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  1. We are up for anything but Seafood. We are doing Stripsteak on Saturday night, so maybe no steakhouses too.
  2. Heading to Vegas this Friday and need to find a place for dinner for Friday night. Seafood is not an option. What do you guys recommend?
  3. 1. Release 2. Yellow Ledbetter 3A. Off he goes 3b. Sirens
  4. I have a pretty high 10 club #660xxx.. I read that ticket locations go by seniority, so I figure I am at the bottom of the list. I wonder if I should I only put in for 1 show and try my luck at better seats through ticketmaster verified presale. What do you guys think?
  5. Went to Fenway 2 in 2016, I scored 9th row seats and it was great. Sound was awesome and I was on the field at Fenway Park! Just entered for Fenway 1 and Fenway 2 this year. $247 for the pair
  6. I'm thinking annoying, pushy, loud and obnoxious pre-teens screaming everywhere and thinking they don't have to wait in line. Not so hot.
  7. Both #1 seeds are in the Superbowl. Let's just sit back and enjoy the game.
  8. Maria's all the way. Real deal Italian bakery, not a tourist trap.
  9. The Chelsea Market Basket is like something out of the movies.
  10. With all those you still have to take public transportation, the 811 Massachusetts ave is the closest but still in a sketchy part of town. Not sure of your budget, but a couple of reasonable hotels in the the touristy area are: Club Quarters Hotel Holiday Inn Express, right across the street from the TD Banknorth Garden Omni Parker House Hilton Downtown/Fanueil Hall
  11. $35 hotel in Boston? Are you statying in Roxbury/Dorchester area? Great meal at Durgin Park if you are looking for an old time throwback kind of setting. (Get the Prime Rib!)
  12. Just booked a weekend of at Saratoga Springs for a golf trip. Any tips on which Disney courses would be good for a couple of beginners?
  13. I did this for our trip back in April, I made reservations on Opentable app and requested a table with the window view. It worked out perfect. Seconded on the food, we didn't even order a entree just kept ordering different types of small plates.
  14. I went out with a couple friends on a whim last month, never played before in my life. I am totally hooked even though I suck, just picked up a used set of Calloways X20s off craigslist for $75.
  15. Was it the ref that reversed the call or was it the suits in the NFL that are in charge of the replays?
  16. Saw Ted Nugent last week, it was ok. He puts on a good show, but nothing like his old stuff. His opener was Derek Day. That kid has potential, real showman and a different type of voice. He did a good cover of Benny and the Jets. The female drummer was off the charts.
  17. My kids loved Legoland, its a must do if you have little ones. Also helps that we get discounted tickets ($35) from this site: https://legolandfloridatickets.legoland.com/LLF/Content.aspx?Kind=LandingPage You don't have to show any ID or anything, just walk up with your printed tickets and you are good to go. Works like a charm.
  18. Friday night. It's $450 for the bottle service and its only a 1 bottle min.
  19. Whats the call for bottle service? We are going to the Foundation Room was wondering if it was worth getting. I don't feel like dealing with lines and fighting for the bartnender's attention all night.
  20. Thanks got some good ideas. The chandalier place in the Cosmopolitan looks pretty good too.
  21. Delmonico. This is based on a few years ago when I used to do the WCOFF drafts back in the day.
  22. Celebrating the wife's 40th next month in Vegas with another couple. I am looking for recommendations on some nice places to have a drinks. Not looking for those superclub types of places. Thanks
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