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  1. YouTube TV Netflix WWE Network...yeah I know Xbox Live I am content. What really sucks, with Covid, is no new damn movies are coming out.
  2. The AC/DC hat got him caught. And his Avia shoe prints. Everywhere. I remember that as well. A pentagram on his hand. He was proud. Sick individual.
  3. It was an excellent doc. He had a whole state terrified. I was very young at the time, but I remember his court proceedings as a kid. My first thought was this guy is messed up. Didn't know he died of cancer. He was supposed to get the gas chamber.
  4. Night Stalker. Search for a serial killer. Netflix. That dude was ####ed up.
  5. New Mexico. Lived there for 2yrs when I was 6. Most beautiful country I have seen. When the sun went down on the San Dia mountains, glorious.
  6. Because Bullet Club was the best faction since NwO?? Loads of potential, especially against the Inner Circle.
  7. Dr. Dre had a brain aneurysm. In ICU. Sunva#####.
  8. The Iron Sheik posted on Twitter: "Hulk Hogan is still worse than the NFC East." 😁
  9. It was outstanding. And his kid took it like a champ. Literally and figuratively. That was rough.
  10. And Jericho on commentary is nearly as good as Heenan.
  11. Very, very sad to hear about this. Way too soon. On a positive note, (not to be a ####) Santa brought me The Rock and JR's books for Christmas. Looking forward to digging in.
  12. I need a good au jus recipe for prime rib. Something easy and light. Not a gravy like consistency. Any help is appreciated. First prime rib. Also, making a softened garlic/ herb butter. When do you slather? Beginning? End? I have a foolproof cook process and rub.
  13. Simple mashed potatoes and asparagus. It's just for 2. And we have been together 3yrs. No need to impress, plus, I don't give a ####. Gimme that Prime Rib!😀
  14. Thanks, Dan. Big help. 😉 Going to use leftovers for chili. Merry Christmas!
  15. I have to make it in the oven. Rain/snow showers with temps under 10. Yuck.
  16. Outstanding. This is gonna be money, too. Don't recall his name, but he can act. Tom something.
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