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  1. Used Off: SF, Chargers, Arizona, buffalo, Minnesota, Indy Used Def: JAX, Browns, Bills, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburg Week 7 offense - Rams Week 7 defense - Denver
  2. Used Off: SF, Chargers, Arizona, buffalo, Minnesota Used Def: JAX, Browns, Bills, Green Bay, New England Week 6 offense - Indy Week 6 defense - Pittsburg
  3. Used Off: SF, Chargers, Arizona, buffalo Used Def: JAX, Browns, Bills, Green Bay Week 5 offense - Minnesota Week 5 defense - New England
  4. This seems to be correct, but, fairly strangely, the ball was snapped from the 20 and half the defense was lined up between the 20 and the 21 when the play started. I guess they just don't care all that much for punts?
  5. SQ also down to a level that makes it a really good buy
  6. Used Off: SF, Chargers, Arizona Used Def: JAX, Browns, Bills Week 4 offense - buffalo Week 4 defense - atlanta actually Green Bay
  7. This is basically me - voted essentially straight Republican every election until 2016. 2016 was basically mostly Republican and the Libertarian candidate because I couldn't bring myself to vote for Hillary. Straight democrat in 2018 and 2020. Will never vote Republican again until the party has purged itself from Trump and all of the Trump-enablers.
  8. Used Off: SF, Chargers Used Def: JAX, Browns
  9. The answer appears to be infinite. Roger Goodell doesn't give a damn about the Lions.
  10. Offense - arizona Defense - Bills On phone - will add in my priors later
  11. Used Off: SF Used Def: JAX Week 2 Offense: Chargers Defense: Browns
  12. Looks like I misremembered. Lions lost the game when the original call was a TD (clock stopped), and they reversed it to down on the 1-inch line. 8 seconds left in the game, so even though the whole offense was standing within 3 yards of the new line of scrimmage and they would have had plenty of time to line up and spike the ball if the call was right, the game ended with the runoff. On replay stoppages, where it's no fault of the offense that the clock stopped, a good compromise would be to only run off 5 seconds, which is probably a more realistic estimate of the time it would take for the offense to line up and spike on most plays. And would reduce the chances of ending a game on a referee's mistake instead of letting the teams play it out.
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