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  1. Yes, just waiting for the flood and another me to keep the species alive, but Joe keeps banning him.
  2. Got my basis + a little profit out of TDOC today. Going to let the other 100 freeroll and see what they can do with the merged entity.
  3. You don't think they'd look for a different supplier, potentially, to have a chance to differentiate themselves? Does IMMR have serious competitors?
  4. I always love CAT, but CAT in the $190s is a whole new world to me. I remember watching them for years range-bound in the $80s. They seem like the type of mature company in the type of industry where PE could actually still matter. So I tried to track their PE over time here, but that dip in EPS in 2017 makes the chart impossible to read. So I ran '06-'16, in which their low looks to be sub-5 during '09 (of course), while their high is 29.42 coming out of the financial crisis. They spend most of their time in the teens. Then I ran mid-'18 to current. Mid-'18 as their earnings recovered, i
  5. Deere buy in there is Def a play on Biden infrastructure plan.
  6. I have no idea how it will play out. That's just how I'm analyzing the situation based on two completely separate sets of information. There might be something out there by a reputable source telling you why I'm wrong and a moron. I haven't looked, and I'm not sure I'm selling. But my cost basis is quite low, so I have some cushion to wait and see how things develop.
  7. My understanding of IIPR's business is that some (many?) of the properties they're buying are because a number of these weed companies can't use traditional financing due to the illegality of marijuana at the federal level. If banks can't/won't do business with you, how do you get the financing you need to grow your grow? Many of them own properties they're choosing to sell to IIPR to get the cash up front in order to finance operations or grow their business, and in the process they're signing long-term lease agreements with IIPR to continue using those properties. Because those lease ag
  8. Jut an FYI for those in MGNI. One of the reasons for the recent fall. Spruce Point Capital Management Releases Report and Strong Sell Research Opinion on Magnite, Inc BY PR Newswire — 10:30 AM ET 01/07/2021 NEW YORK, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Spruce Point Capital Management, LLC ("Spruce Point" or "we" or "us"), a New York-based investment management firm that focuses on forensic research and short-selling, today issued a detailed and expansive report entitled "A Repellent Investment" that outlines why shares of Magnite, Inc. ( MGNI ) face up to 50% downside risk to under $
  9. This seems counter-intuitive, but if we get Federal legalization, does IIPR get hammered?
  10. Unemployment is a joke. $240/wk max. Before they take out taxes. Yes, unemployment is taxed.
  11. What the hell, man? How do you think I got here in the first second place?
  12. Just follow the rules. It's not that hard. Not sure what's wrong with these people.
  13. At the Fry's out here, they set up a table manned by a couple of people handing out raffle tickets. You had to fill out name, number, and address and return that half of the ticket to them. You kept the other half for proof it was yours. They were open from 8-11am handing out tickets. After that closed, they drew winners. I was not present, so I can't speak to that process. No idea how many people showed up either, but I know there was a lengthy line when my wife was there at 8am, and there was not one at all when I got there around 9:45. You didn't have to be present to win, but you had to p
  14. @kutta Fry's on Jefferson in Phoenix from 4-7pm tomorrow and one in Chandler on Friday if either is near you. I won the one in the west valley.
  15. Won the lottery for a bottle of the 13 yr Pappy Rye today.
  16. We were supposed to have 3 couples over tonight, but my buddy woke up with a sore throat this morning. Apparently we're no longer allowed to ignore that and drink ourselves to the brink of death in order to kill it off. So I guess I have to drink his share, too, out of respect. (From everything I'm reading solo sore throat is pretty far down the list of likely covid indications, so I'm comfortable still making jokes for now) No edibles, though.
  17. I believe history would dictate you'll be locked into the final price of the ticker when it converts, rather than continuing to get the benefit of appreciation after the ticker changes over. Just FYI. Kind of limiting for you. And a prompt for correction if I'm wrong about that.
  18. Apparently the proper response to, "I'm not trying to be a pain in the ###, but..." is NOT, "After all these years, you think I don't know it comes effortlessly?"
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