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  1. We all drink. It is ok. We respect your opinion.
  2. HBO Max? This is my wheelhouse. I watched Inside the NBA with 4 eps, and it was outstanding. Hilarious. My boys (13&11) watched it with me. They were rolling with the Shaq & Chuck episodes. And they don't really know who they are. It was great.
  3. 2 thumbs up on the Rowdy Roddy Piper biography. Next up, the Macho Man. RKBRO needs to stick around.
  4. Rumored to be played by WWE wrestler...The Miz. Awesome.
  5. Godzilla vs. Kong was mindless fun. Looking forward to a bloody Mortal Kombat tomorrow. I hate to admit this, but the serial killer shows on Discovery + are great. Deadliest Catch just started up, too.
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