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  1. I'm guessing it's an every other series situation like the 2nd half last week. I'm torn , as we all are. I'm between he and Riddick in ppr and slightly leaning Miller.
  2. He didn't. That post was exaggerated throughout. Chief aren't historically RBBC either.
  3. I enjoyed Strike Back and Banshee, two Showtime series on Amazon Prime. Bosch was pretty good, but as stated above, nothing particularly memorable. I've read a number of the Bosch books, so a video version was interesting. I've got The Man in the High Castle in my queue, and watched the pilot for Mad Dogs and may give that a shot. I watched the first couple of episodes of Catastrophe....pretty funny show so far. Overall, Amazon Prime is a nice supplement for Netflix.
  4. Well, yeah. If he makes those catches, I win two games that I'm likely to now lose. Cost me several hundy. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  5. So the guy is suggesting Lynch could fall because his team lost to Navy? His defense gave up 45 points, not quite sure that's going to be incredibly important in the evaluation of the player in question.
  6. Fleming can't deal with the top end receivers like D. Thomas and Sanders. Manning went to that well time after time last week. He's been serviceable in the past, so perhaps he doesn't get toasted as badly against Adams and Jones. But I suspect Rodgers will go after him. Getting Sean Smith back will be really big and should solidify things on the back end. The key to the pass D this week will be the pass rush, and can they contain the number of times Rodgers gets out of the pocket with time to make a big play down the field.
  7. I got it working --- thanks for the reminder on the right/left, that ultimately got it done.
  8. Ok, I used a =right(1st tab, 5) formula, to get sheet 1 to "equal" sheet 2. Then did a vlookup to match the 2nd sheet to the 1st sheet. While the numbers are the same, "12345", I'm getting an #N/A returned. Perhaps the format is inconsistent?
  9. The bulk of the data is 4 letters and 6 numbers, and there are only unique instances on both sheets. There are some other cats and dogs, but if I can handle the 4 letters, 6 numbers that covers the bulk.
  10. I could use some help ---- I have two sheets with data. On one sheet there's a column with data containing letters and numbers (i.e. ABC123, EFG456, etc.). On the second sheet, there's a similar column intended to represent the same data, but it only includes the numbers, not the letters. I need the second sheet to match the first, as there's a third data source that has the letter/number column and I need to tie the three sources together. So I need to do some sort of lookup between the two sheets, with the first sheet's column of data "containing" the numbers from the second sheet. I've
  11. I've wondered what separates Cooks going mid 1st last year and Lockett this year. Looking at measurables from the combine and production on the field, they're awfully close. Cooks was slightly faster and weighs a few pounds more. I watched every game Lockett has played; for the last two years, everyone on the field knew the ball was coming his way and teams still couldn't stop him. Add to that his return ability, and I'd be very surprised if he wasn't a top 50 pick.
  12. I've used Dolphin for a long time ---- side swipe bookmarks and a LastPass add on FTW
  13. I haven't read this thread but I just bought a mattress 3 months ago. I spent a ton of time on this site... http://www.themattressunderground.com/ Great tutorials on buying and then TONS of info in the threads about specific mattresses, manufacturers, and mattress types. I ended up buying a DreamFoam mattress (also sold as Brooklyn Brothers) off of Amazon. I went and tested the Tempur-Pedics in the store a few different times and picked the one I liked most, the Cloud Supreme. Then I bought the equivalent DreamFoam version for $800 instead of the $2k+ Tempur-Pedic. I've been sleeping on i
  14. He ran by the safety got behind everyone. I wouldn't say blown coverage, he is just really fast. Yeah, he smoked the DB, and made an over the shoulder catch with some degree of difficulty. His hands not only don't look like they are a concern, but could actually be pretty good. If Norv Turner uses him in more of a vertical role like Josh Gordon last year, he could really be positioned to shine. The DB he smoked is an undrafted free agent who is slow. Later in the game Patterson dropped a wide open crossing pattern that might have been a TD. Just painting a full picture. Nothing I saw to
  15. People are too complex to expect any one suggestion to be the magic answer, but honoring your wife is never bad advice. That said, being respectful and supportive may not change anything.
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