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  1. I used this opportunity to cut some losses here
  2. Clone Wars series is really good. If you're a fan, you should watch it.
  3. And yet you still support Trump . . .
  4. This is yet another Republican lie. A number of cases passed standing and got to the point of listening to evidence. Trump's lawyers consistently failed to submit anything that could be considered evidence, and at that point, the cases were thrown out.
  5. Not true in Michigan https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2021/04/08/michigans-latest-covid-surge-has-metro-detroit-hospitals-nearing-capacity/
  6. Blake Griffin is what he is - we all knew that things would end up like this as soon as we traded for him. And there are two things that he has in the plus column for Pistons fans: 1. He did come back early from an injury to play in the playoffs a couple of years ago, and may have worsened the injury because of it. But more importantly, 2. We have zero interest in winning games this season, so him dogging it to get out of town worked just fine with our team goals.
  7. Poor UCLA. First Alabama and then to be eliminated on that. Props to them for the whole run - they've been great.
  8. I was going to say Eye of the Tiger or I Think We're Alone Now
  9. SQ today and QS tomorrow looks like a good end to the week!
  10. Doubtful - they're going to lose a lot: Livers and Wagner looked into going pro last year, and almost certainly will go into the draft. Probably late-first to early-second round picks. Mike Smith, Chaundee Brown, and Austin Davis are all grad students. Brown is probably the only one of the three with a possible pro future (as a 3-and-D guy). I think they'd all be eligible to come back for the extra year, but probably just will move on with their lives. Eli Brooks may be the most likely - just a senior, and no real pro future, so maybe he'd spend a grad year playing. With th
  11. It's still pretty weird that the Gonzaga-USC game is going to start at 4:15 local time for their fans, and the Michigan-UCLA game is going to start at 10 pm local time for Michigan fans. I guess UCLA fans are happy?
  12. USC-Gonzaga could be a pretty good game. USC has been impressive throughout.
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