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  1. Sorry, must have looked at the wrong post. I'd be nice if the first post had all the Chesstime names listed . . .
  2. I attached my speakers with bluetooth. I think you have to go into the "Remotes and accessories" or something like that to pair the device - it wasn't intuitive for me.
  3. I sent my invite to the wrong fatguy. A surprisingly large number of those accounts in Chess Time.
  4. I have the H9G, as well. Great picture, and I've had no issues with it dropping streams at all. Definitely would recommend.
  5. Sure, I'll play. I played some with my son over Christmas break, and was thrashed by him pretty soundly.
  6. Guilty of what? Taking money from China before becoming president? In what way would that be an impeachable offense?
  7. Whatever forced him to do it, this was a good speech and a good message to send. Hopefully, it helps to stave off further acts of violence in the next week.
  8. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but this made me
  9. You'd think that if this many people are conspiring against him (the media, RINOs, every court in the US, pollsters, Pence, McConnell, etc, etc, etc), including committing multiple felonies and risking life in jail for it, there's some chance that less than 50% of the country actually voted against him for president.
  10. Oh, and being able to yield the same team twice on the same leg with just BS. I couldn't believe that was allowed. The blonds were done wrong.
  11. I was going to cut him some slack because he just got done watching the three other teams in his 'alliance' collaborate to ensure his elimination. I would have been pretty pissed off at the moment, as well. Why the footballers gave the other teams even an inch of space to discuss things without them being able to overhear is beyond me. When it became obvious that the other three teams were working together, I would have had just one of them carry the cases over to guess, and the other camp out with the rest of the group. And once the beards got the answer right, forget guessing, and just
  12. Romney and McCain? But I agree that the party is all in on trumpism, and it will be him or someone he supports as the candidate.
  13. Also, keep in mind that as long as the Republicans hold the Senate, they could decide to appoint whoever they wanted to onto the court. Refuse to approve a nomination whenever a D is President, and ramrod their political hack through whenever an R is. It may take a while, but they could eventually get there.
  14. That's the one line remaining between us and a dictatorship. Congress has shown that they have no interest in keeping this in check. When you say that these actions aren't an 'assault on democracy', keep that in mind.
  15. And what happens when Republicans decide to stop appointing qualified judges to the Supreme Court, and just filling the seats with political hacks? Nothing outside the law about that either, but it's certainly "circumventing the democratic process".
  16. Trying to throw out the votes of 8 million Americans and replace them with electors selected by his cronies is a blatant assault on our democracy. He's just hoping that he can count on the Supreme Court to fall into that cronyism and support his bid to turn America into a dictatorship. Fortunately, that seems exceedingly unlikely.
  17. They wrote in the lawsuit that the Attorney General of Texas filed with the US Supreme Court and 17 other states signed on to, and Trump supported, that they want to throw out the votes from the election and have the electors assigned in a different way. How is that not "one person on the right" in your mind?
  18. If the kid wasn't kicked out of school, he got his second chance. There's no way he should have ever been allowed on the field in any sport again. Attacking a ref is not forgivable behavior.
  19. If you were looking for a QB for just Week 16, who would you grab? Mayfield (vs Jets) Brees (vs Min) Stafford (vs TB) Or just roll with Roethlisberger vs Indy?
  20. The studios are losing out on a lot of money by not getting the theater revenue stream. HBOMax subscription fees can't make up for that at their current rates. It seems like if this is the future, HBO Max and Disney Plus are going to have to increase their subscription prices substantially to make up for the difference. Then we'll see how the market shakes out. Kind of what is shaking out in the world of sports, with streaming services like Hulu Live originally being way cheaper than cable, and then steadily having to increase their prices to be able to afford the sports licensing fees.
  21. What do you think of 50% of Republicans claiming that Trump legitimately won the election? It's really hard to not generalize that large of a group of people.
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