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  1. Sadly, and pathetically, it has the vibe of a lot of people who sound like they get a huge hard on for the very whiff of a possibility of law enforcement en masse opening fire on a crowd of Republicans, but only after they've dehumanized them as some nameless faceless White Nationalist inbred white trash hillbilly big truck driving racist militia types. "I wish we had more fringe right leaning extremist radicals to gun down!" Never mind that during a full blown pandemic, no one is discussing that this type of event poses a health risk. Think about that pathway for a second - "COVID19 mean so much! It's more important than anything!" ( Unless "my side" of the aisle can get a chance to line up some Republicans against a wall and massacre them.....) Notice the people who seem to have the biggest hard on for this usually treat American citizens and Republicans as mutually exclusive and seethe for violence in the most passive aggressive way possible. Only cowards beg others to do their killing for them. If it means so much to some of the extreme hard line leftists, pick up your own weapons and do it with your own hands.
  2. The values we carry and promote is a declaration of the kind of world we want our children to inherit. When my godson was young, I taught him the danger of sweeping generalizations. That it was just a lazy way to make dehumanizing people and hating them easier. Never hate your enemies, it clouds your judgement.
  3. Nancy Pelosi is SECOND IN THE LINE OF SUCCESSION to run this country. She has a private conversation with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff. The discussion is taking the nuclear football away from the effective control of the then sitting POTUS. Federal law enforcement and our military train under the scenario on if someone tries to take the nuclear football by force, or God forbid, what is the practical option tree if control of it is lost or, even worse, if the nuclear football is lost along with the sitting POTUS. It seems to elude you that these highly trained men would fight and die to the last bullet to protect the nuclear football, not just because it's their job and their duty, but because they will envision everyone they ever loved being incinerated in a potential nuclear holocaust. There would be no peaceful way to "take" the nuclear football. It would have to be done by force. It would need to planned, well organized and have enough resources / manpower / assets to actually accomplish. It would violate the nation's entire history and tradition and function of the uniform chain of command. It would violate our Constitution. It would be, in effect, a pure coup d'etat. It is all but impossible to convict someone of sedition in modern America and in modern American law, however this would be as much of a slam dunk for one, if there was enough evidence, as could ever be actually conceived. You literally walked past open sedition to get yourself another big helping of Orange Man Bad. You seem to be missing the biggest question here, if Pelosi wanted to take away tactical control of America's vast nuclear arsenal from our then sitting Commander in Chief, then WHO EXACTLY WOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER THEM? That person, or group, were not elected by the American people. That person, or group, would not be subject to any types of Checks And Balances, nor oversight, nor any accountability. That person, or group would have unthinkable overwhelming power not granted to them by our Constitution. That person, or group could kill every last single living thing on the planet.
  4. So your positioning seems to be screaming Orange Man Bad, but ignoring that Pelosi is being detailed here committing actual sedition. The "nuclear football" is always near the sitting POTUS. If someone tries to take the nuclear football, particularly the military establishment, it will only be done and can only be done by force. That means first you will need to slaughter American law enforcement and military personnel to get it. Would you like to see stacked bodies of Secret Service agents, Capitol Police, US Marines, Diplomatic Security Service, US Marshals SOG and the FBI. A tactical operation as such could only happen in an open display of overwhelming force. That means civilians in the way get slaughtered too. Secretaries, people who deliver the mail, food service staff, janitors, and all the rest. Article II Section 2 of the United States Constitution gives the sitting POTUS the power of Commander in Chief. So Pelosi was also not just advocating for what amounts to the overthrow of the government as a whole but also the open burning of our very Constitution. The open implication is also there, given the constant proximity to POTUS, to execute everyone in the Oval Office. Everyone. Do I want Donald Trump with tactical command of up to 6000 nuclear weapons? No. Do I want Joe Biden or the cackling Kamala "I've Never Been To Europe But Maybe I'll Make It Glow In The Dark" Harris with tactical command of up to 6000 nuclear weapons? No. But you can't have a situation where the military establishment is either forced or leveraged or incentivized to make discretionary calls outside their actual role and responsibilities and function to bypass the Constitution. Is your political tribalism that deep rooted in you and you want "your side to win" so badly that, at minimum, you'll ignore sedition? It's your free speech though, isn't it?
