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  1. That hasn’t happened, according to posts up thread, at least from our side of things. There was the hack of the pipeline, which for some reason, people want to blame Biden, who doesn’t control private pipelines as far as I know.
  2. I don’t deface statues, but after that doorstopper of a post, I can start to see why some do. Ever hear of Cliff Notes? But in actuality, Columbus was a terrible human being, I have no problem with erasing him from history books. More to the point, I was referring specifically to Confederate statues. I never supported the destruction of other statues, but it’s fun to lump everyone that disagrees together.
  3. I took the suggestions from my father in law, who practically studies those types of things, and I took a bath on them during the collapse.
  4. Both of mine have made big jumps, for what it’s worth.
  5. What purpose did that EO serve? For that matter, what purpose do statues of national enemies serve, except maybe as a warning? I’m all for remembering history, but to honor people who took up arms against the United States on American soil seems counterproductive to me.
  6. So we’re just glossing over everything that happened with Iran in January of 2020? Also, Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with the vaccine. Those were made by people who actually knew that they were doing, and would have happened regardless of who was in office at the time. Giving Trump credit for that is like giving cattle credit for oranges having a good crop, they have nothing to do with each other. He was a failure in office, he got crushed in the election, and for all of Biden’s flaws, I would rather have him in office than having to deal with another four years of a circus in DC.
  7. I’d look even sillier singing the praises of a man who outright denied science in a “response” to a deadly virus, openly mocked people who wore masks in an effort to stop spread of said virus, interfered with how states tried to coordinate their own responses to the virus while denying responsibility for directing a federal response, and that’s not even mentioning him almost starting a war before all that happened. I’d sure look silly throwing my support behind that guy.
  8. Former president Trump made the mess that Biden had to clean up before a single scrap of food saw a hot pan, let’s not kid ourselves.
  9. Looking at the statue, I can understand why it got taken down, since while it is supposed to be about Lincoln freeing slaves, a lot of people see it as black people still being subservient. Granted, if they replaced the kneeling guy with one shaking Abe’s hand, that would be better, if you ask me. Besides, is that statue the one we think best embodies the best president we’ve had in the last 160 years?
  10. I highly doubt anyone outside of San Francisco will seriously put forth an effort to remove a Lincoln statue.
  11. More to the point, if he didn’t actually do this, and is only out to sully Gaetz’s reputation(as I’d bet the supporters of Gaetz are surely already starting to scream), why willingly admit to these types of crimes, that not only destroy a reputation in civilian life, but will earn plenty of enemies in prisons anywhere?
  12. I was referring to the daily briefings that took place during Trump’s regime that he never showed up to, for reasons only we or his caddie can guess at.
  13. So it stands to reason that with things starting to reopen, gas prices will rise due to increased demand? Who knew that Economics 101 had such groundbreaking information?
  14. Considering what Trump’s motives were when he signed that order, I’m fine with Biden reversing it. Why dedicate monuments to people who not only were enemies of this nation, but who lost their failed revolution in the process? On a related note, what exactly is Biden supposed to do about these crises that isn’t already in motion, and which is likely being resisted by the GOP at absolutely every turn because they have no ideas about how to fix it either?
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