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  1. If you don't mind a 30 or so minute drive.. I would suggest Golden- My sister lives there & It's a very nice city
  2. Kind of what I was thinking - Thanks
  3. Were would you rank Booker if Jacobs is out?
  4. Not sure if this has been mentioned before or not.. But Line of Duty on Amazon Prime is really good
  5. I may have sent the wrong message.. I'm saying the NHL Playoffs are the best of our top 4 sports.. In my opinion the NBA is almost unwatchable
  6. Really - Wow - Check out the NHL playoffs..
  7. It was the Twins beat reporter.. Lavelle E Neal -
  8. Which one would most watch first of these 2.. Watchmen or The Witcher
  9. Man I wish I was still skiing - Haven't done much since High School. Best place I ever skied was Sun Valley ID. I went with a buddy that new the mountain any we skied the back side of I think Seattle Ridge and ended up out of town. Had to get picked up by someone to drive us back to the mountain.. it was awesome
  10. LOL - I agree with you - We haven't probably beat the Yanks since Santana All good!!
  11. At least the Twins spent money - We're probably 150 million less then the Yanks.. MLB is a joke when it comes to payroll.
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