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  1. If you ever get out, check out La Luna in Nosara. Looks like its a 45 minute drive from Samara. Fun brunch trip for you. Dinner is great too.
  2. Yeah...more of a hypothetical concern. Trust me, I’m pretty much all 50/50 in now and growing.
  3. For real, when is the AMC ship lifting off?
  4. This is about the one thing that gives me the slightest reservations about BTC. What happens when 5-10 people or organizations own half the BTC out there. Would everyone else just say screw it, sell off and let these 5-10 organizations keep it all to themselves? Then watch it be worthless? Its probably not much different than what is going on now with the dollar....1%'ers and all.
  5. Been sitting on AMC for a while. When's a good time to cut bait?
  6. This is terrifying stuff. I have a 10 year old I get concerned about. He's easily upset, struggles in school (despite being noticeably bright), hates sports for the most part...just seems generally unhappy most of the time. We struggle to connect with him more than I ever thought we would.
  7. You've inspired me to get back to CR. We missed our 15 year anniversary because we had a new child and Covid...mainly the kiddo though. We're heading back to Nosara in May. Unless you and your instagram can sway me to Samara in the next few days. From Jackson MS to Liberia only takes 6 hours and is $410. That seems insane. Liberia mst have stepped up. When we went in 2013 it was like $1100 to get to LIberia. We were much more frugal then so we flew to San Jose, then took a Nature Air flight to Nosara.
  8. I've made some late night purchases myself. They eventually work out. I started buying in November 2020 and have since doubled my money. Got my feet wet in November, bought my first chunk in December, then another in January and a tad in Feb. I've learned with every big spike, a small correction follows 4-5 days later. I've been emptying out my robin hood account and few other accounts that don't really perform. I like where I'm at now. I have some weekly deposits set up on BTC and Eth and about 15% tied up alt coins. If you can play that game and be patient you can make some re
  9. I had always wondered how these transactions occurred.
  10. This will be a short lived dip. Buy BTC, Eth and LIte is you can today.
  11. I'd like to know too. Maybe the IRS will start accepting crypto? HA
  12. Stupid question I'm sure...Will the capital gains impact me if I never take a profit? In 2-3 months of buying crypto I haven't taken any profits to the bank. I just keep converting and holding.
  13. I'll let you know soon. I've only had this account up and going since December so I'm not certain on how all the tax stuff shakes out.
  14. I have a similar spread. Probably a bit more BTC. My hope on Eth has faded a little, but there are still some people speculating its the real deal and an ETH coin could hit 6 figures in 18-24 months. So I'm certainly not dumping it either. LINK, LTC and SNX are the other I'm just Hodling for now. The rest are trading chips. Just have to resist the urge to trade them too often!
  15. Doge is literally a joke. I'm sure you can make money, but their are true Alt coins out there worth investing in. I've rolled nearly all my money from my robinhood account to coinbase in the past few weeks. Stocks were too much for me to keep up with. Alts have their own risk, and maybe we're in a Goldenage and just don't know it yet, but literally everything is taking off in the alt coin market. GRT - up 844% in a month. SNX - up 100% in a month. Bought this one thanks to @TheDirtyWord KNC - up 140 in a month. Every 2 weeks or so I rebalance the book. Con
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