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  1. Exactly. I don't care if there is only 14 days left. Because if there was only 30 days left, the same excuse would be applied. And before you know it, there would be no impeaching anyone in an election year because, well, let the people speak with their vote and all that malarkey
  2. And either way, can we not defend her in here in any fashion? In general, I think a lot of these things are overblown and people deserve at least a tiny bit of benefit. Not this one though. She has zero remorse and thinks that she did nothing wrong
  3. That seems disingenuous. Best I can tell, in part because of the "Gloria" song playing, that entire sequence is from before Trump even spoke to the crowd. It is not "Trump and family watching the riot". Whatever actually happened, the Trump team needs to hire a new ####ign DJ. My god they have the worst music
  4. Everyone in the Capitol had their cameras out. I imagine it is only a matter of time until someone pieces together all the footage and we get a clear picture of who helped who or who didn't.
  5. No they shouldn't. Until election day is a federal holiday that everyone gets paid time off for, there should be universal mail in voting.
  6. Hmm Reuters: Capitol Police say the reports of the death of an office at the Capitol on Wednesday are not accurate https://twitter.com/Rover829/status/1347352982577422338?s=20
  7. I can think of 5 different ways. None pleaeant though
  8. JFC Is there some source for this bludgeoned to death part?
  9. This guy he wore his ####### work lanyard https://twitter.com/TreWardWBAL/status/1347226070085480448?s=20 NEW: A Maryland company has terminated one of its employees after he was apparently captured in a picture during the mob riot in the Capitol yesterday. @wbaltv11
  10. We have proof that at least a small subset of people who were looting/setting fires were in fact part of right wing militia groups. There were actual charges brought against the Boogaloo Bois.
  11. Its right there in the video. Yes, there is a skinny guy with a backpack. That is it. There is no evidence whatsoever that Antifa is part of it. Stop
  12. GTFO with this. This is another example of the right using no evidence and running with a narrative
  13. This is the moment it all began. Seems like there was one cop who was trying his hardest - throwing some haymakers - the others sort of just let it happen. But they were way outnumbered, and it is disgracegul that they weren't better prepared for this. https://twitter.com/PhilipinDC/status/1347028917685800961?s=20
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