  5. VIDEO: Nurse Records Conversation As She's Fired For Refusing Vaccine Sep 15, 2021 Listen as this nurse records her employer demanding she leave after refusing to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUEw0L8VC7o DIRECT HEADLINE: See nurse make hospital admit she was fired for not taking vaccine 'You guys chose not to do the right thing by not giving us a choice' By WND Staff September 13, 2021 at 5:27pm https://www.wnd.com/2021/09/secret-video-see-nurse-make-hospital-admit-fired-not-taking-vaccine/ ****** I'll let people here parse this one out and talk about how they feel about it.
  6. If you ask most Americans if they would rather endure Watergate or arming terrorists with their tax dollars/watching babies being thrown into razor wire/abandoning American women to be gang raped, I would take a pretty safe guess they'd pick Watergate at this point. If you ask most Americans if they would rather see Richard Nixon or Joe Biden having full tactical command of up to 6000 nuclear weapons, I would take a pretty safe guess they'd pick "Being D!cked" at this point. If you ask most Americans if they would rather end this current Presidency now or take a roll of the dice for THREE PLUS MORE YEARS to see if Biden can enact some kind of Music City Miracle type comeback that you only see in Hallmark movies, I would take a pretty safe guess they'd pick just punting. If your team looks at it's QB1 on the depth chart, feels the abject terror implied with being on a sinking ship and wants to punt on first down, what does that tell you? We are one bad egg salad sandwich away from nuclear holocaust and you want to run prime Deion Sanders type coverage for "your team"?
  7. Asia Kate Dillon wants a separate new category for "non-binary" at the Oscars. All the other talk is fluff, that's the end goal and motive. In no possible way will Hollywood and it's performers accept more people fighting for one award ( men and women) versus what was previously two awards. That's just not going to happen. Dillon's competition so far? Ruby Rose and Demi Lovato. And a handful of D Listers. I'd argue Lovato is a D Lister as well. Dillon isn't fighting for "equality", he/she is fighting to basically win an Oscar every year for the next five years before others get into the racket where there are literally less than 20 openly "non-binary" in Hollywood currently. This would be like you getting into a time machine and went back to 1872 and forced your way onto a baseball team and start parading around in only your underwear and covered in chunky peanut butter and screaming out you played in Major League Baseball. There are people here who have housepets with greater acting range than Ruby Rose. Dillon wants to treat the Academy Awards like playing a video game after hitting UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START Feel free to go to YouTube and start watching Asia Kate Dillon clips from Orange Is The New Black and Billions and John Wick 3. Ask yourself what exactly is so special about these performances other than woke critics and pundits in the entertainment world are essentially being extorted to only praise AKD's work. Here's part of the problem - Being treated as a true "equal" means being called out on your stupid bull ####. AKD doesn't want equality. "Equal" would be forced to be judged on actual acting ability. If you were an elite actor, you would be a contender for roles that Daniel Day Lewis gets. Nothing would make me less surprised than if AKD forced her/his way into a free Oscar and then was ambushed by Ellen/Eliot Page in the parking lot afterwards in a no holds barred MMA style fight over who should be the the primary grifter in the new world order Identity Politics/Intersectional Madness hierarchy. No one hates Trans people in Hollywood, just don't try to extort your way into a free Academy Award like a total ########.
  8. DIRECT HEADLINE: David Stern asks Jim Rome, ‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet?’ in response to lottery-fixing question in radio interview Dan Devine June 13, 2012 https://sports.yahoo.com/david-stern-asks-jim-rome-stop-beating-wife-202222756--nba.html ***** It means whatever they want it to mean, in whatever timeline they want to engage it and the law is still currently on their side. You can come at it from any number of angles you want, and even with an ugly set of pirouettes squeezing in as many logical fallacies as possible, the law is still currently on their side. Wait, did I forget to mention, if I didn't already, because sometimes I forget in my old age, that the law is still currently on their side?
