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  1. The first of 8 would championship spots is up for grabs this weekend. They are live right now and I think Saturday and Sunday starts at 10 AM EDT as well. You can find it here: https://m.twitch.tv/clashofclans
  2. Ha... nah SMN gave me his account which I have farmed up to TH13 but that is it from that standpoint. Most the scanning account issues have stemmed from account sharing. A LOT of pro players have had some of their accounts banned from ESL scans. If you do buy an account it is pretty safe if you don't enter it in ESL stuff. The tournaments run outside of ESL are not scanning accounts that in depth.
  3. https://m.twitch.tv/shide95 If anyone is interested in watching us at 6:20 EDT tonight.
  4. A lot of this action gets shown on Twitch, so you can check it out if you want. CWL is running qualifiers for their e-sports season 2, so there will be a lot of content for the next 3 days. These won't include the top tier teams but it is something. Here is a video of one of the more recent finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrVGwxHlM08&
  5. Hi there @culdeus. They have done a ton for that engagement. The HUGE thing now is 1 hour wars that are 5v5 with 1 hit per person. The top level team are running 3/4 of these per day in a bunch of tournaments that have prize pools. It took quite a while to get there after the introduction of friendly wars, but the days of 24 hour wars for competitive play has been dead for about a year now. ESL is running a world championship with this format and it has a 1 million dollar prize. Those live ESL events are 100% fair play as you use an ESL device and you have an ESL rep shadowing you at a
  6. Thanks @beer 30 let me know if we can get that setup for next week. All good rascal. I'm just clearing out some room so just send me a PM if you do come back and need the door open.
  7. Thanks @beer 30 let me know if we can get that setup for next week. All good rascal. I'm just clearing out some room so just send me a PM if you do come back and need the door open.
  8. Anyone still around here that is running Honda? After CWL we are in need of a 24 prep for a friendly war to get some bases set hoping you guys can help. On the other hand @rascal did you hang it up?
  9. 2 TMQB: KC, PHI 4 RB: Chubb, Elliott, Fournette, Connor 5 WR: Hill, Hopkins, Godwin, JuJu, Odell 2 TE: Kittle, Ertz 1 Flex (RB / WR / TE): Kelce 2 PK: Butker, Elliot 2 DEF: KC, Philly
  10. I'm not at all sold on Singletary. He's going to be in a 60/40 split with Gore and he's likely the 40% part. Also running qbs tend to throw to running backs less so that would hurt a lot on DK.
  11. Just to clear the lock button for 3 game script proof rb is for cash (double ups, head to heads). For tournaments you can make the case for variety and the Kelce Kittle combo is certainly a viable way to do it. I would rather take my shot at a 3k wr than 3k rb but that is just my style.
  12. RB is absolutely loaded in the mid range. It would be a massive mistake to play anything but an RB in flex for cash (especially this week) . Fournette, Cook, Chubb, Carson, and Bell. These guys will all likely see a 75%+ snap share. You can spend up to CMC which even with the price difference is a much better play than a flex Kittle in cash. The Zeke situation will also play a huge role as Pollard will be an absolute lock if zeke doesn't sign. But from what you have above I see Carson and Cook already so slotting in one of Fournette Chubb or Bell will get you locking in many more to
  13. I saw David Johnson as Duke Johnson 😂
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