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  1. The church used to be self-policing, especially when concerning false teachers and the like. The best suggestion would be for believers to follow the teachings of the Bible and do those, but humans are notorious for doing everything but what they’re supposed to do. That said, government action is completely out of the question.
  2. I feel like the former is going to happen anyway, but it’s also important to remind people that we serve God, not a political party.
  3. I suppose it depends on the situation, but my pastor has said that if he does that at our church, we can remove him from office.
  4. This is never okay, and pastors who do this have to answer for it.
  5. I haven’t seen that one yet, but the refs are generally awful anyway.
  6. Joseph definitely boarded him, which is why I was surprised he didn’t get a 5 minute break as well, but square up with the guy, and settle it that way.
  7. I remember games in the 90s where a team had a 2 goal lead, and I’d think, “Welp, this game is over.” Nowadays? Almost no lead is safe!
  8. Jurassic Park for me. I didn’t like Jaws(I was a scared kid), Schindler’s List is a very heavy(and good) movie considering the subject matter, but I was a dinosaur nut as a kid, and I still geek out whenever I’m watching the first film and I hear that first rumble as the T. Rex gets closer. Side note: The book is even better, because there’s a lot more that the film just couldn’t fit into it.
  9. I saw the replay, that was a missed call by the first base ump, but those things happen. Hell, as a Lions fan, blown calls are practically a weekly occurrence for us in football!
  10. Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years! Tampa plays a pretty awful game, but storms back from 2 separate 3 goal deficits to beat Detroit in OT, 7-6!
  11. Ignorant, sure. Offensive, maybe? I have Cherokee ancestry(mixed in with a whole lot of generic white ancestry), so I’m not the definitive voice of the people, as it were, but honestly, I’d rather call it by it’s newer name, considering how awful of a person Columbus really was.
  12. Nope, it’s one game out of 82, and the Lightning would randomly lose games by 3 goals last season as well. Fairly sure Vasilevskiy got beat by Detroit 7-3 or something last year, too. Believe me, I’m accustomed to losing as a Lions fan already.
  13. Frank Ragnow out for the year now. Burn the temple of the football gods to the ground!
  14. Bolts put Barre-Boulet on waivers, he gets claimed by the Kraken. Would have liked to have him back, but those are the breaks. Cup run No. 3 starts tonight against Pittsburgh in Amalie.
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