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  1. Juan Yepez (1B, Cardinals) does not appear to be in the CBS database. I would like to add him. I will drop Matt Manning to make room. Thanks!
  2. Matt Brash (P, Mariners) does not appear to be in the CBS player pool. I would like to add him. I will drop Matt Fraizer to make room.
  3. Eury Perez (Marlins, P) isn't in the CBS database, yet. I'd like to pick him up. I'm dropping Kikuchi to make room.
  4. I don't see Matthew Fraizer (Pirates) in the CBS database. Unless he's already owned, I'm picking him up and will drop Raleigh.
  5. He's probably better off in a small market like Zihuatanejo anyway. Can't wait to see how the Trammell--Baddoo battle plays out over time. Although, I'm not totally convinced that they are different people.
  6. The disconnect between his AA/AAA Slugging % and the small sample size from 2020 gave me pause. Still, sneaking him through a 4-round competitive balance draft is pretty impressive. He's a lottery ticket for sure and, like you said, should be locked into heavy playing time. Could end up being a big miss for the rest of us.
  7. No doubt. 90% of prospect buzz over the last 20 months has been straight from the echo chamber.
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