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  1. Just called after credits fell off my bill so my bill is now close to triple what it was. No credits available at this time. Guess it's time for a change or to set up a cancellation date and see if they contact me with any discounts.
  2. What are the odds that he plays and then gets suspended/cut and then AB claims he was injured and thus deserves an injury settlement? No way if I'm the Raiders I take that chance if there's still a thought that they cut him because of actions detrimental to the team.
  3. Anyone try to return their MoviePass (1yr membership) to Costco? Terms changing weekly is getting ridiculous. Checked yesterday at multiple venues and there wasn't a movie listed before 5:00 that was available to see. I would've thought this would've been the other way around since they should want you going to the cheaper showtimes.
  4. Really didn't think that JC said anything wrong just trying to compare how two words are both derogatory towards a different set of people. I think if anyone was stereotyped or "harassed" growing up JC would have been more subjected to that than her. She definitely over reacted. I think CBS needed to fill some time (create a story) because Sam told them she knew who she was nominating and there was no changing her mind.
  5. Don't understand the logic behind this. Last person to sing has ~5 minutes to get votes based on their performance that night.
  6. Why are you treating hostesses like they are a piece of meat?
  7. Which one are ewe helping over the fence?
  8. I had them send me another remote and the issue still exists.
  9. You think that just because I'm not Blonde I don't pack a punch?
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