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  1. I use it for those businesses that are cash or debit only due to the higher fees they have to pay credit card companies for using their services.
  2. I was going to buy a coffee and a guy standing outside the door asked me if I would buy him one. Didn't seem like a big deal so I said OK. Regretted it instantly as he asked for an extra large with 5 cream and 5 sugar. Felt ridiculous ordering it, so I told the lady at the counter who it was for and she laughed and told me that he had been banned from the establishment.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgrRdorXiLE Big fan of Chris Murray. Slackness and Yard sale are great.
  4. I thought it was a turd. Didn't really check any boxes for me as far as story, characters, or even the action scenes . Surprised it has been reviewed as well as it has.
  5. bagging up your dogs poop and leaving the bag . Some people pick these up when they are leaving but more often than not I see these thrown into a bush off trail. taking two lanes to make a turn when you are not driving an oversized vehicle.
  6. I work with a guy who say's really with an added pained expression on his face when something bothers him. May as well just snap your fingers and get up in your face with an Oh no you didn't.
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