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  1. Thanks for the welcome, all. I've spent the last hour reading much of the Russian Bride Draft. Still makes me laugh. But the thing that boggles my mind is that was SEVENTEEN years ago. I remember where I was living then, with my girlfriend (now wife). This was before smart phones, and our computer was on a table in the living room. I remember waiting for her to go to bed before searching for potential brides. I didn't know how to explain the draft to her, so I did my best to avoid it.
  2. Hey GB! I'm good. I'd tell you a good story about where I've been, but involves way to much sex and deviant behavior to be allowed here. And I would never lie about that. Never, ever. Anyway, I tried to check LABS, but my bookmark sent me to a gambling/Asian porn site. Oddly enough, I was OK with that.
  3. Anyway it seems strange not to be able to find the original RBD or Shining Path's memorial thread. And a ton of other memories
  4. I have no recent posts, really. I have only posted 3-4 times per year for a long time. And that number is just a guess ... cause the search function sucks I can't tell
  5. There was either a massive purge of old threads, or the search function is incapable of finding them ... which might as well be the same thing
  6. So I rarely post anything online anymore. I'm way out of the loop regarding FBGs. I don't know who is still here, who has dropped off the face of the earth, or who might have had a boot implanted up their backside on the way out the door. I think I might have made a couple of dozen posts in the last five years. But I don't even know that for sure. So my question is this ... is the search function here now just a flaming pile garbage, or am I just too dumb to figure it out? And yes, these are not mutually exclusive ...
  7. I think the inevitable Christmas spike is going to make us all wistful for the little Thanksgiving spike we are going through now.
  8. What's the average incubation period for this thing? I know most of the crap I read says 2-14 days, but I'd have to think that the ends of that spectrum are pretty much outliers. I just found out that I had an exposure with a positive tested individual (positive results just came back today). He was very mildly symptomatic at that point of contact I had with him. But today is day NINE since that contact. Hoping I'm past the full-blown anxiety stage and to the mild worry stage, but I'm not sure.
  9. Come to SF tomorrow night. Yes. You come now.

  10. profile pic update?

  11. I stand by FatMax...mostly because it makes me look skinny.

  12. umm.. the profile pic.

  13. Great butt, better lay.

  14. Kilgore puts the hole in gloryhole

  15. Pricey, but well worth it.

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