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  1. It was looking like a good day coming off the weekend. The last 2 hours has been a blood bath.
  2. Now is a good time to buy. It went over $1.00 yesterday, but just dropped to .80. I think its a $2.00 coin soon. I bought some back when it was in the .30's and sold when it hit .70. I started buying again around .80.
  3. hey @[icon]I believe I missed the window to get tested in Nosara for the return trip home. Do you have any experience getting tested at the Liberia Airport location? Seems fine, but did any of your friends get tested there?
  4. Oh I get it, I get so tempted to day trade BTC. Its like clockwork most of the time. It rockets to a new ATH then dips about 20%. It does this about every month. But I'm not gonna do it!
  5. Today is a good day to buy ETH. You can say that every day until it hits $10k.
  6. my wife declared its not really mothers day until your the oldest living mom in the family.
  7. Cardano is looking really good. Still waiting on Ren and Bat to follow suit. I got out of Tel too early. No regrets taking 200% profit though. But its more than doubled again since I sold. SYLO, VRA and CHZ are the ones I moved the profits too. Good luck to all, this is looking like a fun day.
  8. Exactly. If you have any Doge, I'd be selling it all about 2 am Sunday morning. Anyone get in on Telcoin this past week? I got pretty lucky and snagged it at .007. Sold my initial investment and letting the rest ride to .02. Its currently sitting at .019. It would likely go higher, but I'm trying to bag these big swings and move on.
  9. Has anyone done the ETH staking on coinbase yet? I have a little on there, but the majority of mine in on Blockfi. Unfortunately, Blockfi just lowered their rates where you only get 4.5% on your Eth. Coinbase offers 6%, but once you stake it you can't get it back until ETH2 is operational. I like the better return, obviously, but having it truly locked up worries me. I certainly don't intend to use any ETH, but iif it runs up to $10k or higher I might be temped.
  10. My 11 yo has a pretty good handle on flying the FPV. I might get him the mini2 for christmas. He always wants to go flying with me which is great, but I want to fly the damn thing!
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