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  1. I think you make some good points but, in fairness to the Celtics, OG was their third option on that play. I think someone (maybe Lowry?) said after the game that the first and second options on that play were Pascal (inexplicably) and Fred Van Vleet but those were taken away. For the record, I don’t think OG has ever been higher than the 3rd option in the Raptors offense, although I could see that changing with this series as he’s been one of their few reliable shooters. He’s still not a good passer and can’t really create for himself though.
  2. I'm already drunk but is anyone getting on tonite? I'll probably log in at some point soon
  3. Why do Sixers fans keep saying this? This implies they had a chance to win on that shot. Coming from a guy who just completely trashed us Raptors fans as “unknowlegeable” no less.
  4. As a Raptors fan I don’t feel confident at all and in their ability to beat the Celtics. Just don’t have a lot of confidence in the offence. Meanwhile I think very highly of Tatum and Brown and talent wise they are significantly better than anyone we have. I think it will be a hard fought series and emotional one for sure as we Toronto fans hate all Boston teams.
  5. I thought Whiteside did a pretty good job of providing help D on Lebron. I felt like the Lakers had no answer for Portland after the Blazers adjusted their D to have Nurk and Whiteside both defending the paint, with Nurk glued to AD while Whiteside became a roving help defender/rebounder. They dared the Lakers to shoot 3's and the Lakers couldn't hit any of them. Will be interesting to see if the Lakers shooters can be better consistently the rest of the series (I'm a bit skeptical of that to be honest), but imo the better solution would be for the coaching staff to find a solution to the
  6. Takes me a while to get going these days. I was so bad in those first few games missing everything. You were playing really well tho - finishing off squads with ease
  7. What kind of low res computers are you guys on?? The sign says "Support our Poor Communities. Not our Wealthy Men"
  8. 1. Just because the protesters are extreme doesn't mean their message has to be extreme. 2. Following your generalization, wouldn't it be wise for a movement to focus on a more mainstream objective, to give the movement a better chance at surviving this demonization?
  9. This is the problem though imo. You might appreciate the nuance of what those protesters are trying to say, but most people won't. I see it as similar to "Defund the Police". These kinds of statements are fine for energizing those who already believe in the cause, but do little to draw in individuals who need a bit more convincing or perhaps lack awareness. And how effective is a protest really if it fails to do the latter two things?
  10. Agree. Sounds like it was more of a TD/SD reporting issue than a sizable loss. For all we know kid could be in the green now with the trade. RH needs to do a better job of educating their clients. Such a tragedy.
  11. Yeah the PC's don't make it easy with their views on LGBT and climate change, but the Liberal Party and especially JT have proven over and over again that they have no clue how to manage finances or the economy. I voted Doug Ford without batting an eye because the Liberals messed things up so badly in Ontario, as much as I can't stand the person.
  12. I would never dream of voting anything but Conservative up here in Canada. Not a chance I'd do the same in the U.S. though as "conservatives" there (especially if they are anything like the ones on this board) are so far extreme to the Right compared to the rest of the world. I grew up in the states in a 100% Reagan/Bush Sr. household but the Republican party doesn't seem to be that any more.
  13. Currencies are always a tough game and if you are thinking about going long CAD simply because you are bearish USD, imo that's the wrong way to think about it. If your call is bearish USD I think you'd be better off trading it vs a basket. As for USDCAD itself, Debt/GDP is a fairly small part of the equation imo. As GM mentioned, the Canadian economy is quite resource reliant and is very export focused overall. Canadians also have a much higher % of household debt relative to the US, on top of more elevated housing prices, meaning the consumption response to lower interest rates is li
  14. Last night was fun. I'll try to be on again tonight - tired of playing rusty. Hope you were able to get up in time for work Gforce and have a good camping trip
  15. There you go talking about fundamentals I agree with everything you are saying. But if there's one thing that has become obvious over the last 10 or so years, it is that flows dominate over everything else. Will that change due to fundamentals in a month or two? I don't know. But if you take Powell at his word with "whatever it takes", how bad could the pullback be, especially given the possibility that a second wave is worse than the first has become increasingly unlikely?
  16. I agree. The narrative is simple right now. Don't fight the Fed.
  17. I agree. The rights to participate in a NewCo equity offering are always a hotly contested commodity in workouts and often the motivation around valuation fights between the various classes of creditors. It would take an extraordinary rebound in earnings or multiples moving far beyond unprecedented levels for impairments to improve to such a degree that the creditors would feel that they need to give something to the equity claims.
  18. I can't remember the last time I've looked at a file where the pre-petition equity had any value when the unsecureds traded at cents on the dollar. I vaguely recall some cases of this in Latin America, where creditor protections are not as robust (some of which I unfortunately owned) but don't recall anything in the U.S.
  19. Not sure what you mean by that. Yes it is technically a 12 month target, but what most equity analysts try to do, and especially the ones from the bulge brackets, is calculate what they believe the company's intrinsic value is on a per share basis. While they may have some thoughts on how soon the shares get there, that isn't where their expertise lies - they aren't traders or money managers. So you can think about the price targets within a 12 month time frame but it doesn't mean much. I totally agree with Sporthenry though that it is important to consider these numbers with a healthy dos
  20. The PT just means that by whatever valuation metrics they are using (usually DCF but sometimes they use SOP or a combo) their analyst thinks that the stock is worth $45 today. I wouldn't think about it in terms of time frame.
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