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  1. I'm guessing it's an every other series situation like the 2nd half last week. I'm torn , as we all are. I'm between he and Riddick in ppr and slightly leaning Miller.
  2. He didn't. That post was exaggerated throughout. Chief aren't historically RBBC either.
  3. I enjoyed Strike Back and Banshee, two Showtime series on Amazon Prime. Bosch was pretty good, but as stated above, nothing particularly memorable. I've read a number of the Bosch books, so a video version was interesting. I've got The Man in the High Castle in my queue, and watched the pilot for Mad Dogs and may give that a shot. I watched the first couple of episodes of Catastrophe....pretty funny show so far. Overall, Amazon Prime is a nice supplement for Netflix.
  4. Well, yeah. If he makes those catches, I win two games that I'm likely to now lose. Cost me several hundy. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  5. So the guy is suggesting Lynch could fall because his team lost to Navy? His defense gave up 45 points, not quite sure that's going to be incredibly important in the evaluation of the player in question.
  6. Fleming can't deal with the top end receivers like D. Thomas and Sanders. Manning went to that well time after time last week. He's been serviceable in the past, so perhaps he doesn't get toasted as badly against Adams and Jones. But I suspect Rodgers will go after him. Getting Sean Smith back will be really big and should solidify things on the back end. The key to the pass D this week will be the pass rush, and can they contain the number of times Rodgers gets out of the pocket with time to make a big play down the field.
  7. I got it working --- thanks for the reminder on the right/left, that ultimately got it done.
  8. Ok, I used a =right(1st tab, 5) formula, to get sheet 1 to "equal" sheet 2. Then did a vlookup to match the 2nd sheet to the 1st sheet. While the numbers are the same, "12345", I'm getting an #N/A returned. Perhaps the format is inconsistent?
  9. The bulk of the data is 4 letters and 6 numbers, and there are only unique instances on both sheets. There are some other cats and dogs, but if I can handle the 4 letters, 6 numbers that covers the bulk.
  10. I could use some help ---- I have two sheets with data. On one sheet there's a column with data containing letters and numbers (i.e. ABC123, EFG456, etc.). On the second sheet, there's a similar column intended to represent the same data, but it only includes the numbers, not the letters. I need the second sheet to match the first, as there's a third data source that has the letter/number column and I need to tie the three sources together. So I need to do some sort of lookup between the two sheets, with the first sheet's column of data "containing" the numbers from the second sheet. I've played around with =if(isnumber(search...... type formulas, but haven't had any luck returning an expected outcome. Help?
  11. I've wondered what separates Cooks going mid 1st last year and Lockett this year. Looking at measurables from the combine and production on the field, they're awfully close. Cooks was slightly faster and weighs a few pounds more. I watched every game Lockett has played; for the last two years, everyone on the field knew the ball was coming his way and teams still couldn't stop him. Add to that his return ability, and I'd be very surprised if he wasn't a top 50 pick.
  12. I've used Dolphin for a long time ---- side swipe bookmarks and a LastPass add on FTW
  13. I haven't read this thread but I just bought a mattress 3 months ago. I spent a ton of time on this site... http://www.themattressunderground.com/ Great tutorials on buying and then TONS of info in the threads about specific mattresses, manufacturers, and mattress types. I ended up buying a DreamFoam mattress (also sold as Brooklyn Brothers) off of Amazon. I went and tested the Tempur-Pedics in the store a few different times and picked the one I liked most, the Cloud Supreme. Then I bought the equivalent DreamFoam version for $800 instead of the $2k+ Tempur-Pedic. I've been sleeping on it for 3 months, the first month right on the floor, the last two on a regular bed/boxspring. It's the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on. I had nightly shoulder and hip pain for years when sleeping and it's completely gone, although i've also lost 40lbs so that is part of it too. But I started weight loss after buying the bed and the pain went away immediately, as soon as I started sleeping on it. Sleep has been dramatically better for both myself and my wife (who has a much harder time sleeping than me). Couple things I learned: * Learn how to find the right mattress fit, that was the best thing I learned initially on that web site. Figuring out what makes a mattress comfortable and how to find the right "fit" made a big difference. I was no longer picking what had the most "specs" for the less price and actually finding a mattress that fit my and my wifes body and sleeping habits. * Definitely test mattress types. I was convinced after reading that I wanted a Latex mattress. Then I actually laid down on one and realized I hated it. Some people can't handle heat in gels, some people hate sinking feeling of memory foam, etc. Even if you are buying online, definitely go to a store and lie on mattress types and pay attention to the material types, density, and thicknesses in each layer. * Apparently materials really matter. There are some cheaper mattresses out there but from what I've read they can start falling apart and sagging because of build quality and bad materials. The DreamFoam materials are supposedly great and they're U.S. made so they don't sit on a container ship for months and months, rolled up in a vacuum packed box which can cause breakdown in foams (serious/long term) and increase the foul smell when you open the mattress up (short term/fades). * Avoid the big S manufacturers: Sealy, Simmons, Stearns, and Serta. Overpriced to pay for all those salespeople and mattress stores. Any nice big "S" mattress you find you'll be able to find something comparable, cheaper, and probably made better if you do