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  1. Constantly. I take a little pride when someone comes up to me and says, "oh my gosh, I hardly recognized you." Yup, thats what I'm going for. I got a full head of hair that goes from kind of long to pretty short once or twice a year. This is mostly out of laziness and not liking to go get a haircut. Same with the beard. I'll let it grow out for a while, then keep it trimmed...then shave it off. No rhyme or reason for any of it.
  2. Azah and Biog D is the final 2 this season deserves. X is the most deserving, he probably had the most influence in keeping the cookout in order, which didn't seem like an easy task. If Azah and X are the final two we might have a bitter jury situation. The girls all might vote Azah and Ky might might not have calmed down yet. They have to rework the game somehow. I don't know what the answer is, more doubles early? a $15k secret cash prize to vote against your alliance? Let America take over a week or two? The big alliances that take over the game just take all the fun out of it. And the last 2 weeks of the game is brutal to watch even in a good year. We'll still watch just cause there's nothing else in the summer, but its getting to where we skip entire episodes if we get behind.
  3. Finally built up the balls to try my hand and swing trading. REN is my biggest position...sold half of it last night at 1.03, just a hair above my buy in price...It should take off now and never look back. It looks completely unfazed by this overnight dip. Also, I'm in for 15mil Shib's now. Its so cheap I'm thinking when the next leg up happens people will eat it up.
  4. Eh, I'll give these a shot too. I've been hearing about it for a while. Just did my televisit and everything...seemed super easy. I've never really needed ED meds, much less actually used it. Wife and I are still regular, but I'm interested in extending the sessions.
  5. Yeah, Its about $500 more for the Royal Pacific. Thats a no brainer. We'll be there March 12-15.
  6. Hey, you've spent my money in the thread for 7 or 8 years now! Kids are 11,9 and 6...older 2 are tall enough and love the thrills. Mom and the little will go get ice cream. I was double checking the express pass and I didn't see it. I definitely want to go that route.
  7. Any Universal guys know if now is a good time to book? I know they typically have more sales and deals than Disney.
  8. I think we're going to opt for Universal. Kids have been wanting to do that anyway. Got on the Costco travel site last night and found a 3 night deal at the Cabana Bay with all the bells and whistles for about the same $3300. Going to find a quiet little beach town for 3-4 nights on the way home to fill out the week.
  9. Current Selections 5-Day Ticket with Park Hopper Option Valid any 5 days from Sat, Mar 12, 2022 – Sat, Mar 19, 2022. 3 x Ages 10+ ($626.25/ticket) 2 x Ages 3-9 ($607.33/ticket) $3,093.41 Tax $201.09 Subtotal $3,294.50USD
  10. We started toying around with going for spring break this year, but the costs are still tripping me up. I hate it too. We feel a little guilty cause our adopted daughter we've had 2 years has only been once. Our other kids have been 7 or 8 different times. We have some DVC points we need to use and can stay at Old Key West or Saratoga. We've never been to either, but are up for trying. 5 day Park Hopper tickets for a family of 5 are $3300. Meal Plans aren't currently available. Whats the word there? Whats the cost of food per day? $300?
  11. Reports are that the whistle was blown. Either way I think the "Signal" overrides the audible whistle.
  12. Was the Memphis punt return never mentioned here? Obviously we had multiple chances to put them away, but we got completely shafted a few times that game. State punts it, player clearly (although quickly) downs it, nearest ref blows his whistle AND motions dead ball. Our players start walking off their field, Memphis players walking on the field. Memphis guys picks it up and runs it back. I'm still baffled...and pissed. It was never reviewed.
  13. They have a pretty big distribution center in Jackson, MS now, but I had to have just gotten lucky. Likely someone canceled their order, or upgraded. Who knows. Demand here isn't nearly like it is in other parts of the US. There is a noticeable (at least to me) difference in the SR+ and the Dual Motor AWD I used to have. Not nearly as peppy right off the line. I love it though. Pretty awesome car for the price, IMO.
  14. damn...the Tesla Gods smiled on me. Ordered on Sept 6th. Was given a January estimate. I actually changed my color twice, last time being 9/9. Got an updated delivery window of Nov 10-30. Just got a call that its in town and I can pick it up tomorrow. Gotta do one more landscaping pick up with my truck before its traded in. I'm so pumped!!!
  15. Ren finally decided to rise from the dead today. It was my largest alt I had with the intentions of trading. Avg buy was $1.00. It was tough to see it drop to .33. ATH of $1.83 might be back in sights.
  16. Its probably not worth watching. I know people hate it when production tinkers with the game, like when Paul returned and got 2 weeks of immunity. I don't understand why they cant have more double evictions. Or at least have them at different times. A double in week 3 and 5 would really shake things out in my opinion. Usually the big alliances will have issues, this year seems like the exception.
  17. True Story. He'll figure it out one day and I'm certain he'll be a great HC. His 2 year stint at MSU was awful.
  18. I think X is the front runner. Seems like the total package at this point. Liked in the jury house, can about win any comp he wants, very smart dude. About the only thing that will trip him up is the double this week. Just for dramas sake I'd love to see him backdoored Thursday. But were at the point where everyone plays in the veto. I'm not sure Kyland has the jury vote...unless he's up there with Big D. Even if it were he and Azah I'm not sure Ky would get the votes. I dont know...been a strange season, but enjoyable.
  19. While its been mostly boring, from a pure gameplay pov...they've been amazing. Tiff and some others might privately regret not breaking from the CO. I think Tiff could have all but controlled the game if she had kept Claire and put up another guy from the CO. Would have been 4 girls and 3 guys after that. Think the girls could have run things. There's a nightmare scenario that exists out there where Big D and Azah are the F2.
  20. We're currently having a terrible experience in 6th grade football. Small'ish private school here. 21 kids total on the team. We're new at the school and new to football all together. I went and introduced myself and my son to the coach at the first practice. Explained to him that we had never played, but my kid is fast and athletic and you'll have to find him a position, etc. Coach was super nice, explained to me that 6th grade football is fun, they'll find him a position or two, get plenty of reps cause theres only 21 on the team and just try to have fun, etc. The perfect answer. We attended every "optional" practice this summer. My kid often pulled double duty cause he runs cross country too. Just could not have done more to prove he wanted to be there. He's not the fastest, but hes probably in the best shape overall on the team. Game one was last week. He did not play a single down. He was so pissed, probably as pissed as I was. There were 4 kids that didn't step foot on the field. 3 kids got all the touches. We won 27-6. When the possession would change 2 kids would run off the field for subs. That's ridiculous though, right? I didn't confront the coach, but others clearly did. We got a long winded message about some kids not being ready, blah blah blah.
  21. Just placed an order for the Standard Range Plus M3! I'm so excited to be back in the game. We've had a mess of cars since I totaled my 3 nearly 2 years ago...Wife bought a Subaru Ascent with my settlement for the 3. We thought it was best for the family of 5, but its short on space, and the kids are still growing. Then I bought a Tacoma in hopes getting a boat...well we got a boat, but the Taco just doesn't cut it with towing the boat. Wife ended up getting a Suburban, plenty of room and will tow the boat. My 3 will be the daily driver. I drive about 75 miles a day between school and afterschool activities. All of that was starting to add up. Hope these are the final autos we have to buy for a while. Have to wait til January though. Thats the bummer. Went white, with the aeros...
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