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  1. Mark Ingram. I knew that Dobbins would have a role in the running game, but I didn't think Ingram would be such a non-factor. Fortunately I had both guys, but going from 1200 total yards and 15 TDs to the minimal amount that Ingram generated in 2020 was disappointing.
  2. Tayson HIll is taking a wrecking ball to Alvin Kamara's fantasy value.
  3. Charles Woodson is already in the HOF. They are talking about Darren Woodson, who's also HOF-worthy.
  4. We just can't have nice things, can we? Just when it appeared that John Harbaugh woke up and turned up his rookie RB loose to be a bellcow RB.
  5. Pretty clear that Ron Rivera and company are out of the Dwayne Haskins business. Given how enamored the Washington Football Team is with Ohio State players, they'll probably move to draft Justin Fields in 2021.
  6. What's good, Tommy?   

    Hoping for another big week for the Legion of Doom.   Kamara got cheated out of two TDs last week.   

    Will be happy when Ingram comes back.  

    Good Luck!!


    1. tommyGunZ


      I’m locked and loaded for another big week.  OJ Howard finally breaks into my lineup and Devin Funchess makes his debut.  I was surprised to see DJ Moore on the wire this AM.  He’s really happy to be a SoCal Kook.

    2. dcgangstas


      Moore was a good get.    They need to get him more involved though. 

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