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  1. Speaking of Tilray, what are your thoughts on this stock now? I bought some in August at $7.00 a share and can’t decide if I should let it run or take some profits. It was more just for fun money than anything, so tempted to let it run despite it likely being massively overvalued at this point
  2. Yeah - I wish they would be a little more clear with what they are thinking. I understand it’s a moving target, but no way will they be at 100%. Waste open had 5000 on Saturday. In 2019 they let in 200k. My guess is 10-25% capacity by then but not sure how they will determine who that 10-25% are. Luckily I can cancel the Airbnb I booked for full return up to a month out (one of the main reasons I picked the house I did).
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed but any new news on attendance at events this year? I got tickets for Saturday and Sunday of the PGA championship this year in SC but can’t imagine it will be full capacity in May. That said I’m not seeing any news when I google it. Anyone hear anything?
  4. Haven’t posted in this thread in a long time, but thought I would check in as I am happy with my 2020 results, but really want to take the next step in 2021. I have gone from weight 212.3 lbs on Feb 3rd with a body fat of 21.4% to 176 lbs and body fat of 13.5% today. Ive learned a lot of the last 10 months or so (not all was just learned, but finally applied some of it) so thought I would share a few things that I continually tell myself now: 1) Stop making excuses - for years I would always say “ill start dieting when xyz happens” or “ill start on Monday” and it would just be a cycle where I would yo-yo. There is no better time to start that immediately, and there are no real excuses. If you want to lose weight and feel better, make it a priority. I constantly gave myself “outs” so if you are doing the same, stop it 2) it is 80% what you eat, 20% how you work out. Ive always heard that, but never actually applied it. I love sweets, pizza, burgers, fries, basically all the food that’s not good for you. But, find the healthy foods you like and eat before you are hungry. I still indulge in my favorites once in awhile, but for the most part, dinner each night is either salmon or chicken, mixed with mushrooms, onions, peppers and Brussel sprouts that I sauté with some cauliflower rice (occasionally brown rice). I don’t aid any oils or anything to avoid the extra calories, but I love this meal. Could eat it every night...and it’s healthy. You might not like that meal specifically, but find a few that you like, and keep rotating them 3) don’t have food you shouldn’t eat in the house. This sounds easy, but just don’t buy it. Tougher if you have young kids, but in that case just make sure you have healthy snacks for yourself. Ive eaten more mixed nuts, green apples and celery with peanut butter in the last year than I have my whole life. And I enjoy those things too 4) just like food, find the exercises you love then ease into others to supplement. I love endurance things, like biking and running. So I could do those, but despised lifting. So I started by just trying to do 100 push ups a day with some crunches. After a few months I went to 150 a day. Just drop down and do a set whenever you can. I then threw in some bicep and tricep workouts. And then I started to really enjoy it. I now have the bow flex 552 dumbbells and a bench at my house and do full body workouts. 1 year ago I would have never thought I would enjoy lifting like I have for the last 3 months. Now I can’t get enough of it, and I think its because I eased my way in, and realized the results will come with time. 5) find some motivation. I started on Feb 3rd because I knew I had our first kid coming in the next 3 months after that. I had lower back issues so I wanted to drop some weight and strengthen my core so I could carry the baby around without my back going out. I also wanted to get healthy to set an example for my upcoming baby and to prolong my life. Find something like that. Doesn’t have to be a baby, it could be your current family/friends. Im sure I’m leaving a few things out I meant to put in here but just had a call come in and lost my train of thought. Anyway, wanted to post also to hold myself accountable for the next 4 months before a beach trip. So here they are: 1) throughout these last 10 months I have twice gone to Texas for a month to stay with the in-laws. Both times I came back with about 7-10lbs back on from what I had when I left. My goal is to not let that happen this time, as I leave again on Thursday. 2) be in the best shape of my life before the beach trip. I’d love a 6 pack, but not sure that will ever happen, though I am going to try 3) reduce body fat while increasing weight. This will all come down to if I can stay on a lifting plan and excel. I never enjoyed lifting until recently, so need to keep it up. My stretch goal for end of 2021 would be to be 185-190lbs at 12.5% body fat. Let’s do this!
