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  1. Just now, Morton Muffley said:

    Did TB take an intentional delay of game penalty?  Why could they not get up and spike it?  Might have liked having those yards for the game winning kick, no?

    The penalty is inexplicable and inexcusable 

    The obvious thing is to wait and spike it and then kick it.   Centering the kick is overrated.  

  2. 3 hours ago, flapgreen said:

    Emmanuel Sanders had a TD taken away for doing absolutely nothing.  How can the most popular sport in the country allow officiating to get worse every single year. This year has blown the doors off of bad officiating. 

    A couple of years back the NFL tried to put measures in place to address the officiating.

    the efforts failed because of the fans and the sports media.


    what happened, well the officials went on strike.  The replacement refs came in, and rather than supporting the NFL and the replacement refs, all of the lemmings and media backed the referee union, so the NFL had to scrap plans to improve officiating.

    and you know what, the replacements were way better, they just had the media up their ### every play trying to nitpick every call.

    so let’s stop blaming the NFL for the sorry state of officiating.

  3. 1 hour ago, The_Man said:

    Thursday Night Football is such an inferior product

    Imagine you played on Thursday Night Football, then turned around and played on Monday night in the same week. Insane, right? That’s the same turnaround time from playing Sunday, then playing on Thursday. No wonder the games stink 

    I have been an advocate for dropping the Thursday game and adding a Monday game.  They could even expand the Sunday morning slate....but the Thursday games are ungood.

  4. 5 minutes ago, lod001 said:

    LOL. 5-10, 210 is a COP back and 5-11, 211 is not. Maybe it's the other way around and they want the guy that runs a 4.37 40 and runs over people as the starter and the slow guy who gets hurt a lot as the COP.

    I’m a Ty owner and that is even too bullish for me.  Kerryon has earned a lot of trust and can keep Stafford upright.  Let’s walk before we run.  Let Ty earn his way up in carries if he can...

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