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  1. Two and a half years and I am still waiting in on the Flynn-Kysliak transcript, as well as the original 302s
  2. Ukraine foreign minister says they were never pressured https://dailycaller.com/2019/09/21/ukrainian-foreign-minister-prystaiko-defends-trump-talk-no-pressure/ meanwhile Biden brags about pressuring Ukraine to fire a Prosecutor pretty cut and dried...Trump didn’t pressure anybody in Ukraine to do anything, while Biden proudly admits to pressuring Ukraine to fire a Prosecutor....
  3. If they hadn’t “milked the clock” so much on that last drive, they might have gotten another shot with the ball. more coaching stupidness
  4. That makes no sense. Is there a kicker in NFL history better from longer range?
  5. Just addding that for a right legged kicker, you line it up on the left hash, not the center....
  6. Every week I see a coach do something that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen only to have another coach, the following week be like “Hold muh beer...”
  7. The penalty is inexplicable and inexcusable The obvious thing is to wait and spike it and then kick it. Centering the kick is overrated.
  8. Andy Reid school of clock management..... so so so so stupid
  9. Stupid 5 yard delay of game cost them their season
  10. I don’t understand why they took a penalty there weird
  11. Wilson missing open receivers all over the place...
  12. A couple of years back the NFL tried to put measures in place to address the officiating. the efforts failed because of the fans and the sports media. period. what happened, well the officials went on strike. The replacement refs came in, and rather than supporting the NFL and the replacement refs, all of the lemmings and media backed the referee union, so the NFL had to scrap plans to improve officiating. and you know what, the replacements were way better, they just had the media up their ### every play trying to nitpick every call. so let’s stop blaming the NFL for the sorry state of officiating.
  13. I have been an advocate for dropping the Thursday game and adding a Monday game. They could even expand the Sunday morning slate....but the Thursday games are ungood.
  14. I often forget that he’s still in the league until I see this thread bumped....
  15. Belichick must laugh his ### off constantly over how easy it is to be a “genius” in this line of work.
  16. Inexplicable decision to go for it on 4th Titans haven’t converted a 2 pt in years....FG ices it...now Titans breathing life
  17. I’m a Ty owner and that is even too bullish for me. Kerryon has earned a lot of trust and can keep Stafford upright. Let’s walk before we run. Let Ty earn his way up in carries if he can...
  18. Meh if it wasn’t longer than expected he would be playing this week...late September or early October has been the time frame for a bit
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