  5. If you end up doing the charitable donation thing as I suggested, just ignore my suggested charity, The Human Fund. My friend George did it and got into a little mess with it. He is always getting into silly hijinx though.
  6. I think a charitable donation in lieu of a gift may be the way to go this year. Maybe a donation in their name to “The Human Fund”
  7. I think there is a good balance to find here. I certainly spend. Vacations (going to Maldives for 12 nights in March), snowboarding, golf, etc. But, when I was 22 and started out by putting 5% of my paycheck into my 401k and upping that 1% each year you don’t even notice it. Next thing you know, by 40, you have 500k for retirement. I have plenty of friends who didn’t do this, made similar money as me, and have done less trips/nights out and have next to nothing saved for retirement. So save early and save often comes with a caveat to still live your life. Just be smart about it! Everything is about balance
  8. I’ve been very fortunate with work to be able to set aside some other retirement money, it’s not a ton more than this, I just expect it to be able to grow quicker with no restrictions on what I can put in. One thing I always tell anyone who asks me about their career is to “save early and save often”.
  9. Hi everyone - love this thread, read everyday just to watch and learn and hope to start contributing more. Question for you all, which could either go here or the retirement thread, but since stock specific, im brining here. I just rolled over my 401k from my old employer to a tradition IRA Had around 470k. I took 350k in a 2060 target date, 60k in an emerging markets fund (both these funds are i shares because of my work) and then I have another 60k I’d like to buy 5-10 stocks for a long term hold. I keep bouncing around names like, amazon, apple, docusign, zoom, netflix, Disney, would have loved airbnb to stay under $100. What do you guys think? For context, this is not going to be my main retirement account, I am 38, married, single income as my wife is at home with my 7 month old. I want to have a little fund with individual names and im not afraid of taking some risk here (just not CYDY risk...well maybe id do 10k in something like that)
  10. Anyone doing any of the snake drafts on FD? Last two weeks I’ve done two a piece and have won all four. This week was able to pair Mahomes/Hill in both for easy wins (one 8 team draft, one 2 team). Could just be luck, but somewhat seems like weak players in them
  11. I went Kupp over Reynolds, others the same
  12. So how does everyone expect the market to react tomorrow?
  13. I have same lineup but Herbert over Burrow. Curious why you have Burrow instead of Herbert If you like Henry and Allen? Also, I’m new to daily fantasy so appreciate everyone’s insights. Last week was first week doing it and only played a league with 12 friends, but got 2nd thanks to you guys
  14. I’m going to get smoked. On all favorites. Balt -14 ari -3 tb -7 dal -4 zeke over 83.5 cheifs -13
  15. So I know there has been back in forth in the past on here on whether brokers are worth it or not. I personally use a broker for money I have earmarked for retirement. Not my 401k, I have that too and have picked mutual funds there, but other money that I tell my wife once I give it to this guy its gone til I retire. I think he has killed it this year, but when I read this thread it seems like everyone is killing it. So question for those who want to share: How much is your 401k up ytd: how much is your retirement money (not including 401k up): how much is your play account up: Im at 401k: 3.07% net brokerage: 32.83% net play: n/a just started it a month ago
  16. Anyone have a face mask they particularly like? As we start to venture out more and more Id like to pick up a few as I think we may be required to wear them for quite some time. Ive been getting by with disposable ones, but would like something a little better.
  17. Oh, and I think you already know, but the pricing he is giving you guys is crazy good. To replicate what he is sending the top shelf guys on the secondary market would cost you guys multiples of what you are paying.
  18. Jealous of you guys doing the top shelf sampler. There was some great stuff in there I have had, and some amazing stuff I have yet to. Didn’t get in because I am not really drinking right now. When this COVID thing first started and I thought I wouldnt be traveling for a month I said I wasn’t going to drink until I was traveling again....5 months later, here we are. Ha. Im going to crack eventually, but if I got a shipment with some of these goodies @[icon] is sending you guys, I wouldnt make it out of my mail room before giving them a try. Looking forward to everyone’s reviews!
  19. You can rub people the wrong way but you did help me get a replacement tempurpedic mattress so you are A-ok I’m my book!
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