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  1. I didn’t. I watched it over the course of 2 weeks. I’m just saying that from a business/marketing perspective, I feel it would have made a lot more sense to break it up. There’s a negative stigma that comes with a 4 hour movie that wouldn’t have been there as a miniseries. Also would have given them an opportunity to generate more buzz.
  2. I thought it was decent. Much better than the original one but that’s because that one was God awful and I didn’t get halfway through it. What left me miffed. though, was given they were already going to stream it, why didn’t they just cut it up and release it as a 4 part miniseries instead? Lots of complaints about it being too long and that would have completely eliminated that feeling, while also keeping viewers on the platform longer.
  3. I'm still surprised people see Gordon as a positive value contract, to be honest. And a bit stunned you think he's better than Jerami Grant.
  4. I didn't realize he had a declining salary. That's interesting...thanks for pointing that out. I see some value now. I still think he stinks, although maybe thats just from the perspective of a Raptors fan who consistantly watched him on the Magic sucking year in year out in the first round.
  5. I guess I'm just underrating Gordon then, because I've always thought he's pretty trash too. He's always injured, whiny, has a big contract, and every time I watch him he's chucking and missing big shots.
  6. Wow that's a stunning price to me. That's essentially 2 firsts and Harris. Do people around the league really think he's that good?
  7. So, you prefer Nancy Pelosi to be the President?
  8. Man I was pretty far gone last night. First night back on the sauce since new years (I gave up a bit early). I don't remember any details from our games - how did we do?
  9. So, you prefer Kamala Harris to be the President?
  10. This is the kind of stuff I don't understand. And maybe its because I've never identified myself with any political party or anything like that. But, just as an example, if someone at work were to accuse me of stealing things, I would hope that the burden of proof would first be on my accuser to show that I actually stole anything at all. And I would hope that my company would follow the standard procedures for an inquiry into this kind of incident rather than threaten to fire me merely based on allegations. If my accuser brought forth over 60 examples, and my company shot down each
  11. These look both amazing and terrifying. Just watched a few youtube videos on this - can't believe the way people are riding this on asphalt without any padding. Is it just that the camera makes it look like it's going faster than it is? Maybe its harder to fall off than it looks? I'm a competent boarder, but I fell many many times to get to that point.
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