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  1. I left the GOP shortly after college in 2007, currently NPA, but I don’t worry about the economy.
  2. The economy could completely implode to the point we’re back to bartering for goods and services, and I would still never vote for any of these GOP candidates.
  3. Technically he’s right, but he’s the example of who would win if we didn’t have free, fair, and honest elections.
  4. I don’t care, if someone wants to dedicate the space rent-free, I won’t stop anyone.
  5. I’d gladly take Biden’s worst day as president over any 1000 of Trump’s best days.
  6. They have to stoke the fiery furnace for the non-believers first.
  7. Hilarious considering he never actually won a popular vote, instead losing both by a combined 10 million votes.
  8. I didn’t know Trump could mispronounce his own name that badly. Glad he’s out of office, then.
  9. Thank you, I’ve been working out!
  10. Probably should have had it inspected before buying, it had some faulty ductwork.
  11. I never thought of him as rich, but I suppose being second in command of a galactic empire would have a decent paycheck and benefits package attached.
  12. Would have been a better choice, honestly.
  13. Shame, because none of the names on that list make me think about voting for any of them. Certainly not DeSantis nor anyone related to Trump.
  14. That is not an encouraging sign for them.
  15. I mean technically, Chelsea, Malia and Sasha might refer to their dads as such, but that’s only if we want to get technical.
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