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  1. Par for the course, really. Yet another Lions loss that never should have happened, but since Goodell and the refs hate our very existence, we have no choice right now. It will be great when the Lions finally start winning, and no matter what the opponents or refs do, they’ll still lose to the Lions. I will absolutely revel in that time, because finally the Lions can repay all the wrong done to them. What’s a catch? We decide what it is now. Phantom facemask? Nope, he ducked his head, and no Hail Mary for him. 10 second runoff? Not when the refs called timeout. Delay of game? Pay attention, ref!
  2. Florida thumps Tennessee, West Virginia is tied with Oklahoma, but went about 30 yards in the wrong direction.
  3. I suppose it depends on how much churn the storm is generating, but I’d bet anything more than 50 feet down is oblivious to it.
  4. Those fish out there are in for a world of wondering “what’s going on up there?”
  5. Sam is now a category 2 hurricane, packing 100mph sustained winds, and the track is edging closer to the islands. Subtropical storm Teresa has formed north of Bermuda.
  6. I’d bet dollars to donuts that the “stamp behind the graphics” is where they are just occupying the same space, and it performs an optical illusion.
  7. So basically they’ll be lying through their teeth, since there have been multiple people, including members of the GOP(who had everything to gain by having this overturned), state multiple times that the election was certified free and fair.
  8. I voted yes in the sense that I truly enjoy what I do, but I didn’t dream of becoming an electrician while growing up.
  9. The feed will be cut at 4:05 when they realize they’re not going to hear what they want to hear.
  10. Honestly, it would be less of a waste of money if those states went full Heath Ledger’s Joker and set fire to a big pile of money in a warehouse somewhere.
  11. If they had evidence, it would have shown up before now, almost a calendar year later. There’s also the knowledge that there is no way allegedly that many people can keep a secret that long.
  12. Probably because the outcome wasn’t going to change, since there was no credible evidence to overturn it.
  13. It looked as though its track jogged slightly west on the 11am update for Wednesday, but I could be imagining things.
  14. Biden is absolutely a mess, but all of us remember 2017-2021, and how much of a disaster that was. In a 9 month period from July 2019- March 2020, there was an attempt at bribing the Ukraine to find dirt on a political opponent, an impeachment because of that, the US first abandoning a now former ally in the Kurds, then coming way too close to starting yet another military offensive in the Middle East, this time against a nuclear-capable Iran, the government of which actively hates our guts; and then there was some virus or something, that was grotesquely mishandled basically from the jump. The rest of his term was about as stable as that was. Biden has many faults, but let’s not pretend his predecessor left everything better than when he started.
  15. Tampa is absolutely hungry for a third straight, as Stamkos said, and now that they’re fully under the cap, I wonder what the excuses from other fanbases will be if they do win a third Cup?
  16. There’s a lot of places to hide even just in Florida. Once anyone heads inland from the coast, they can disappear easily. Not even in a state park, just down a country road that sees cars once every 2 days, even staying in a small town can keep them anonymous.
  17. If Florida plays like they did yesterday, at least when they were coming back, they’ll beat Tennessee. Also, if WVU plays like they did in their first half against VT, they’ll probably beat Oklahoma. They haven’t looked particularly dominant, especially for a Top 4 team.
  18. I don’t know if they eat junk food.
  19. Rose is out there now as well. For the record, 2020 had TS Rene reach that status on September 8.
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