  9. Part of Psaki's role is to appeal to certain voting blocks. Her aesthetic are a big part of that. She's in this role, in part, to appeal to upper middle class white suburban women and white soccer moms. Because of the heavy LGBT push and voting turnout in the last general cycle, there is actual value in terms of aesthetics, to pick someone who carries some features that will be seen as not traditionally feminine in nature. I'm not saying that the Biden Administration should have raided the cast of Billions and put Asia Kate Dillon at the podium, but the question does matter in terms of who would someone like Asia Kate Dillion like to look at, in terms of aesthetics, for a current Press Secretary. This is the classic "Amy Adams Problem" Amy Adams can get lots of roles that prime Charlize Theron could not. Audiences don't buy Theron as a broke school teacher who can't get a date. They can't buy her as a mousy greenhorn nun like in Proof. They won't accept her as a poor rural former high school beauty queen turned blue collar tragedy like in Sunshine Cleaning. But Amy Adams is objectively very attractive against a wide baseline against the total population. How suburban women factor other celebrity/in public women in terms of approval is quite complex. Women assess other women via parts and then sweep the narrative from there. For example, the average male viewing audience will say "Amy Adams is fun and spunky and pretty, she's awesome!" They are assessing the total presentation given to them on a Pass/Fail scale. Women will say, "I have prettier eyes than Amy Adams, thus by extension, I am just as pretty as her or even prettier than her" How EScores are broken down, which is like a Social Credit score for celebrities and public figures, have to factor in some basic nuances of how humans perceive each other beyond their stated political ideology. You can't put a Victoria's Secret model like Candice Swanepoel in as Press Secretary. You can't risk triggering the inherent bias of your audience that extends past their politics. During the heyday of Fox's 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp's main character of Detective Tom Hanson had a girlfriend on the show. The show promptly realized their mistake and killed her off. They literally showed her on screen getting blown away by a stick up artist. The death had to be brutal. Depp was a heart throb and part of the appeal was that he was always "accessible" That can't be true if he's got a long standing girlfriend on the show. Psaki's aesthetics and her practical age timeline are a big deal in how she sells to the American public. Same with McEnany. Same with Sanders Huckabee. Same with Dana Perino. Same for all of them. Putting on a mask negates the strategy behind that. Every piece of clothing Psaki wears, her accessories, how she stands, her hand gestures, her hair style, her pace of cadence, it's all heavily curated and packaged. She's generally an incompetent Press Secretary but she'd likely excel in a role like Charlie Rose used to have in sit down long form interviews. So, no, in terms of actual political strategy and practical media optics, Psaki should not wear a mask. For the record, I think Asia Kate Dillon is a horrible actor/actress. But he'd/she'd probably be pretty great as a Press Secretary. Dillon makes good written material into bad screen engagement. That would be perfect in a pure attrition strategy to wear down audiences from a current administration that is indefensible on all levels.
  10. Look at the Becky Hammon situation in the NBA as a cross example. If an NBA team has an opening for head coach and does not interview Hammon, they will be attacked for it If an NBA team has an opening for head coach and does interview Hammon but she doesn't get the job, they will be attacked for it. If an NBA team has an opening for head coach and does interview Hammon and she gets the job, the day she is fired ( and all coaches eventually get fired) they will be attacked for it. The Trail Blazers interviewed Hammon, didn't hire her, hired someone with a rough past ( Billups) that involved women and ugly accusations, and then they backdoor released a hit piece on Hammon to provide coverage as to why they didn't hire her. Do I agree with their move? Yes and No. I agree with them if they didn't hire for head coach because they didn't think she'd help them win and/or Damon Lillard wanted someone else ( You make your superstar player happy in the NBA, that's just how it works). I don't agree with the hatchet job on Hammon, even if the situation was incredibly complex in that they were presented with Lose/Lose media optics. Here's the thing with Nassib. What happens when it's time to cut him? ( All players get cut at some point, except Tom Brady I suppose) What will help the Raiders or some other future team is when Nassib is near the end of his career, he sits down with his agent and has a true "Come To Jesus" moment about his prospects to keep playing, and if he knows he can't make a roster again at some point, then he should openly announce his retirement. While I have no love for NFL owners in general, the people working in front offices and most coaches are just rank and file people trying to earn a living. Nassib and his agent can do things to make things infinitely easier to not bring down the roof on a position coach or a scout or a mid level front office person because the woke world will want their pound of flesh.
