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  1. Its just a fast pass you pay for. While at the time, I could see paying $75 for a family of 5 to hop on Rise, I wouldn't feel good about it. After paying $625 to walk in the park it would leave me feeling a little too dirty. I'm interested in seeing what the stand by lines are like from here on out. It would be cool if everyone revolted and refused to buy this, but that wont happen. I'm interested in this new toy, but still not interested in going to the parks.
  2. I have all of my BTC on blockfi and most of my Eth. Drawing the interest has been nice, but I think I'm going to move it back to Coinbase or another exchange just for the easy on and off ramps for when this parabolic move comes. I'm ready.
  3. That seems like a good deal! I've still been watching that 77 In OLED at Costco. Its at $2999, down from about $3500 this summer. But I start looking again and now QNED is a thing? Haven't seen one in person yet, but looking at black Friday deals on BestBuy and they're everywhere.
  4. According to twitter and reddit....one was indeed a jumper that did die, he broke the leg of a guy he fell on. Sounds like the way the levels are tiered there the jumper had to (and did) get a running start and leaped. From what I've read is that the levels are pretty tight, so this guy jumped from level 3 and landed on level 1. Hence the running start. The other guy just fell...from one level to the next is apparently not as bad a fall. Supposedly he fell on the steps and tumbled over. I couldn't imagine being there, or seeing it. And the band didn't stop. I'm not sure what they should have done, but I couldn't imagine rocking out to Destiny Unbound, guy falling to his death, pool of blood and everything, and the band just continuing. I've been in a few upper decks that made me feel uneasy. My wife and I had tickets to a Panic Show at the Arena in ATL 20 years ago. Been there many times, but our tickets were in the upper deck. After about 10 minutes we left and just opted to walk around and stay on the ground.
  5. I got an email Friday saying my XLM was returned to the sending account. I got so excited, went to my account...nothing. I obviously sent another follow up, but no response. I think its a lost cause at this point. Dear Valued KuCoin User, Thank you for contacting KuCoin customer support. Sorry for the delay, this transaction has been returned to the sending address shown in the blockchain, here is the return TXID: https://stellarchain.io/tx/0253340e92cec246f81d11155833a8ce3e7494dbf23bf236da6b95ce10691e00 We hope this information guides you in the right direction. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please don't hesitate to let us know. Kind regards, Any ideas? Or just let it go?
  6. Eth is up 900% over the last 12 months. I think most experts consider the first leg up in this run...with run up #2 just beginning. $10k Eth is inevitable.
  7. If BTC can hit that $62ish and consolidate for a minute I think we'll see that Alts returning to jump we saw this time last year.
  8. I love it when things fall in to place...Like a little gift from the Universe. We've been planning spring break around an Orlando trip. Kind of torn between Universal or WDW. Leaning heavily to Universal, we haven't booked anything yet. I just had a conference announce the front end of that week in Orlando. At the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. That looks like a pretty central location. Close to the boardwalk and all that fun stuff we never really do. I know its always ideal to stay on Property, but Universal is a 2 day park if you have express passes correct? Might try and knock that out and dip our toe into Disney 1 night?
  9. Nothing....at least nothing yet. I never got a time line, but I've sent them everything they've requested. They followed up on 10/3 needing some info and I got it to them. I followed up yesterday. But if It comes back...its going to come back up about 15%! haha. All I can do is laugh at myself right now.
  10. I need to get the edger and blower. One more battery just for the sake of letting the kids help. I swear I've been thru them all, ECO absolutely blows the other away.
  11. Eco Brand anything is the best option. In my opinion they make the best batteries....and their batteries fit all their equipment. I've been thru Ryobi batteries. If you run it dead its hard to get it back charging. If you never run it dead its been okay, but 3 or 4 times I've had to put it on and off the charger 50+ times to get it to get enough juice to start charging again. I have a Kobalt 80v weed eater and blower, again the batteries suck. The charging base over charges them. You have to remember to pull it off the charger or it will be all but dead when you need it. I had a greenworks mower at one point and it was fine, but its only for light use. No issues, just wasn't powerful. Currently trying to replace all my tools with ECO brand. I just got the hedge trimmers and they're awesome. Better than any plug in trimmers I've ever used. The charging base is sophisticated. It has some sort of cooling fan on it and will shut off when the battery is charged.
  12. I have the best wife...She surprised me out of the blue with tickets to the show in PHO Oct 22! That's right around my bday. Naturally my first thought was, can we make the next show?? After a few drinks and planning we bought tickets to the next one in Chula Vista...but after more planning its just not feasible to make it. Anyone need tickets to the Chula Vista show on Oct 23?
  13. Increased my shiba count to 20,000,000. Nothing can go wrong here.
  14. Shiba is going to be the Doge coin of this next run. I'm sitting on my 15mil for a while. I made the mistake and sold Doge after learning it was a joke...It was a $10k mistake.
  15. The cast was the only thing good about it. About the only dramatic moment was Tiffany having to boot Claire. I think we mostly agree that we watch BB for the drama and there just wasn't any this year.
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