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  1. I am not sure if I am "one of you smart people" but if I am, I am hardly following this and am waiting until the trial commences and we hear presented evidence until I am going to make up my mind. Perhaps we all should do that?
  2. I type brandon and delta and I get nothing. Actually, that is not true - there is a guy named Brandon in Winnepeg that will deliver Delta 9
  3. Not many of us read the same memes as you guys. What the hell is let's go brandon?
  4. Some hospitals have open visiting hours. Some have restricted ones. Covid only changed the duration of those hours in this case
  5. Stop being so lazy and read the thousands of articles like this Vaccines Work: 97% Of COVID Deaths, 95% Of Hospitalizations And 94% Of Cases Are Among Unvaccinated Pennsylvanians
  6. We are talking about a high school here. They censor all sorts of stuff. And they most assuredly should censor students yelling racial slurs at their black students
  7. Yep. TB removes Gruden from the ring of honor. Warren Sapp stays I think the NFL should cancel those jerks as well.
  8. It used to take 10 days to mail a letter half way across the country. Technology is great.
  9. Don't you think we would need a lot more info than the simple fact that there was a gay player on his team?
  10. Is it going to be cold rain? If so, bring like 3 pairs of gloves. And also - get yourself a non baggy pair of rain pants. Good chance you ruin the baggy ones when it gets snagged in your chain. And also - have fun!! Nothing brings me greater joy than a several day bikepackign trip. Especially if it takes me through small rural towns and I can get cheap drinks and food and not have to worry about cooking at camp
  11. Am rewatching all the Marvel movies in chronological order with my kids (8 and 10 year olds). Watched the first Thor last night. I really enjoyed that movie.
  12. That doesn't prove anything. There have been plenty of racist coaches/owners/managers/etc that had black players on their teams.
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