  11. Let me put this in a different perspective for you Jayrod. I have nothing against you personally. But I believe there's another way to look at this situation. What is the core demographic of regular posters on the FBG forums? Certainly it's not exhaustive, but I'd wager Caucasian, liberal, college educated, male, above average earning power, mid 40s to mid 50s, maybe some previous pathway towards organized sports in their youth. Is that everyone? Of course not, but I suspect it's a range of where some of the tone deafness comes from in real life. Imagine someone is a minority and previously lived in another country where the government pulled no punches in exploiting them and culling their freedoms. Raping their daughters, executing their school teachers, crushing free speech and freedom to exercise religion and few to none methods to gain upward mobility. They come to this country and they have no marketable job skills, they don't speak English very well and they are past the age where a formal education will likely help them. They live in poor neighborhoods where there is likely high crime and mediocre to horrible schools. They are prime targets for criminals because the cops aren't really coming to save that neighborhood. They do what they can so their kids can get an education and some opportunity. Some start a small business. It's the American Dream. Then they are told they have to lock down if they live in a Blue stronghold. It's not like they are suddenly immune to things like rent and utilities and taxes and the rest, but they are told to lock down. Then the rioters and looters come. They call the police and no one comes to help them. They see clearly that the same group of politicians are encouraging the violence and bailing out the looters and rioters. They buy a gun like many of the 40 million American civilians who bought firearms in 2020 because they know no one is going to come save them. No one is going to help them. Some might have poor insurance or no insurance at all for their businesses. These are everyday people, they don't have "FBG Money", almost all of them didn't get a chance to go to college, they are just trying to get by and protect their children and build some kind of real legacy for themselves. If these people we are talking about are black Americans, then they've been told over and over and over that the "system" hates them for being black and the police are coming to execute them and their children. And that the government is lying to them and has treated them like cattle for untold generations. What do you think Stacey Abrams was telling these black Americans in Georgia as she was ballot harvesting and ballot chasing at a record pace? If these people we are talking about are Latino/Hispanic, they watched their own people get herded like feral animals into cages and watched their own people be told America will welcome them only to be told no you need to go away. They watched their own people, their own children, get gang raped by mules and criminals and Cartel members. They see the namesake for their daughter's hope, to be the next AOC, get trashed by the establishment Democrats in the current administration to no end. The message is clear - you are just good enough to clean the bathrooms for the rich smug tone deaf elitist politicians like a Gavin Newsom. If these people we are talking about are Asian Americans, they watched their own people get attacked in the streets with close to no actual response from the current administration and government. They are "perfect minority" but who cares if they get massacred in the streets. They see all kinds of social justice screaming out in sports, in Hollywood and in the MSM, but nothing is said about the Uighurs in China. Who are being tortured, raped, forcibly sterilized, having their organs harvested and being wiped out in open genocide. But they live in a country where no one wants to talk about it since those tiny Uighur children in concentration camps are assembling IPhones while a gun is being shoved down their throats. Take the perspective of these minorities, who are vaccine hesitant. Who see lie after lie told to them to their faces. Then the Whataboutism, the cheap deflections, the blame game and the virtue signaling that looks nothing more than condescension. So try this - For those here who are liberal college educated Caucasian males with above average earning power in their mid 40s to mid 50s, how close are you to the reality of people who are nothing like you and are struggling check to check, hand to mouth and feel the weight of the world crushing in on them? Do some of you realize how smug, tone deaf, elitist, myopic, condescending and cruel you sound to many of these people? You want these people to understand the rage of many people here. Did you and others here every stop to ask yourselves if you've done your part to actually understand their perspective, what they are going through and how they might see the world around them differently than you. When you demand submission without any tolerance nor empathy and reduce actual human beings into cannon fodder, it just makes you a tyrant. The gift of freedom has no real value to a tyrant. Nearly all of you were born into freedom. And some of you, not all, but far too many, clearly don't actually deserve it.
  12. AOC could have served only one term in Congress and retired. ( I want to be fair and say her situation in very unique in the size of her platform and it's exponential growth in such a short amount of time) "Zombie campaigning" means she would just need to go through the public motions of running for office again somewhere and she essentially gets to keep her campaign warchest. She generates small level donations in volume and if she simply stopped buying so much social media adspace, her warchest would grow exponentially if she timed her "retirement" She would still also have some limited access to using "Leadership PACs" as a circular means to funnel money with other politicians loyal to her. She could spin money with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders pretty much forever. The idea that AOC is "still working" is not the truth. She already has access to what amounts to generational level wealth at the age of 31. She currently has NOTHING in common with the average working class American.
