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  1. 38 minutes ago, =Smackdown= said:

    Tam has a bunch of near max TH13's just laying around.



    Ha... nah SMN gave me his account which I have farmed up to TH13 but that is it from that standpoint.  

    Most the scanning account issues have stemmed from account sharing.  A LOT of pro players have had some of their accounts banned from ESL scans. If you do buy an account it is pretty safe if you don't enter it in ESL stuff. The tournaments run outside of ESL are not scanning accounts that in depth.

  2. 34 minutes ago, culdeus said:

    Oh wow had no idea any of that happened. 

    A lot of this action gets shown on Twitch, so you can check it out if you want.

    CWL is running qualifiers for their e-sports season 2, so there will be a lot of content for the next 3 days. These won't include the top tier teams but it is something.

    Here is a video of one of the more recent finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrVGwxHlM08&

  3. Hi there @culdeus.  They have done a ton for that engagement.  The HUGE thing now is 1 hour wars that are 5v5 with 1 hit per person.  The top level team are running 3/4 of these per day in a bunch of tournaments that have prize pools. It took quite a while to get there after the introduction of friendly wars, but the days of 24 hour wars for competitive play has been dead for about a year now.

    ESL is running a world championship with this format and it has a 1 million dollar prize. Those live ESL events are 100% fair play as you use an ESL device and you have an ESL rep shadowing you at all times.

  4. Just to clear the lock button for 3 game script proof rb is for cash (double ups, head to heads).

    For tournaments you can make the case for variety and the Kelce Kittle combo is certainly a viable way to do it. I would rather take my shot at a 3k wr than 3k rb but that is just my style. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Zyphros said:

    But as for wanting a 3 down RB in flex, there's none I actually like a lot this week.  Barkley is great, but that team could be a dumpster and down early. Zeke is obviously not with the team right now.  McCaffrey maybe, but I'm a little worried about Cam's injury.  I like that more as a pivot GPP play than cash.  Same for Gurley and DJ with Gurley's injury and we don't know what the Cardinals are going to be yet.  Melvin not with the team, Le'v Bell maybe, but that seems more GPP again.  Divisional game and new team, usually not a good combo.  Mixon and Chubb maybe but I'm not sold they're game script immune.  

    That basically leaves Ekeler, Kerryon Fournette or Damien Williams.  I'd rather go Kittle who will be peppered with targets in what looks to be a shootout.  He's still the only reliable weapon at this point.  I think Deebo could be the 2nd option but it's not going to hinder Kittle at all.  

    RB is absolutely loaded in the mid range. It would be a massive mistake to play anything but an RB in flex for cash (especially this week) . Fournette, Cook, Chubb, Carson, and Bell. These guys will all likely see a 75%+ snap share. You can spend up to CMC which even with the price difference is a much better play than a flex Kittle in cash.

    The Zeke situation will also play a huge role as Pollard will be an absolute lock if zeke doesn't sign. 

    But from what you have above I see Carson and Cook already so slotting in one of Fournette Chubb or Bell will get you locking in many more touches than the 7-9 projected targets for Kittle. 

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  6. Just to reiterate @Zyphros, if you play Duke Johnson it's a 0. I see him in your list so just want to make sure you get him out of your lineups.  Also with your cash lineup (especially this week) you should be playing 3 bell cow Rbs who are game flow independent. Kittle in your flex bring a large amount of downside that a guy like Nick Chubb doesn't have but still has the same ceiling. 


    I was just throwing out Curtis Samuel for your list @Snorkelson. His ADP is up about 2 rounds since the prices came out so most people will likely see him as a value. I would estimate he's a top 5 owned WR on the slate. Dede will also be pretty high due to matchup and him balling out in the 3rd preseason game.  Also note that Patrick Peterson is suspended the first 4 games.

    I've been tossing some guys out there in the previous posts.

    I will likely be pretty heavy on Fournette as I expect a lot of passing for the Jags and him to not come of the field. I can see situations where he manages 6 catches. I don't really like to throw darts at RB since you are sacrificing so much touch equity when you play 3rd down backs. I want a high floor and high ceiling on my Rbs. 

    Where you do fill in lower owned options is at WR. All WRs have a very low floor so I'm not concerned. In tournaments I love the idea of playing DJ Moore to leverage the Samuel ownership. I like Michael Gallup as well to leverage that same Samuel ownership as they priced similar. 

    I'm not sure how popular Albert Wilson will get now after the Stills trade, but he's now going to get nearly all the slot snaps and has the ability to take a short pass to the house. Sign me up. 

  7. FYI you can't play Duke. There is a warning on him that he will get 0 points.

    The rest of the list is reasonable but I don't see Marvin Jones as a big value. He's a high adot WR on a run heavy team. Target projection 5?

    Curtis Samuel will likely be one of the highest owned WRs on the slate, so I would replace those. 

    Week 1 is probably too early for Dare. I would give Ronald Jones a couple weeks to officially flame out and then it will be Dare time. 

  8. There is so much value I don't see Brissett being that popular.   I also don't see that game environment being a good one to target as the Colts will do what they can to try and take the air out of the ball and play slow to protect Brissett.

    Looking more and more like Tony Pollard going to be the the guy to play.   Will be hard to turn down all that volume and his upside in the passing game.

    I don't quite see the ATL/MIN game love, but I do love Dalvin.   Min is going to be super run heavy and likely play slow.   Their defense has some drastic home / road splits the last couple of years so I could see a lot of scenarios this plays to the under.

    The Chiefs Jags game will likely be pretty popular as it has the highest O/U on the slate but both teams will likely play pretty quickly and the new Jags OC is super pass heavy so a pretty large number of plays could be run in this game.

    The Dallas Giants game sits in a decent ahead with a 46 o/u and I think new OC Kellen Moore may quicken the pace of their offense.   I don't know that the Giants will do the same but I can see this one playing to the over with some pretty good game stack options around the super chalky Pollard.

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  9. 1 hour ago, culdeus said:

    Why can't the old way, the one where if you won a tournament during the year you get to play happen? 

    This whole thing is absurd. And they moved the PGA to make this ####show happen. 

    That's the tournament of champions you are thinking of which is in Hawaii in January to start the real season. 

    They changed the schedule so they could be done before football season which makes a lot of sense. The fed ex cup method change is another story but will give it a shot this week before saying I hate it. 

  10. @WillGrayGC: Here's how the East Lake leaderboard will start next week:
    -10 Thomas
    -8 Cantlay
    -7 Koepka
    -6 Reed
    -5 Rory
    -4 Rahm Kuchar Xander Webb Ancer
    -3 Woodland Finau Scott DJ Hideki
    -2 Casey Rose Sneds Fowler Kisner
    -1 Leishman Fleetwood Conners Im Reavie
    E Bryson Louis CH3 Glover Kokrak


    Should be interesting how this plays out. Not sure where to draw the line on who doesn't have a shot to win but seems like -2/3.

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