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  1. Stupid challenge. Spot was correct. Whoever is in the Vikings booth told Zimmer to challenge should be let go
  2. I believe Kelce owners feel the same way and even though Mahomes does have the 2 td's, he only has a little over 100 yards at the half.
  3. All teams put their best hands team in on an onside kick. If Ekeler is one of the best players to handle an onside kick, he should be out there.
  4. Colts just had 1st and 15 and completed and 12 yard pass. So it would be 2nd and 3 at the opponents 23. But on the play, there was defensive holding and they accepted the penalty to have 1st and 10 at the 30. I would rather have 2nd and 3.
  5. I am still hoping he can reach the TD incentive. Come on Brady, give the big man some red zone targets. 😁
  6. Dupree seems to be spying Newton. I think the Steelers would be better served if he kept an eye on CMac.
  7. Fox pregame said he will be playing with no limitations.
  8. I can not listen to Chris Berman any more. His segment on Sports Center had me turn the channel. I couldn't get my hands on the remote soon enough. In his early days, I enjoyed his commentary but now he is just a caricature of himself.
  9. Just traded Collins for TY Hilton. I am sitting good at RB but need some WR depth. Can wait for Hilton to get healthy.
  10. Allowed some yards but no RB touchdowns either rushing or receiving allowed this year.
  11. I think having Foles at QB helps Elliott. Instead of going for it on 4th and 2 while in FG range as the Eagles did with Wentz, I believe they will now kick the FG instead. Elliott could very well see an additional 2+ FG attempts per game. He had 2 FG's on drives that Foles was in on last week.
  12. I don’t believe they will change from their normal approach. Need to get Foles prepared for the playoffs and having him just hand off the football doesn’t accomplish that.
  13. I would not be surprised to see Jamison Crowder take some of the dump offs that Thompson was getting. Could even line him up in the backfield.
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