  13. It's a crutch of the unskilled. Over the decades, I've been asked from time to time by people I know in some of my industries to come in and do work for political campaigns. A few times I was even asked to come in and work with others I know on Presidential campaigns. If I run the hypothetical that I was working for the Biden Administration ( I would never work for them, then again I would never work for Trump either, or Obama, or Clinton, or any of them for that matter) , I could run a media optics defense of what Biden was doing this past year WITHOUT invoking Trump's name in the national daily media cycle. Would it actually work? Well what's going on this past year is indefensible. That being said, I can do a better job than what's being done right now to defend this current administration. I could probably bring it to a "push" with the existing voting blocks that supported Biden in the 2020 general cycle. DNC HQ has never embraced a true "ground and pound game" aside from ballot chasing and voter registration drives. It was then and has always been a mistake. The problem there is you need a large cross section of your base that are ideologically devoted to you, the cult of your personality, to pull that off. And that's not the marketing scheme used ( the Identity Politics Playbook is what is pushed forward no matter how insane) by a not shockingly inept Biden media optics staff. For all of Tulsi Gabbard's flaws ( she has quite a few of them sadly), she has fiercely loyal base and her own cadre of mini cult of personality acolytes on her staff. She lacks charm and charisma but has figured out how to weaponize Servant Based Leadership on this broader scale. How DNC HQ missed that about her and why they refused to emulate her style is kind of baffling. Because you could win if you scaled it up and did it correctly. The unskilled like hitting softballs because trying to hit a major league fastball is too much work. Major League level fastballs terrify them. Actually, if I really think about it, since He Who Can't Be Named is out of office, it's more like Tee Ball for grade schoolers. The predictable Orange Man Bad crew here are basically just a bunch of incompetent wannabe Tee Ball heroes jammed on the highway looking for a last chance powerdrive. What's the lesson here? No matter where you are in life, men are judged by deliverable results in this society. Don't be lazy. Don't be unskilled. Bring value or get cast out. That's the deal. That's how it works. In less than a year, Biden has run this country into the ground. He's empowered our nations worst enemies and he's strangled the basis of hope from our national morale. The real argument being made by the Tee Ball crowd is Orange Man Bad is enough justification to avoid the truth that when you are QB1 on the depth chart then you will be held to the standard of a starting quarterback responsible for leading his team to victory. Anyone who spends their life looking for only softballs to hit is exercising their free speech, but I would not call them actual men.
  14. The vaccine hesitant don't trust the government to protect their interests. 40 million firearms were sold to civilians in 2020. There were a record number of first time gun buyers. Many were interviewed in line and many of first time gun buyers said they were previously hesitant on owning a firearm but they felt they had no choice but to do something to protect themselves. Do you think those people seeing honest American small business owners getting burned and looted out while the police were told to stand down and rioters and looters were bailed out night after night are going to magically start believing the government and politicians are going to protect them? If that was true, there wouldn't be guns flying off the shelves. Every time Fauci lies or violates the "honor code" ( in which omission is treated the exact same as a lie) , he increases the vaccine hesitancy in this country. He is the "mouthpiece of Science" to the entire nation. He should be calming people and giving simple consistent messaging. Instead he's cashing checks, basking the glow of camera lights and feeding his gigantic ego. Does Donald Trump have blood on his hands from COVID19? Yes Does Joe Biden have blood on his hands from COVID19? Yes Does Anthony Fauci have blood on his hands from COVID19? Yes. The difference is Fauci is supposed to be the science that people keep claiming everyone should be listening to and unlike Biden and Trump, he's actually supposed to know better. Every Fauci lie helps to kill Americans. Every Fauci lie encourages non vaccinated Americans that their mistrust in the government and establishment is correct and that they should remain unvaccinated. Every dollar Fauci takes while his lies helps to kill Americans is blood money. He can't humble himself enough to admit he lied and he was wrong because it feels like dirt is being thrown on him. Guess what? DIRT WASHES OFF YOUR HANDS A LOT EASIER THAN BLOOD ANTHONY FAUCI, BECAUSE OF HIS LIES, IS THE BIGGEST "ANTI-VAXX" REPRESENTATIVE FROM SCIENCE AND MODERN MEDICINE IN ALL OF AMERICA TODAY.
