the desirability is not related to the truth value of the idea or proposition. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/logicalfallacies/Appeal-to-Consequences DIRECT HEADLINE: Enough People Crossed the Border in 2021 to Create the 10th-Largest City in the U.S. By Alex J. Rouhandeh 8/3/21 12:15 PM EDT https://www.newsweek.com/enough-people-crossed-border-2021-create-10th-largest-city-us-1615776 ******* In a full blown worldwide pandemic, there could be over a million illegal immigrants who have breached the Southern Border while unvaccinated. People can't have it both ways. Some people here, not all but many, can't keep screaming about the threat against society and America for not being vaccinated and the death and destruction it brings and then simply decide it doesn't count at the Southern Border because it doesn't fit a narrative they want to protect their specific political tribe. Texas is a clear Red stronghold. One of the largest and with a large share of natural electoral votes. Also now the destination point of many big businesses that fled Big Blue "safezones" like California. Biden/Harris have pulled no punches in going after Greg Abbott at every turn. Flooding Texas with the unvaccinated PLUS the reality that drug dealers, Cartel members, felons, rapists, child molesters, murderers, pedophiles and assorted criminal deviants ( representing some who are breaching, but not all) are being let in to destabilize the local areas to help flip it Blue. Simply saddle down the state with more COVID19 and more crime and see if you can cause essential services and businesses to crack under the weight of it. You can't push a vaccine mandate via Executive Orders, where two of the three prongs won't clear actual Constitutional muster, citing the importance of managing the threat of COVID19 against America and then just let countless waves into our country who are unvaccinated. And making everyone pay for this repugnant open political hatchet job with our own tax dollars. And not just our tax dollars, but printing money to the rate that it will set our grandchildren up for almost inevitable financial doom. Your type of hit and run cheap posting doesn't punish Conservatives here the most. It actually does more to drive away traditional liberals, moderates and undecideds. Biden can't smear the unvaccinated with the weight of being harbingers of death and destruction without smearing himself that he's bring that same death and destruction into the country whole sale.
  9. This will likely spin out of control and into a labor dispute issue. While Michele Roberts and the NBPA might not agree with Irving, they will have no choice but to defend him against the collective of owners and from the league administration. If I ran media optics for the NBA or one of the networks giving them those massive dollars for the broadcast rights, I'd be very worried about Irving dragging Joe Tsai and the CCP into this. Where are all these shoes from endorsements and IPhones and all manners of product being made? In a concentration camp? Irving can do untold damage to the league here by simply associating it with mass profit while ignoring mass genocide. This issue can split the NBA's existing fanbase. On top of the already staggering losses from woke and identity politics from 2020. Having a Nike Signature athlete who is also a perennial All Star type player with his own signature movie and already with a championship, saying there should be a worldwide boycott of all shoe brands/merchandising associated with the NBA would be devastating. If any of you think Irving has zero leverage, you are wrong.
  10. VIDEO: How to Make Chia Pudding with Only 3 Ingredients Aug 29, 2018 This 3-Ingredient Chia Pudding is made with almond milk, chia seeds & sweetener of choice; it's a healthy snack loaded with protein, fiber and healthy fats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA15wo9iiKg ****** A decent trick for those who want to remove regular alcohol consumption is to replace it with Chia Pudding. It's better to use low fat coconut milk instead of almond milk. You can use honey to start, but the goal is to ween yourself off of any sweetener over time. You can choose to add cinnamon. Alcohol consumption on a regular basis screws with your how your liver processes carbs and fats when it's time to burn them. Booze is also empty calories. Staying under your threshold for whatever calorie count you want is pointless if you aren't getting all your macronutrients on a daily basis. What is a glass of wine? 100 calories or so? Depending on what you are drinking. Replace each glass of wine with a cup of chia pudding. Whenever you get the urge for alcohol, have some chia pudding instead. You'll feel more satisfied with your eating, your level of satiation and your sleep will likely be better as well.
  11. One of the most interesting comments about professional sports and the "cancel culture" came from Mark Cuban regarding Donald Sterling. That there needs to be a distinction between what one says, with the intent of what's meant to be said in private, and what's actually done by action. I understand why Gruden resigned and would understand if the Raiders fired him over all this. However nothing in Gruden's actual actions indicate he behaved in a manner in line with those comments. Something I said years ago in one of the Rooney Rule threads, and is still true today, is that if there are massive incentives to never speak to anyone outside of your peer group, then I'm not sure how much progress can be made in relations towards various diverse groups. What benefit would it be for an NBA player to be associated closely with Becky Hammon? There basically is none. It's a pathway to potential controversy or scandal or trouble. The next question is if anything Gruden said that was controversial and "bad for the Shield" that might have been suppressed in the MSM. For example, what if he criticized the NFL/Goodell response to Aldon Smith's first alcohol incident? ( I.E. that there is massive revenue associated the sale of alcohol and the NFL) Or what about Matt Walsh/SpyGate/DeflateGate, etc etc that might smear Robert Kraft who is on the powerful TV Committee? This is a clear hit job. But that being said, Gruden self inflicted himself to the point where he walked up and put his forehead against the gun barrel by his own choice.
