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  1. I can't even name at least a few of the first ten amendments. And I am certainly not alone. There is nothing particularly important about a few of those compared to other amendments to our constitution
  2. What exactly was the issue with her response there?
  3. Biden trounced him just 6 months ago and has good favorability ratings. I don't see Trumps numbers moving regardless of his announcing he is running or not
  4. If you think the flip of socialist is a Nazi then I can see how we will never see eye to eye. Wouldn't the flip of a socialist be a libertarian?
  5. You dont understand the world in which you live. I understand it. I just refuse to believe it is the best it can be.
  6. I'm sorry but we are ####ed as a people if our response to trying to increase supply of vaccines for the rest of the world is "well what about the profits for the next company that develops the next vaccine for the next pandemic"
  7. Why wouldn't there be profit to be made next pandemic? Someone has to develop it and they won't do it for nothing. I am confused with your line of thinking here
  8. You think that drug companies won't still push to find a vaccine for the next pandemic because they only make 200 billion in profits as opposed to 1 trillion? Numbers are obviously made up, but Pfizer and Moderna are going to make a #### ton of money. if the next pandemic comes aroud and they sit it out because they will make less but still a lot of money, that is bad business and something I am skeptical that they would do
  9. You think it is a bad idea to increase the global supply and access to the vaccine?
  10. I would be curious to see what many righties here response was to The Dixie Chicks being cancelled back in the day
  11. Or complaining how fiscally irresponsible the Biden administration is/was in purchasing too many vaccines
  12. From what I saw, they labelled it a drug offense if that offense was the most serious charge
  13. I didn't have a number in mind when you typed this, so I looked it up. 1 in 5 people incarcerated are there for drug offenses (state prisons + federal prisons + local jails). I guess that is less than I would have guessed
  14. The US shipping off rejected vaccines reminds me of Elaine donating sacks of muffin bottoms to homeless folks
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