  15. The scary but truthful answer? 1) The person and/or secret cabal of special interests who were never elected but are actually in charge 2) Those same people who are not subject to "Checks And Balances" 3) Those same people who are not subject to "Separation Of Powers" 4) Those same people who are using Biden like a human finger puppet to push an alarming record number of Executive Orders, to legislate from POTUS, against the Founders actual intent, that effectively turn Congress into nothing more than a speedbump in a mall parking lot. 5) Those same people who were not elected and have no oversight but, with Biden as a proxy, have tactical command of the most powerful military in all of human history and up to 6000 nuclear weapons that can kill everything on the planet 6) Those same people who now have a personal piggy bank with our tax dollars, paid for by your sweat and my sweat and much of that bill, where the can gets kicked down the road, is to be paid by handing our grandchildren nothing but financial destruction in the generations to come. 7) Those same people, again without any oversight, who thought it was a good idea to leave 11 and 12 year old "brown" girls to be gang raped at the Southern Border and in Afghanistan as the spoils of war 8.) Those same people who decided on policy, for the clearly inept Joe Biden, that armed terrorists with the most advanced weaponry in the world, paid for with our tax dollars, so they can kill generations of Americans in the future. 9) Those same people who likely railroaded Bernie Sanders in both 2016 and 2020, much of it via the largest open money laundering scheme not seen in the entire world since Pablo Escobar, ensuring that a free and fair election was never possible in the DNC Primaries for both cycles. ( Interesting enough, this one huge issue has no "Whataboutism" possible. This is an in house problem for the Democratic Party) 10) The same people who have convinced themselves if they force Biden, Harris, Psaki and the rest to push the constant stupid lies that can be easily discerned by the public immediately as stupid lies, that there must be no pathway towards that behavior linking with mistrust of the government that leads to COVID19 vaccine hesitancy. The irony being the constant lies of the Biden Administration makes them, brutally, the most "anti-vaxx" proponent in all of America today. All while trying to force everyone to take the vaccine by violating the Constitution. Because using our Constitution as toilet paper is apparently preferred to doing that inconvenient thing called telling the truth. And the sad part? There are some political tribalists here ( that typically refuse to address any of this) who will sharpen their political tribalist spears and defend this madness to the death. Usually with ad hominem, personal attacks, logical fallacy bombing, Whataboutism, slam fisting the Report Button and good old fashioned tried and true gaslighting, which ends up slaughtering the community values of diversity of thought and diversity of opinion. They will defend it without regard to the full reality that this psychotic and incompetent Biden Administration is poisoning the world their children will eventually inherit. Freedom for their own children dies in front of them and all they can do is keep shouting the name of some trolling geriatric failed 4th rate television reality show grifter narcissist. This is the point where I would just drop the mic, but there's no joy for me in watching our democracy get set on fire with such casual indifference.
  16. How much money are Pfizer and Moderna making off of the vaccine? The word out is any "first booster" ( i.e. a third shot) will also come at no direct cost to the average American citizen. I say no direct cost because there's the issue of tax dollars paying for all this. So no, the shot is not "free". There's no direct cost. You are still paying for it but just going into a big circle first. You are also paying for others to get the shot by subsidizing the cost of their shots if you are contributing to the overall tax base and they are not. You and I both, as well as everyone here, who contributes to the overall tax base are paying Anthony Fauci's salary, so he can flip flop like a fish and do everything he can to hog the camera. If you want to talk about "cost", the only reason the third shot i.e. the first booster would still come at no direct cost is there aren't enough people in total vaccinated yet. If American had a 100 percent vaccinated rate across the board today, and there was a third shot/first booster, do you think it would still be "free"? The government also subsidizes a lot of the research that Big Pharma and Big Medicine does, often because of the quid pro quo that comes from the mass of political donations that come accordingly. Who pays for that? Our tax dollars. At some point, what will Moderna and Pfizer charge for the 4th shot? The 5th shot? And on and on and on. Will there be EpiPen pricing for it? You could say, well it might be "free"! But it's still your tax dollars. Or maybe it won't be your tax dollars, maybe we will get to the point where only the wealthy can afford them. Big Medicine and Big Pharma just sat on their hands while EpiPen prices skyrocketed. Making it easier for American children to die so some people could line their pockets. We just watched in 2020, nursing homes turn into death camps, in part, because it was more profitable for Big Medicine to pressure politicians in their pocket like Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer to lean that way. In your entire life as a taxpayer, you paid more than thousands and thousand and thousand for that shot. Now you can say it was still worth it and I would respect your right to your opinion on the matter. ( Whether you've ever showed me that courtesy here in the PSF in return is likely a matter for not shockingly brisk debate. ) Here's the question that will cut the meat to the bone, after you've considered the reality that every street drug dealer knows you give the first sample to a new prospective long term addict at no cost - Do you still believe the 4th shot and beyond will be "free"?
