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  1. Nothing that supports the Qanon view, anyway. Tons of stuff at least closer to the truth.
  2. First, the first threat happened less than 2 months ago and was egged on by the former president. Second, any link I post wouldn’t be believed because it wouldn’t come from Breitbart or another site I wouldn’t even deign to line a birdcage with because it would insult the bird.
  3. It’s very strange how “the requested presence of the national guard due to the threat of a second insurrection” somehow equals “military occupation.” Good news is that they aren’t equal at all.
  4. Just give them time, they’ll start scoring. Still, they were definitely sloppy tonight, and somebody is going to make them pay for that if they don’t fix that.
  5. I believe it was a methane leak, but because it was a test flight, they’re wanting to work everything out before they try to put people on it.
  6. No, the test was in Texas, and it landed on ground, then went kaboom.
  7. The Pope needs to go back and read Genesis. The Almighty said He’d never use a flood to destroy the earth again.
  8. That takes a surprising amount of suspension of disbelief, enough to make a bridge to reach to the moon.
  9. So at what point do we get to call the Qanon believers liars, and laugh at them?
  10. It’s very ironic that supporters of the party purporting to stand for freedom is willing to violate any tenet of that freedom to attempt(and fail) to install a failed attempt at a dictator.
  11. Word is he’s getting into the sports executive business, since he owns the Stars now.
  12. Interestingly enough, he is actually on 2 different shutout streaks: the one from this season, and he has blanked the Stars for 3 straight games going back to Game 6 of the Cup Finals.
  13. If that happened, Trump would still lose by 5 million votes, but as it isn’t happening, the GOP is going to have to step up their game.
  14. I’ve seen him walk, I don’t think he can get his leg that high to actually start it.
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