some research on the mattress undergound. I don't know if my mattress will stand the test of time, we'll have to see in a few years. They have great reviews on amazon (but I barely trust those anymore) and more importantly they get great reviews on mattress underground form people who take this way more serious than I do. What's really funny is in the last couple months I've had a couple occasions where someone has brought up buying a mattress or asked about our new mattress. I sound like a complete LUNATIC talking about mattresses now. I sound like one of those wacko audiophiles discussing a set of headphones except I'm talking about mattresses. I usually interrupt and say, I'm not really crazy, I just happened to find this website... eyes roll... blah, blah, blah I can't recommend Dream Foam enough. Good Luck! The girl and I went and tested out the tempurpedics last night and both agreed that the Cloud Supreme was the right fit for us. I did some reading on mattressunderground and came to the conclusion that I should scrap the idea of buying any of the cheap available options out there. This includes sleep innovations, BIAB, LUCID, Casper, Tuft and Needle, etc. and go with the Dream Foam. So to match our tempurpedic fit, we chose the 12" Ultimate dreams supreme gel memory foam mattress. Thank you for making this choice very painless with your helpful information. That's exactly the mattress we ended up with, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It took about a day to fully decompress to the full 12" and there wasn't really a bad smell at all when we got it. It's amazing how small the box it comes in is. I would also recommend a decent, breathable mattress cover, I actually don't remember which one we bought. It's been a few months for us now and about once a week one of us still mentions in the morning or when laying down at night now much we love our new mattress. I hope it's as durable as the reviews seem to indicate, so far so good. Update the thread and let us know how it goes for you after you get it and spend a couple nights on it. We purchased the same dreamfoam bed thanks to mattressunderground and seeing it mentioned here. It has been a few nights and loving it so far. My wife generally believes memory foam/latex beds are too hard and too hot. How does the Dreamfoam rate in those two categories in your opinion?
  14. He ran by the safety got behind everyone. I wouldn't say blown coverage, he is just really fast. Yeah, he smoked the DB, and made an over the shoulder catch with some degree of difficulty. His hands not only don't look like they are a concern, but could actually be pretty good. If Norv Turner uses him in more of a vertical role like Josh Gordon last year, he could really be positioned to shine. The DB he smoked is an undrafted free agent who is slow. Later in the game Patterson dropped a wide open crossing pattern that might have been a TD. Just painting a full picture. Nothing I saw tonight changes my opinion that he's going to be very good.
  15. People are too complex to expect any one suggestion to be the magic answer, but honoring your wife is never bad advice. That said, being respectful and supportive may not change anything.
  16. It seems very unlikely that Oberyn loses. There wouldn't have been much of a reason to introduce his character and it sets up so many better storylines if he wins. was it likely ned stark got his head chopped off? No, but it also doesn't seem likely that Oberyn could defeat the Mountain. On a straight matchup a Mountain victory would be the obvious outcome. Storywise though, I don't see it happening. Of course I could be wrong. That's what makes the show so good.Anyway, anyone else nervous during the whole fight? Yes, definitely an elevated heart rate while watching. And of course, terribly disappointed with the outcome.
  17. You actually are saying that out loud? Yes, they can hear me. Much like athletes when I speak to them on the TV.
  18. Red Wedding about to go down on HBO2, I find myself saying out loud, "Get out right now!"
  19. My wife is at the point where she just doesn't care and isn't interested in changing. Only thing that would change her would be a drastic life event. Divorce or a health scare. I'm trying to get back into consistent exercise, but when your significant other doesn't care, it's a challenge. My kids need to see healthy habits in action, and it's going to have to come from me. I've tried to be positive, encouraging, etc. Doesn't matter. I've had the conversations that Invaded had, and nothing changed as Ray said. If I pushed further, things would not get better but worse. So, I'm resigned to being relatively unhappy in my marriage, balanced against pride in having great kids and being an integral part of their growth and development.
  20. I would expect the initial reaction to be uncomfortable. Any chance upon reflection that it opens the lines of communication and then things improve from there?
  21. "In a pinch"?? Sproles averaged 70 carries a season the last 5 years. The point is that Sproles does his damage in a jack of all trades role, not an every down back.
  22. Sproles is probably the best comp given how he's being used by the Saints now. Sproles doesn't have the long speed Austin has now, but they're both small and really instinctive. Both can play RB in a pinch, but they are also very good receivers. They can make defenders look silly with their quickness, and have been durable given their size. I watched numerous college games of both players, and they both have that electricity about them; you don't want to miss a play because they could make that Barry Sanders type move that brings you out of your seat.
  23. You guys talking about Press.....have you tried Flipboard or Pulse as a news reader? Wondering if you prefer Press over those two?
  24. Completely agree with Pocket and Evernote, two outstanding apps. I also use any.do for tasks, audible for audio books for my commute, Car Home Ultra as a car dashboard, Falcon Pro as my Twitter client and Dolphin HD as my browser. That's my list of most used apps for anyone looking for new ideas.
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