  17. VIDEO: Rome - The Redemption of Lucius Vorenus Jan 10, 2012 Episode S02E02 - "Son of Hades" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWnVH8x9iAM VIDEO: Lucius Vorenus tells Mark Anthony Mar 4, 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtn2o71CPEM ******** I suspect you have more faith in other people than I do. And that's a good thing. If more people were like you, the world would likely be a better place. But there aren't more people like you in the world, thus the world needs people like me. It's a tragedy that the world needs people like me. I am not a good man. I suspect you are. Here's the thing about not being a good man. You can spot others who are also not good men very quickly. You can see others who carry the same affliction and the same disease. I could say it's because I'm not burdened by the weight of carrying faith. But that's not true. I don't carry the gift of faith that you do. Fauci is not a good man. A good man would own his mistakes. I'm glad you disagree with me. Sometimes often. It means my godson might have a chance to inherit a world that's better than the one I helped to break.
  18. In one of the locked in private Conservative discussions groups I belong to, a hypothetical was run out. What should Conservatives, particularly the hard line MAGA core base, do about the Anti-Trump merchandise out there. My answer? Buy it all up. Then resell it for a profit when Trump does something to really piss people off ( which is almost all the time). Then I was asked, how does that help? The Anti-Trump merchandise will still be out there. I told them 1) Trump only won 2016 because he had over 2 billion dollars worth of unpaid media coverage, mostly from the left leaning MSM. There's no such thing as "bad advertising" for Trump. If you are talking about him, love or hate, Mark Burnett has done his job running his shadow campaign. 2) Now you have a legal database of many of the fringe radical extreme leftists. ( Lots of people hate Trump. But it takes a certain kind of hate to actually spend money to say you hate Trump) Information is power and a natural pathway for the truly Anti-Conservatives out there to reveal themselves is pretty useful. Trump and Stephen A Smith have the same marketing model. If you are talking about them in anger, then they've done their job.
  19. Part of the problem for Franken was his relationship with Lorne Michaels and with the entire history of SNL. A smear on Franken would be seen as a smear on Michaels and everything Michaels has ever touched. It would also be a foothold to other sexual scandals in Hollywood that others wanted then silenced given the time and place ( Pick one - Dan Schneider and the Disney tweens, Bryan Singer and his bathtub parties, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Gus Van Sant and most especially David Geffen (Katzenberg's Dreamworks partner)) Jeffrey Katzenberg is the big ticket Hollywood money printing machine for the Democratic Party and has deep ties with Michaels. So Katzenberg pressured the establishment Democrats to drive Franken out. If they wanted to keep those fat Hollywood checks coming to them. The idea that either side of the aisle resides in some mythical ivory white tower of light is some pleasant fiction. We all just watched American women be abandoned to terrorists to be gang raped by the Biden Administration. I would consider that a bright Texas sized neon sign that says there are no towers of light in professional politics.
  20. Do you mean like: 1) The Truth 2) The kind of world our children will inherit 3) The functional cognitive ability of someone who has tactical command of up to 6000 nuclear weapons and can kill everything on the entire planet multiple times over. Let me know which of things that you find the "weirdest" and we can mutually find other things clearly more important than our nation's integrity, the future of our children and avoiding nuclear holocaust.
  21. VIDEO: Joe Biden Falsely Claims That His First Job Offer Came From A Local Lumber Business Sep 13, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1cC6vSASK0 DIRECT HEADLINE: No log on Biden at Idaho lumber company where he claims to have received first job offer By Misty Severi Mon, September 13, 2021, 5:58 PM https://news.yahoo.com/no-log-biden-idaho-lumber-005800847.html ****** Speaking of vaccines and Biden, if Biden is demanding American citizens "trust him" and take the vaccine because it's for their own good and for the good of all of America, then why would they trust him if he's caught lying again and again? Wouldn't it be much easier to bridge that apprehension and complete mistrust in the government, which spurs vaccine hesitancy, especially by the large cross section of minorities in America who are not vaccinated, if ... (wait for it).... BIDEN STARTED ACTUALLY TELLING THE TRUTH TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? Wow, who would have thunk it? Someone who is caught lying over and over again is someone that many American people will refuse to trust when he says to go get the COVID19 vaccine! And if some of these vaccine hesitant folks die of COVID19, but they might have taken the shots if Biden provided some semblance of integrity to the value of his word and bond, wouldn't that start laying some deaths on his doorstep? Here's something I'll leave right in your alley - If Biden's lies creates a tragic and unnecessary body count from COVID19, and given the scope and power of the Office Of The President Of The United States, wouldn't that make him the most effective "anti-vaxx" proponent in all of America right now?
