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  1. Had Covid in Feb.  Had my first shot (AZ) a month ago.  Kicked my butt far more than the actual virus did but I would still do it 10/10 times because I just don't see any harm in getting as protected as I can to keep those around me from getting sick.

  2. 47 minutes ago, -fish- said:

    You realize you didn't have to watch it all in one sitting, right?

    I didn’t.  I watched it over the course of 2 weeks.  I’m just saying that from a business/marketing perspective, I feel it would have made a lot more sense to break it up.  There’s a negative stigma that comes with a 4 hour movie that wouldn’t have been there as a miniseries.  Also would have given them an opportunity to generate more buzz.  

  3. I thought it was decent.  Much better than the original one but that’s because that one was God awful and I didn’t get halfway through it. 

    What left me miffed. though, was given they were already going to stream it, why didn’t they just cut it up and release it as a 4 part miniseries instead?  Lots of complaints about it being too long and that would have completely eliminated that feeling, while also keeping viewers on the platform longer.

  4. 1 minute ago, Kev4029 said:

    Harris is a negative value contract, Hampton still has a long ways to go, and I assume the draft pick will be mediocre to poor for a first rounder. I kind of view this as 1.5 first rounders for Gordon and 0.5 first rounders to have Orlando take the Harris contract.

    I'm still surprised people see Gordon as a positive value contract, to be honest.  And a bit stunned you think he's better than Jerami Grant.

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  5. 1 minute ago, the moops said:

    Gary Harris will get paid 21 million next year.

    Aaron Gordon will make 16 million

    I didn't realize he had a declining salary.  That's interesting...thanks for pointing that out.  I see some value now.   I still think he stinks, although maybe thats just from the perspective of a Raptors fan who consistantly watched him on the Magic sucking year in year out in the first round.

  6. 2 minutes ago, the moops said:

    It is pick # 24 past last year who has shown nothing. A future late first roundr, and the trash that is Gary Harris.

    Great deal for DEN. Terrible get by ORL

    I guess I'm just underrating Gordon then, because I've always thought he's pretty trash too.   He's always injured, whiny, has a big contract, and every time I watch him he's chucking and missing big shots.

  7. 8 hours ago, Insein said:

    It wasn't just Trump questioning things. When you have people demanding answers for things that were directly witnessed, video evidence and extreme outlying of data, you don't tell them to suck it up you lost. You do a full audit and prove them wrong. With so many changes thrown in last minute for Covid and otherwise, they should have done that at a minimum. Courts rejecting evidence because of procedural mistakes and not the nature of the findings is not dismissal. 

    The government failed to give any answer to the people. They just ignored them and said deal with it. 

    This is the kind of stuff I don't understand.   And maybe its because I've never identified myself with any political party or anything like that.

    But, just as an example, if someone at work were to accuse me of stealing things, I would hope that the burden of proof would first be on my accuser to show that I actually stole anything at all.  And I would hope that my company would follow the standard procedures for an inquiry into this kind of incident rather than threaten to fire me merely based on allegations.   If my accuser brought forth over 60 examples, and my company shot down each one, some of them because the accuser had procedural flaws, that should be the accuser's problem, not mine.  It shouldn't shift the burden of proof to me, and we shouldn't have to deliberate on a flawed argument.   

    If the affidavits were true, the video evidence was legitimate, and the data was undeniable, then you should blame the Trump Campaign's legal team for not finding a way to have them deliberated on in court instead of blaming the government for ignoring it.   Had any of the many alleged cases of fraud won in court, there might have been grounds for a broader inquiry, investigation, and more audits.  But that didn't happen, and it's not the government's fault that Trump's lawyers weren't able to get past that first step.

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  8. These look both amazing and terrifying.  Just watched a few youtube videos on this  - can't believe the way people are riding this on asphalt without any padding.  Is it just that the camera makes it look like it's going faster than it is?   Maybe its harder to fall off than it looks?  I'm a competent boarder, but I fell many many times to get to that point.

  9. 1 minute ago, shader said:

    From a constitutional standpoint, there currently isn't a path to Trump winning, unless Pence throws out electoral votes claiming that they are not valid.  

    That would be unprecedented and I don't know what formal procedures would be in place to address those actions on the 6th.  To me, this ends Pence's political career, and as someone who likely wanted to run for office in the future, I don't think there's any chance of Pence doing this.

    Ironically, him NOT throwing out electoral votes will make him HATED among the right, which will doom his future chances.  So he's in a corner.

    Yeah I agree he's in a tough spot.  I can't see him throwing out the votes.  I think everyone (Trump aside, possibly) understands that this is all theatre right now, but the minute Pence does that, it ceases to be that and becomes something else.  I imagine he's done the calculus in his head and recognizes that he doesn't have enough support to go down that other path and survive.  

  10. Pretty wild to me that, for some people, hard evidence of a sitting president implying to certain government officials and members of his own party that they are criminals because the outcomes of their investigations did not come out in his favor is no big deal.   But a questionable laptop showing Hunter Biden might of arranged some meetings with board members of some Ukranian or Chinese companies with his father is a smoking gun that Joe Biden abuses his political power.


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  11. 2 hours ago, 2Squirrels1Nut said:

    Nobody said Russia interfered in our elections. Unless you count the CIA, FBI, NSA, and even AG Barr. Yes, this is the new Obama is going to take your guns and SOCIALISM. 

    It wouldn’t be called DEEP state if it were shallow, my man.  Plus I’m sure all those institutions have had leaders that donated money to the Clintons at some point, or in the case of Barr, have friends that did.  Follow the money bro!

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