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  1. So, you prefer Nancy Pelosi to be the President?
  2. Man I was pretty far gone last night. First night back on the sauce since new years (I gave up a bit early). I don't remember any details from our games - how did we do?
  3. So, you prefer Kamala Harris to be the President?
  4. This is the kind of stuff I don't understand. And maybe its because I've never identified myself with any political party or anything like that. But, just as an example, if someone at work were to accuse me of stealing things, I would hope that the burden of proof would first be on my accuser to show that I actually stole anything at all. And I would hope that my company would follow the standard procedures for an inquiry into this kind of incident rather than threaten to fire me merely based on allegations. If my accuser brought forth over 60 examples, and my company shot down each
  5. These look both amazing and terrifying. Just watched a few youtube videos on this - can't believe the way people are riding this on asphalt without any padding. Is it just that the camera makes it look like it's going faster than it is? Maybe its harder to fall off than it looks? I'm a competent boarder, but I fell many many times to get to that point.
  6. Yeah I agree he's in a tough spot. I can't see him throwing out the votes. I think everyone (Trump aside, possibly) understands that this is all theatre right now, but the minute Pence does that, it ceases to be that and becomes something else. I imagine he's done the calculus in his head and recognizes that he doesn't have enough support to go down that other path and survive.
  7. Pretty wild to me that, for some people, hard evidence of a sitting president implying to certain government officials and members of his own party that they are criminals because the outcomes of their investigations did not come out in his favor is no big deal. But a questionable laptop showing Hunter Biden might of arranged some meetings with board members of some Ukranian or Chinese companies with his father is a smoking gun that Joe Biden abuses his political power.
  8. You too man! Fun night last night even tho the games were a bit rough. Have a good one everyone!
  9. It wouldn’t be called DEEP state if it were shallow, my man. Plus I’m sure all those institutions have had leaders that donated money to the Clintons at some point, or in the case of Barr, have friends that did. Follow the money bro!
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