  22. Here's the part that will start to burst some noodles - Has anyone here started to consider the possibility that Fauci doesn't actually want the pandemic to end and doesn't want COVID19 to be cured? Think about it. He's making money hand over fist now. He's got access to the national daily media cycle at will. He's now a household name. He has newfound celebrity status. He probably has groupies now willing to lick ice cream off his chest. ( I assure people here, it's overrated) No COVID19 and that all goes away. He's then just another old guy in a long list of old guys everyone walks right past on a daily basis. If there was a 100 percent locked in cure for COVID19, does anyone think Fauci would want that to be revealed?
  23. VIDEO: Joe Biden red faced as live feed CUT OFF amid White House briefing Mar 4, 2021 The awkward moment Joe Biden's live feed was cut off by the White House staff just after he offered to take questions from lawmakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-BOjz4f5zU VIDEO: Biden FORGETS reporter's question after live speech on Afghanistan Aug 20, 2021 JOE Biden forgot a reporter's question in his live speech on Afghanistan after the White House boasted about his interviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_ex2yQJaZE VIDEO: Krystal Ball: In Leaked Audio Biden CAUGHT Admitting He Won't Do Anything As President Dec 10, 2020 Krystal Ball digs into audio recordings of a meeting between Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and civil rights leaders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lEGCH9_gvE ***** These links are for the undecideds, moderates and traditional liberals who read but never post. Listen to how unhinged Biden becomes in the third link and in the audio clip where he's clearly not getting softball questions. The sitting President of the United States says he wants to start answering questions and them someone else decides to cut him off. Think about that. He's the President. What does that say when someone else has the power to decide YOUR President should or should not speak to the American people.
  24. DIRECT HEADLINE: Biden campaign pledges 'transparent, open' relationship with press as Biden prepares for convention speech By Molly Nagle August 20, 2020, 2:30 PM https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-campaign-pledges-transparent-open-relationship-press-biden/story?id=72503682 ***** Let's take another angle at this. Minorities across the board are not taking the COVID19 vaccine. They are asked why and the few that talk say they don't trust the government and don't trust the vaccine and don't believe anyone who says the vaccine is safe for them. (Let's be fair there, lots of these minorities are immigrants who came from countries where the everyday average person was brutalized and abused and exploited by their "elected officials") If Biden keeps saying he will do this and then shows not longer after that he's lying. If Biden keeps making promises that he breaks not long after. If Biden just says lies that can be easily checked for accuracy but he tells them anyway, then why would anyone trust him? Why would these vaccine hesitant people trust him or the overall government when the message is the vaccine is safe and the government is here to help them? Biden wants to push Executive Orders forcing these people to get vaccinated but he won't do something more simple like TELL THE MOTHER ####### TRUTH so these groups aren't hesitant in the first place? If you are going to say you are going to be "transparent" then do so. If you can't do that, then don't say it. How hard is that? It's incomprehensible to me how badly the media optics are being run in this current administration. Do Susan Rice and Jen Psaki have James Dolan, Dan Snyder and Jim Crane on speed dial to get winning advice on how to win over the masses?
  25. VIDEO: GOP Lawmaker Erupts During Blinken Hearing: I Don't Want To Hear His Lies Sep 13, 2021 Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., questions Secretary of State Blinken during tense hearing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWrxJXjk3-4 ****** Speaking of impeachment, the guy with the potential smoking gun is Antony Blinken. What happens if Susan Rice is given orders to determine if Blinken is now a loose end that can't be controlled anymore? Rats on a sinking ship will latch onto anything to keep from drowning. Someone is going to need to be thrown on their sword for this. Every Democrat all down the ticket wants someone to be thrown on their sword for this, because this kills their fundraising and threatens their own seats for reelection. Establishment Democrats may not want to impeach Biden, but how many general cycles will he cost them if he's allowed to finish his term? That's three plus more years of this madness. Nearly all of the Democrats in Congress and in state legislatures are NOT name brand politicians. They cannot afford the kind of brutal hits that come with being under the umbrella of the Biden Administration. You've managed to distill the issue to anything beyond money and votes. I'm not sure how that's possible. That's like trying to piss on the side of a barn and missing.
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