  12. https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-kettlebells https://www.titan.fitness/endurance/kettlebells/cast-iron/lb-cast-iron-kettlebells/KBCST.html I don't know what you spent on Huel, but the cost may have been better spent on kettlebells. Kettlebell Kings is really the most accessible top quality on the market, but it's the most expensive. Rogue is also quality but their pricing doesn't factor in shipping. Titan offers free shipping. At some point, metal is metal. I would start with Titan and if you feel invested at some point, upgrade to better quality. Your swing weight will be higher than your goblet squat weight which will be higher than your clean and press weight and your Turkish Get Up weight. But it's better to start you with just focusing on swing weight and goblet squat weight. The average adult male is probably going to start at 35 pounds. Maybe 45 pounds. You'll be better off testing it at a sporting goods store local to you and then buying online. 30 Day Challenge for you - 100 swings a day ( 10 sets of 10) and 50 goblet squats a day for you ( 5 sets of 10) If you work more 14 hour days, then every hour when you get up to take a break, do a set. Look at the total volume of work and load. 35 pounds (estimated) at 150 compound movements. You don't want to leave your attic, so don't. You likely can't drag a power rack up there, so don't. You won't be consistent with something complex, so don't. I don't know what advice you were given before, but clearly it didn't work. There are three ways to do things in this life. The right way. The wrong way. And "The Gekko Way". Not everyone wants the Gekko way, but everyone who desires to win actually needs the Gekko way.
  13. LOGICAL FALLACY: Strawman Fallacy Substituting a person’s actual position or argument with a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version of the position of the argument. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/logicalfallacies/Strawman-Fallacy LOGICAL FALLACY: Red Herring (Ignoratio elenchi) Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue to which the person doing the redirecting can better respond. While it is similar to the avoiding the issue fallacy, the red herring is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/logicalfallacies/Red-Herring ******* "They’ll get over it." I've never heard of someone getting over the rape of their innocent child. As an long standing health care professional, where you've volunteered that information willingly, and whom has taken an oath to "Do No Harm" and has a real world obligation and duty of care for society at large, is this your professional diagnosis? (i.e. "net societal benefit" via logical fallacy bombing) And is this your prescribed treatment? (i.e. "They'll get over it" via same logical fallacy bombing) What you are actually are doing is calling all parents stupid. That they wouldn't be able to immediately parse out the cheap game you are playing here. Right after you told them to shut up and dribble. If it hasn't been made clear to you yet, you are very clearly playing this game quite badly.
  14. Parents in general will not tolerate to see their sweet innocent little girls be subjected to your version of social justice warrior triage just to fulfill some identity politics utopian fantasy. Parents, I would wager nearly all of them, do not want boys or males or whatever designation you want to come up with, to end up being in the same room where their sweet innocent little daughters are regularly pulling down their pants to use the bathroom. This doesn't make those parents bigots. It doesn't make them xenophobes. It doesn't make them intolerant. It's your free speech. But you've openly and voluntarily, via multiple times, outed yourself as a long standing health care professional. You've taken an oath to "Do No Harm" The instinctive response by any parent and most adults will be to see anyone who is rationalizing the rape of an innocent little girl - and immediately make a threat assessment if that person is a potential rapist and/or a potential pedophile. I've spoken about this before in this thread but it bears repeating apparently. Parents are often zero tolerance regarding the safety of their children. This is an instinctive response based on biological imperative. We are hardwired to behave this way. The human race would likely not have survived if we did not behave this way ( i.e. instinctive responses like neoteny for example) If you would like to argue against what amounts to evolutionary biology, then go ahead. Again, I pointed this out for someone else, but I'll do so here again - personally speaking, I don't consider your free speech and position to be an indictment of you as a potential rapist nor as a potential pedophile. I also don't consider it fair if others might consider your free speech and/or position to be an indictment of you as a potential rapist nor as a potential pedophile. I would go even much further and say society at large should not take your viewpoints, opinions, positions and standing as some kind of indication and indictment of you as a potential rapist nor as a potential pedophile. Have you considered that an endless number of parents out there, already battered by the pandemic and already in terror about their children's future in a new pandemic filled world, if their kids will be safe at school from COVID19 and facing what appears to be some kind of dystopian New World Order emerging around them won't want to hear the words "net societal benefit" being applied to rape? Especially coming from someone where the terms "not a potential rapist" and "not a potential pedophile" keeps needing to be repeated and qualified? I would consider you extremely brave to be honest. Most people, especially not those tasked with a professional duty of care, would convert the rape of an innocent little girl into some kind of math equation approximating basic triage.
  15. Game out the resource management and logistic problems to this scenario ( I want to be fair, you are offering a variation of a type of possible solution but I don't see it as much of a practical solution to be honest) Are you prepared to lose a music program for kids? Are you prepared to lose a sports specific program for kids? Are you prepared to watch class size increase and student/teacher ratios increase because money will need to be diverted to pay for bathroom security? Who will be drawn to a job where they can be around little boys and little girls pulling off their pants? Some of the people hired will be pedophiles who have managed to stay under the radar for a very long time. What happens if an innocent adult who just wants a job and health benefits is accused of something in a child's bathroom? Because there will be lots of regular people just looking for work and a city pension. These are staggering costs to pay and deep troubling conflicts to self generate because schools can't just build some Porta Potty type structures simply because it's not politically viable to do it. If you don't think parents, especially those with innocent little daughters, to have boys in the same room as their daughters pull down their pants, do you think they'll want adults in there? Can you imagine the firestorm if a pedophile, either an adult male or adult female, is drawing a city pension via tax dollars, after possibly violating children? You are setting a pathway where parents will pay with their tax dollars to possibly put a predator around their children because establishment Democrats will crush anyone who says the word Porta Potty anywhere at all because it wants to hold onto a voting block that is basically negligible in the next couple of election cycles while trying to create a pathway for legacy voters for the future. Children as cannon fodder as a strategy for votes. Just like the 11 and 12 year old brown girls at the Southern Border who were gang raped by criminals, Cartel members and mules on the trek towards what they hoped was a better life. Just like 11 and 12 year old brown girls in Afghanistan who will be sodomized and gang raped and used as war brides as the spoils of war for terrorists just recently armed to the teeth and paid for with our tax dollars. Notice a trend? Every time Biden rolls out his policy, some little girl somewhere ends up getting raped.
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